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  1. Further in my progress, I've found that merging and replacing the files does not allow me to install the boxes. So I also merged and replaced the "New" files as well, leading to me being able to install the Year Make Model category. However, now I am unable to edit the YMM boxes. I.e, I cannot put any words in them. Any help? Thanks, C.
  2. Okay, I've realized how to pass step one. But now for the Drop on top files. I have dropped them all onto the default location which would be the store's main folder. is there something i'm missing? I don't seem to see any optional installations under "boxes". Thanks, C.
  3. Hey all, first time poster. I am trying to get this up and running for my Motorcycle Parts Store. I am having issues with the First Step believe it or not. I launched a brand new OSCommerce webpage on update 2.3.3 and would ideally like to use the drop-on-top method. My issue is I have gone to MySQL and create the indicated table from the first part(products_ymm) but the rest is a bit confusing. The Insert into bits I am having trouble with. If anyone could give some advice it would be appreciated. Much thanks. C.