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  1. Hi all. I am in need of some help please. I installed burt bootstrap theme and have come accross some errors and cannot seem to fix them. My website is cardsinspain.com 1- when clicking on a product to view description, the page is completely blank. 2- the products are not showing correctly Any help would be really appreciated. thankyou
  2. Sorry @@burt. I thought this was related to the boostrap theme as i only seem to get the problem when i install it. The error logs indicate no problems so not sure whats wrong
  3. Hi @@burt I have installed the files and have come accross some problems that i dont know if you can help me with please. My website is cardsinspain.com 1- the products dont seem to line up. 2- when clicking on view, the products page are blank. 3- categories dont line up either. Can you please help me out, thankyou
  4. Sorry @@burt I dint know if it was a fault with database or the theme it self as you have changed a lot. Wasnt sure if you modified paths or something. Best regards
  5. Hi @@burt Thanks for quick anwer. I have downloaded and set it up while i was waiting for an answer and get the issue that when clicking on a product it shows a blank page. Was there a update between 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 that moified the database that you know of or is it another issue? Thanks for your help Burt
  6. Hi @@burt. If i use this theme, can i import my database from oscommerce version 2.3.3 in to it if i do a fresh install of oscommerce with your bootstarp theme? Thank you