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  1. ohraina

    the discount is not shown

    Hello. I solved. Now it works fine. I modified checkout_payment.php file. <?php } ?> </table> <?php $radio_buttons++; } ?> </div> <h2><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_COMMENTS; ?></h2> <div class="contentText"> <?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('comments', 'soft', '60', '5', $comments); ?> </div> <?php /* kgt - discount coupons Not Sure Must Check*/ if( MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_DISCOUNT_COUPON_STATUS == 'true' ) { ?> <h2><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_COUPON; ?></h2> <div class="contentText"> </div> <div class="contentText"> <?php echo ENTRY_DISCOUNT_COUPON.' '.tep_draw_input_field('coupon', '', 'size="32"', $coupon); ?> </div> <?php } /* end kgt - discount coupons */ ?> <div class="contentText"> <div style="float: left; width: 60%; padding-top: 5px; padding-left: 15%;"> <div id="coProgressBar" style="height: 5px;"></div>
  2. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7644 I installed the discount coupon files and everything works except the discount is not shown in the checkout_confirmation.php page. I changed the sort order in admin>modules>order_total Also double check that I have added the changes to all files as outlined instruction. Any suggestions...? My version is v2.3.4 Site is ohraina.com coupon code : 2LCDQ7