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  1. Hello. I have not done any oscommerce addon development in the past, so my apologies if I'm asking what you may think are obvious question. I'm building an online service, and would like to integrate osCommerce with it. I guess this would be done using an addon. So I need an addon for osCommerce that does points 1-4 below. Is it possible to do this? 1. The addon would have some interface for the end-user to enter some personal information (in addition to the normal data he enters as part of oscommerce use). 2. If notifies the online service when a purchase was made for a person. 3. If gives the person a discount for some purchase, when certain conditions are met. This could be a discount for a single product purchase, or for the purchase of any product. 4. If the notification in 2 was not successful, it needs to retry the connection (offline=cron). Does oscommerce allow a developer to create each of these points 1-4 as part of an addon? Thanks in advance.