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  1. Order missing after paypal payment received

    Its a highly unusual occurrence, have checked the system and it all works when creating an order. The order process is as follows Checkout -> Send customer to Paypal (Marks order status as awaiting completion with paypal) -> Customer makes payment ( Order Status changes to processing and IPN details recorded in log) Given that paypal handles communicates the IPN to the shop it shouldn't matter if the customer leaves paypal as soon as they have paid. If a customer goes to paypal and then closes the window the order still exists in the admin panel as "awaiting completion with paypal" and will only delete if the customer clicks "Cancel and return to store" at the bottom of paypal page. In paypal everything appears to have worked correctly and it shows an IPN message was transmitted at the time. Just in the store database the order has disappeared completely. From the documentation The IPN should complete the order regardless of whether the customer returns to the store or not and if there is any other failure with paypal communicating success the order should remain with status "Awaiting Completion" It may be a freak occurrence but it would be nice to know if there was a way to debug it or if the shop kept a record of the order somewhere. Paypal has all the info as to what the customer ordered so it is not a huge problem, knowing customers it will more than likely be something odd that they have done but it would be nice to think this shouldn't happen by design.
  2. Many thanks, just finished installing and it works great!
  3. Order missing after paypal payment received

    PayPal App v5.018
  4. Hi Malcolm, thanks for the suggestion - Looking at the current layout there are 3 boxes in the left column which would move on top of the body section. I think the reason I was asked about doing this is only to save scrolling down to the categories menu on the first page. After that the categories all appear in the body section with images which make it easier to navigate. I think on the grander scale of things to fix it this way would create a solution on page 1 but then the customer will have to scroll past the categories each time they want to see a product so I think it will be best to leave it as it. Would like to see the site you did it with as it would be interesting to see how it looks. Hi Rainer, I tried the Navbar categories addon as that would be good for mobile devices to get access to the categories menu at the top. Unfortunately after install it does not appear on the site, it mentions about a modular navbar addon being required as far as I am aware in the bootstrap edition the navbar already is modular so it may be that addon is not designed to integrate into the built in 2.3.4BS navbar. I'm not sure though maybe I need to do something differently. There are quite a large number of categories so I don't think the horizontal option would work.
  5. Something odd happened yesterday with an order. Received a Paypal email saying payment received which had the usual info in it but no email from the store. On checking the orders page there is no sign of the order so then checked the database in case its status had glitched out and there was no sign of the order there either. The order numbers have continued on past the number that has disappeared but this is really unusual given that the payment was processed correctly. Normally if the customer goes to paypal and the shop does not receive payment confirmation the order will sit at "Awaiting Completion" but in this case the order has disappeared altogether following a sucessful payment. Tried to check if there were any logs that would show more info but can't work out if there is any. Have also emailed customer to ask if anything strange happened. Looking through logs and times the only thing which stood out was the time that paypal sent the email was nearly identical to an admin login time but this might have been coincidental. Other orders have been coming through fine but there was something strange with a paypal email this morning it had added + symbols in everywhere there should be a space. This order processed correctly in the shop without the + symbols but again it just seemed odd following a missing order the day before. Running 2.3.4 bootstrap with latest paypal module installed.
  6. In bootstrap 2.3.4 how do I move the list of categories to stay at the top. In full screen the categories menu appears on the left but on a mobile it moves below the body section with new products etc. The categories menu is the first thing people need to click on to find the product category they wish to view and having this remain at top saves scrolling down each time. I have tried changing the sort order of the module but this only seems to position it within the index nested section.
  7. In an effort to improve the look of the shop we have added in images for as many categories as we can. One thing I have noticed is these seem to fall out of alignment as below. https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/catalog/index.php/cPath/53 How is this fixed?
  8. Didn't show in bold, I believe the addition was this tep_href_link('checkout_confirmation.php', 'currency='.DEFAULT_CURRENCY, 'SSL') Click below image to see code change I think this is the best place for it to happen before the Order Confirmation as it shows the correct amounts before customer is passed to Paypal. Seen other topics where people had changed the currency after order confirmation which would only show up once the customer reached the payment service. Not sure how this works if payments are processed within the shop itself but would imagine this would not be good practice as they do not get to see the change happening. Also I checked the behaviour of 'Switch to Default Language Currency' on a shop that only has English. If the customer changes the currency to EUR this will show the page with EUR values but will revert back to GBP on the next page they click on. This is a bit inconvenient and does not represent the previous behaviour. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  9. When anyone visits the shop for the first time it will show as GBP. The option to show in another currency is provided as a convenience to give the customers an idea of what the equivalent value is. When they reach the order confirmation screen the currency reverts back to GBP and shows a breakdown of their order in GBP amounts . They then click confirm order and are sent to Paypal for payment which again will show the currency and how it will handle conversions. The shop has been running this way for about 6 years and the way the currency is handled has never been an issue with customers. My question was how to get this to function in bootstrap version. All the incoming orders in admin panel always showed as GBP and it was a surprise for us to see anything other than this happening as it makes it hard to compare order values. Paypal was holding the transactions as the currency didn't match what we had set up and they also apply additional fees. The Default Language Currency seems to indicate it would switch to the currency to the Default always (which has been fixed as GBP in english.php) so we would lose the function of being able to see equivalent item prices in EUR OR USD. For anyone else that would like the fix I used which I was able to find out from running a test copy of the old store was in editing checkout_payment.php line 95 to this (bold text): +<?php echo tep_draw_form('checkout_payment', tep_href_link('checkout_confirmation.php', 'currency='.DEFAULT_CURRENCY, 'SSL'), 'post', 'class="form-horizontal" onsubmit="return check_form();"', true); ?> This makes the continue button proceed to this link "/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php/currency/GBP" where all the prices are listing in £ before the customer presses Confirm Order and completes it via Paypal. When the customer returns to the store it will still show in £ and if they wish they can switch to view a different currency until checkout confirmation again.
  10. Thanks, I was glad it all went as smooth as it did, only had 1 issue so far which I solved this morning but it wasn't anything major, just making sure all orders paid in GBP rather than customer selected currency. CSS is one thing I havent learnt much about so far, can't get my head round it. I was thinking it would be nice to make it look something similar to the front page but the shop has had the old 2.3.4 look for a lot of years so even just moving to the BS version is a huge improvement. Visually it is miles ahead and the responsiveness is something which is really required these days. Had been thinking about changing the software for a while and changing servers prompted a bit of a spring clean all round! May look into learning a bit about CSS as it does crop up a lot. Are there any starting points with it in the store that would be worth trying out?
  11. Hello, I just upgraded shop to bootstrap. The original 2.3.4 shop allowed users to view different currencies in the shop for reference but when paying it would always be handled in the shop default currency (GBP) Since upgrading we have noticed orders in the admin panel showing with EUR or USD amounts and indeed paypal is processing them as the currency the customer is choosing so I need to find out how to correct this. All payments need to be processed as GBP and be recorded in the admin panel as GBP. It was a number of years ago that I configured this and I can't remember how exactly I did it. Would appreciate advice on this please
  12. Just want to say thanks again for the help, new shop is now live @ https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/catalog/ it is a huge improvement, hoping all goes smoothly over the next while and if not I know where to turn to for advice!
  13. Thanks ;) would never have found that on my own. Actually so pleased with how good this looks I think I am going to make it live after a few quick tests. Everything appears to be working well
  14. Strangely it seems to have self corrected and I can add products now... Would be nice to know what caused the issue though it does look like something is wrong. Another thing I have noticed is I am not able to click on the product images to make them pop up larger. I see this functionality exists in the bootstrap demo so how do I enable it on images that have been transferred over?
  15. New error now, when clicking buy now on a product I get a 500 error, logs as follows; AH01071: Got error ' PHP message: PHP Warning: include(/var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/languages/english/modules/payment): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 38\n PHP message: PHP Warning: include(/var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/languages/english/modules/payment): failed to open stream: No such device in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 38\n PHP message: PHP Warning: include(): Failed opening 'includes/languages/english/modules/payment/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/plesk/php/5.6/share/pear') in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 38\n PHP message: PHP Warning: include(/var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/modules/payment): failed to open stream: No such device in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 39\n PHP message: PHP Warning: include(/var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/modules/payment): failed to open stream: No such device in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 39\n PHP message: PHP Warning: include(): Failed opening 'includes/modules/payment/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/opt/plesk/php/5.6/share/pear') in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 39\n PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /var/www/vhosts/aventineminiatures.co.uk/public_html/test/cat/includes/classes/payment.php on line 41\n', referer: https://aventineminiatures.co.uk/test/cat/index.php