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  1. Anybody to answer me ? Does everybody who have the products filter addon have categories canonical URLs with ?view=all at the end ?
  2. Hello all, My categories pages are indexed in google with my categories URLs and ?view=all at the end of the URLs. When I go to the code source, the URL with ?view=all is set as canonical. Is there a way to avoid it and to have my right URL withour ?view=all as canonical ? Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you very much !
  4. Hello all, I previously had the "user tracking in admin" addon and I could see what visitors put in their cart, and also the name of the registred visitors. I tried to install it on my BS version but there are a lot of problems, I couldn't make it work properly. Google analytics is good but we can't see visitors cart. Can't we? Is there another addon or a way to do those things ?
  5. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. @@mcmannehan yes your solution is easier and better, I would do it for sure if my domain was a .com Will I be present (for exemple) in google Germany with a ? I'm still thinking because my site is also old (7 years), maybe it would be better even if it's a .fr. because I won't lose the pages rankings. But if google doesn't index me at all in other countries because it's a .fr, then It would be better to have different domains. @@piernas I already have the newer URL rewriter (URL friendly). Will my URLs be like ? I'll try this.
  7. @@mcmannehan I know I can do it with a .fr but unfortunately it won't be good for my presence in Google in other countries. @@piernas thank you, I think this could be a good solution : I'll think of it and come back.
  8. Hello all, I would like to translate my site, but my domain is a .fr. What would you advice me to do ? Have another .com domain for the other languages ? Is it possible with the same database ? Or other solutions ? I'm also thinking about an extension for each country but is it possible with the same database ? Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks a lot.
  10. Would like the same...
  11. @@burt I don't know, don't you think ? It's not (exactly) the same greys ;) But I think those colors are quite neutral and very common (the windows bar, the browsers...). My products are very colorfull so I think it's good like this, I would chose those colors even without oscommerce. Also there's not a lot of french oscommerce shops. However @@burt thank you for this amazing oscommerce version.
  12. Hello all, I don't have header tags SEO, I just enabled the SEO - Pages module present in the new bootstrap and set the SEO pages titles in the languages files as mentioned. So now for my categories pages for example, in google my Index title comes before the categories titles. Is it possible to have only the categories titles and not the index one before ? I remember there was an option for this in header tags SEO (I had it in my 2.2 site) but is it possible for me now without this addon ? Thanks a lot.
  13. And yes this searchbox is really cool, I tested others but I think it's the best, it's this one :
  14. Thank you @@bruyndoncx. There's she shipping cost in the cart but you're right, I'll put examples in the shipping section it will be better.
  15. Thank you joe. The category menu in the corner is not an addon. I hard coded this in template_top and made it fixed on top left, it's not a very proper code...