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  1. Yep that was it, just me being stupid again. All zones working perfectly now, Thank you.
  2. Ah yes. No errors with the weights it is playing up with though but I guess that could mess it up anyway, I'll recheck everything and try again. Thank you.
  3. ok I now have a new problem.. I have 4 geo zones, the first one (UK) is working absolutely fine however the second one (Europe) is playing up. I set it up as this: 0:8.50,10.01:9.05,25.01:10.55,50.01:11.55,75.01:13.00,100.01:14.30,125.01:15.80,150.01:16.45,175.01:17.65,200.01:26.15,210.01,26.70,225.01:28.20,250.01:29.20,275.01:30.65,300.01:31.95,325.01:33.45,350.01:34.10,375.01:35.30,400.01:43.80,410.01:44.35,425.01:45.85,450.01:46.85,475.01:48.30,500.01:56.80,510.01:57.35,525.01:58.85,550,01:59.85,575.01:61.30,600.01:62.60,625.01:64.10,650.01:64.75,675.01:65.95,700.01:70.60,800.01:78.95,900.01:88.25 It works perfectly up until 75.00 and then it suddently starts charging £800. When you then go into the next weight bracket (100.01) it then says that there is no shipping available at all. Any ideas what I've done now? :P
  4. Thanks for the help, it turns out I was just being silly. There were some random figures added under the configuration in 'My store' that were adding percentages and package tare weight. When I had my first store I didn't have to edit any of that so I didn't think to check there. Doh! I still need to do some testing but it looks as though it is working perfect now :)
  5. I've tried it with one and with several things, same result.
  6. I have just figured out that it is multiplying the prices it should be by 3... but why?
  7. In currencies I have it set up to pound sterling GBP only.. so shouldn't be. I thought maybe it could be some kind of exchange rate if I'd missed a setting somewhere but I checked it and that doesn't add up either. It's a brand new store as well, the only other mod I have installed is theme switcher so there shouldn't be anything else messing with it.
  8. Hi, I have just installed the latest version of this module and set up the tables as the following: 1st class recorded: 0:4.40,1000:6.55,2000:16.95,5000:21.35,6000:23.50,7000:33.90 2nd class recorded: 0:3.90,1000:3.90,2000:14.85,5000:18.75,6000:18.75,7000:29.70 But upon testing it at the checkout with an item weighing 100 the options come up as: 1st class recorded £13.20 or 2nd class recorded £11.70 (they should be £4.40 or £3.90) Any ideas what I have done wrong, I can't figure it out as I don't even have those prices listed as option so where has it got those from? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.