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  1. Anybody to answer me ? Does everybody who have the products filter addon have categories canonical URLs with ?view=all at the end ?
  2. Hello all, My categories pages are indexed in google with my categories URLs and ?view=all at the end of the URLs. When I go to the code source, the URL with ?view=all is set as canonical. Is there a way to avoid it and to have my right URL withour ?view=all as canonical ? Thank you very much.
  3. track visitors and their carts

    Thank you very much !
  4. Hello all, I previously had the "user tracking in admin" addon and I could see what visitors put in their cart, and also the name of the registred visitors. I tried to install it on my BS version but there are a lot of problems, I couldn't make it work properly. Google analytics is good but we can't see visitors cart. Can't we? Is there another addon or a way to do those things ?
  5. SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Thanks a lot.
  6. SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Would like the same...
  7. @@grandpaj I think you should first make your navbar float in the admin, and then put the code I mentioned.
  8. Hi @@grandpaj I think you should do this in user.css : @[member=media] (min-width: 768px) { .YourNavbarClass { position: fixed; } } Replace by your navbar class.
  9. Hi @@grandpaj In my site the page refreshes to show the green text on top of the page that says "the product has been added to your cart". Then the modal cart appears. It's also a problem because it takes time. I don't know if it's the same behavior as your's.
  10. Hi @@bonbec thank you I had already try this but it's still the same, this is really strange.
  11. Hello @@douglaswalker you can see this post if it helps : http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410622-have-two-products-per-row-in-mobile-listing-bs/ Try to add this to user.css : But there's still a little issue with Safari.
  12. Hi all, Thank you for this great addon, I really needed an addon like this and it works good on my shop. I just have a little request. When we add a product to the cart, the page refreshes first, and then the modal cart shows. Is there a way to avoid this refreshing ? The modal cart takes too long to appear.
  13. Hello @@Tsimi, Excuse me again, I would really like to know, if it's possible, which condition can I put to show only filters options for which there are available products. I think I know where to put this code in cm_products_filter.php, but I don't know which one.
  14. One last thing, when we add an article from the product info page all is good, but when we add an article from the "buy now" button of the product listing, the page refreshes first to show the little green text "X has been added to your cart" on top of the page, and only after that the pop-up appears. Is there a way to avoid the refreshing of the page ?
  15. Super @@bonbec thank you, merci :) :)