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  1. CommanderData

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Well, consider the following example. You have a multi language shop website and you want to have a filter for sex. So in any english shop the filter should display men and women, in german it is Mann and Frau and so on. Now you see that I can't send this value to the database because it is different for every website depending on the language. That's why in the database there are only the values 1 or 2. Do you know a good place in your code where I can do this the best way?
  2. CommanderData

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    I wonder if there is a way to display another name for a product filter than that one which is used in the get request. For example, I have a specification group to search for products by men or by women. So the filter is using the database field "sex", but in the database, values for this column are only 1 or 2. Now, what the filter should do is to display men or women as possible values to select but sending 1 or 2 as the value to look for in the database. Is there a way to do this or do I have to write my own code?