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  1. contentgrrl

    Paypal G2 G5 VeriSign Trusted Root Certificate

    In case the first link to the PayPal Merchant Security System Upgrade Guide in the PayPal message below is broken/behind a login that you don’t have, here’s the direct link from PayPal's SSL Certificate Change Microsite linked from that message: https://ppmts.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/487025/1429638687/redirect/1/filename/2015%20Merchant%20Security%20System%20Upgrade%20Guide%20%28U.S.%20English%29.pdf After upgrading the SSL to SHA256 and 2048-bit, doesn't the new certificate chain need to be placed in the CRT file?
  2. contentgrrl

    Authorize.net (AIM) Payment Module has stopped working

    Also, @@Harald Ponce de Leon, Will the Authorize.Net add-ons be updated for both v2.3 and v2.2?
  3. contentgrrl

    Authorize.net (AIM) Payment Module has stopped working

    What action is required May 26 to align to Authorize.Net's Certificate Upgrade? Authorize.Net announced changes to SSL Certificate encryption will go to production May 26, 2015, after testing in sandbox starting March 31.Production Certificate Upgrades begin May 26, 2015 Authorize.Net Begins Infrastructure and SHA-2 Certificate Upgrades My certificate issuer will let me re-key my certificate encryption at any time. What preparation do I need to make on the web server where I am using osCommerce, or with our SSL certificate? Oh, and I'm so glad they're doing this right after Memorial Day weekend.
  4. contentgrrl

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Ah, thank you Jim. Boxes are one more reason to upgrade, I just hope my other integrations will work. ;-)
  5. contentgrrl

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Does this Theme Switcher Addon help in any way to allow the shopper to switch languages? I see the osCommerce Admin Tools to define localization of currency, language, order status to be English, Deutsch/German, Espa-ol/Spanish, and French. I see the Includes folders for each Language. It sure would be nice to have a drop-down or flag picker that lets the shopper switch the shopping interface to those language directories, currencies, and order status, but still use the site's existing customer, address book, order history, and admin etc. Anybody have a solution to that effect?