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  1. Daniela2

    Braintree error messages

    All right... it looks like I got it to work within the sandbox. I had to play around a little bit with settings and also had to change and replace ID´s which are required in the Payment Module. The error messages within OSC are a little bit weird and are not really helpful in determining the problem but it is still possible to figure out what the problem is if you switch back and force between sandbox account and admin payment modul This page might be useful for whom ever want´s to have Braintree as a Payment Processor in his shop: https://developers.braintreepayments.com/javascript+ruby/reference/general/testing Here are credit card numbers listed and what ever information is needed in order to create errors and test transactions for the sandbox. Also the support from Braintree is very very helpful and in my case very patients is explaining everything very detailed supported with links where I could get further instructions and examples.
  2. Daniela2

    Braintree error messages

    With the very appreciated help from Harald, the Modules problems I had in the previous posts are fixed. I did a few other things on the site and also started to create the Sandbox, using the manual provided with the Braintree Module. I checked several times that the settings in the payment module are the same as the one I set up in the sandbox. Excited as I was .... logged into the store after creating a 10 cent product and tried to make a sandbox payment.... and got this error message, no matter whatever card I used The card number was not able to be processed. Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong ?
  3. Daniela2

    Braintree Configuration Won't Save

    in /ext/jquery/ jquery-1.11.1.min.js and in /ext/jquery/ui/ jquery-ui-1.10.4.min.js plus the folders "redmond" and "i18n"
  4. Daniela2

    Braintree Configuration Won't Save

    The half way cut off letters on the left site have been like this from the beginning on right after the installation Is there a possibillity that I did something wrong with the installation ? would it help, if i set the permissioins again and run the installation again? I am just assuming, that in this case all of the stored goods are gone than
  5. Daniela2

    Braintree Configuration Won't Save

    Hi Harald Thank you very much for looking into this problem. I was looking for the ext folder via ftp, but there is no htaccess file in this directory, only folders. I did install the oscommerceforyou_014 template wich is providing the tow files the shop is trying to load Though this is the explanation of the difference between backend and frontend. This means, that I have to replace the updated files with the original files again and than it should work with the payment processor ? But than the frontend is looking kind of cricked again..... :-(
  6. Do I really have to learn programming now ??

    1. Daniela2


      I am not really trying to program anything right now but

      was running into some problems where ( after installing a template to the frontend) the backend did not really successful communicated with the frontend

      But It got already fixed and I am happy ... no very happy :-)

    2. joli1811


      like a roof without a room I am so happy dum di dum :)

    3. Daniela2


      better only a roof above your head than nothing.... singing is much easier that way while it is raining "outside" :-)

  7. Daniela2

    Braintree Configuration Won't Save

    Hi I kind off have the same problem with this module. i opened an account with braintree and did made all the settings at the braintree home page, than transferred the datas over to the edited breintree module in the control panel of the store. This is the error message I get when I hit the save button: This module will not load until a merchant account has been defined for the USD currency. The funny thing is, that i am inserting a merchant account ID but when ever i click on safe..... the ID is not stored and therefore the payment option is not showing up on the check-out page and produces an error in the checkout_success.php on line 31 (which is probably logical... since there is nothing to process and therefor no succes can be reported) Though... how do I get the merchand account ID into the system? do i really have to dig into the database and insert it there manually ? ohh... I have OSC version 2.3.4 and its pretty much a new installation so far Thank you very much for any help or ideas