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  1. devonharper

    Authorize.net (AIM) Payment Module has stopped working

    Thank you for your help. We upgraded the AIM module to your latest version and disabled MD5 and payments started working again.
  2. A couple of days a go our Authorize.net payment module has stopped working. We were attempting to add the Stripe 1.1 payment module to osCommerce 2.3.1, and this seems to have broken something. We only added these 2 PHP files: catalog\includes\modules\payment\stripe.php catalog\includes\languages\english\modules\payment\stripe.php The Stripe module is currently disabled. However, when a customer goes through our site, and tries to place an order, they get an "There has been an error processing your credit card error." But the authorize.net control panel shows that the payment has been captured and the customer is charged. We have set our Authorize.net payment module into test mode now until we can resolve this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! osCommerce 2.3.1 Authorize.net AIM Module 1.0 Authorize.net API Version 3.1