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  1. xChrysalisx

    WS5 Wholesale Addon

    Fantastic! I can't wait to implement this! I appreciate your doing this, so much! Thank you.
  2. xChrysalisx

    WS5 Wholesale Addon

    Thank you for replying! Currently I just have the Flat Rate shipping module set at $0 and Shipping in the Order Total module set "true" to "Allow Free Shipping". (Seems rather redundant, how I've done that, now that I'm looking at it.) My thought is a flat rate shipping charge for wholesale orders (my products are not heavy to ship) and no shipping charge for my retail orders. Is that the information you need? I appreciate your looking into this!
  3. xChrysalisx

    WS5 Wholesale Addon

    Hi. Thank you for this contribution! It works beautifully! I am very excited to have it as it will cut down on a lot of extra work. (My wholesale needs are very basic.) The only area I'm running into a little difficulty is how to charge my wholesale clients shipping while I not charging my retail customers. Is this something you could add or am I really pushing my luck by asking? :P Of course, if I just complicated things tremendously or if you have to worry about all the other people who will now start asking "can you also add..." then just pretend you didn't see my inquiry. I really do appreciate the contribution on its on merit! Truly. :)