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  1. @Jack_mcs Thank you for the helpful links. Have a good day. Christiane
  2. Hello, We are running osC in connection with a template https://shop.hnlcorp.com We want to do promotions with coupon codes and therefore I downloaded the recommended Discount_Codes_4.3.1_BS, but I don't feel competent to install it. I don't even know if it is compatible with what we have online. May I ask if someone can install it for me? There used to be a site here where one could post such requests, but I can't find it anymore. Kindest regards, Christiane
  3. Christiane N

    SSL certificate after installation of osc

    @raiwa Rainer, das klingt so deutsch 😉 Thank you very much for the information. I will try to do everything correctly. Have a good weekend. Christiane
  4. Dear Forum, Our shop has been installed without a SSL certificate on the server. Now I want to upload the SSL certificate subsequently. Are there any problems to be expected, regarding the functionality of osCommerse? Are there any preventive measures to be taken? I found an old post in this forum regarding osC, where the https had to be defined in the files includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php. Checking these files I found both included the https definition. Please let me know if I am missing something. You all have a good weekend Christiane
  5. Christiane N Display "SKU" or "Item No." instead of "Model"

    Hello Jack, I admire your knowledge. You seem to know this program in and out, and I am grateful for it. As per your kind advice I removed the spaces in file shop\public\product_info.php Thank you so much. 😊 Christiane
  6. Christiane N Display "SKU" or "Item No." instead of "Model"

    @Jack_mcs I changed it to "Item no." in file includes\languages\english\product_info.php BUT- between "Item no." and the following ":" is still a space that is not supposed to be there. Can someone enlighten me, where to correct that? Thank you in advance :-)
  7. Christiane N Display "SKU" or "Item No." instead of "Model"

    Well, that reply was fast as lightning. Thank you very much for your help Jack. Have a great day 🤩
  8. Hello Everyone, We have a shop selling electronics and CCTV equipment. many of our items have a manufacturer's model number that has to be displayed in the description, in order to identify the product correctly. Now, our store item number is displayed on the products page as "model". I think this is misleading and therefore, I would like to change it to "SKU", "Item No." or "Product ID". And now I am lost. On the server are several files containing "Model". May I ask in which file I will have to replace "Model" with e.g. "Item No."? I would be grateful if someone helped me. Thank you.
  9. Christiane N

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hi Jim, I installed this add on and it works fine. My problem is that wanted to use it for displaying the "google trusted store badge", which is defined as a java script (please see attachment - I replaced the ID number with XXXXXX). Naturally it doesn't work to copy the script into the Content fields via the admin panel. I guess I should create a file and link to it then, but I wouldn't know about it. I searched the forum and also googled the matter, but couldn't find a solution, therefore I would be grateful for your advice. Kindest regards, Christiane google_badge.txt
  10. Thank you joli, I'll do that. Right now I have a more pressing problem Fatal error: Class 'language' not found in /webspace/05/25143/mccpower.com/login.php on line 29 So I guess I have to search the forum, hoping to find a solution. Thank you again. Have a good week. Christiane
  11. Hello Forum, I just noticed that the Spanish customer login page doesn't look the way it is supposed to look. May I ask if someone can kindly take a look http://www.mccpower.com/login.php/language/es and perhaps suggest a solution? I would be grateful for advice. Thank you. Regards, Christiane
  12. Christiane N

    Traduccion espanol utf-8 v2.3.4 - Layout problem

    Hi Rainer, Thank you for taking time to respond. I already changed everything according to John's advice. I changed the logo to 500x50px. I had to do that anyhow, since the reference to the image used was missing. I also created a new Spanish icon, since the original one was a mess in 24px. Everything funzt perfectly :D. Have a great Sunday. Christiane
  13. Christiane N

    Traduccion espanol utf-8 v2.3.4 - Layout problem

    Hi John, Thank you so much for your prompt reply and solution. Just to make sure I understand, are you saying my logo is too wide and is therefore pushing the buttons over the edge to a second row in Spanish? I am sorry for being so ignorant, but is the stylesheet.css you recommended an already existing file that I shall change? Regards, Christiane
  14. Dear Forum, I installed Traduccion espanol utf-8 v2.3.4 by following the instructions strictly. I have not changed anything in my own. Now, to me everything looks and works fine so far, except two things: 1. Minor problem: The Spanish icon is smaller than the English icon. 2. Major problem: The 3 buttons "cart contents" "checkout" "my account" on the top right hand side slip down when the Spanish language is used. I am hoping someone will kindly take a look at http://www.mccpower.com or at the attached screen shot, and perhaps recommend a solution? Best regards, Christiane