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  1. elahurd

    using tep_remove_order

    I'm trying to use tep_remove_order( ) without having to copy the function anywhere...just simply by including the file it's in. Are any of the admin files even meant to be included? Because I always seem to get errors.
  2. elahurd

    using tep_remove_order

    So I'd like to use tep_remove_order in my payment method, but it is only in the admin/includes/functions/general.php file...I noticed none of the other payment methods ever use it. I tried including admin/includes/application_top.php as opposed to includes/application_top.php like other payment methods used, but I get errors. I'm able to just paste the function in where I need it, but I'd like to just be able to include the original instance of it. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? The error I get comes from this line (78) in admin/includes/application_top.php: require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'logger.php'); This file is only in the admin/includes/classes folder and not in the includes/classes folder. The admin/includes/application_top.php file seems to be including the non-admin config file...so I'm not sure how to include this tep_remove_order function. Thanks in advance.