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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I definitely completed steps 3 & 4. I just double checked now. So that wouldn't appear to be the problem. I haven't installed the SEO URLs addon. So I don't think I need the additional support package. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi Rainer, It seems I'm having the same problem. I just installed the iosc add-on and only my HOME and ACCOUNT pages are working. The STORE, SEARCH & INFO links all return 'Error Loading Page' messages. Can you explain exactly how I need to add the mods in the tep_href_link funtion please? <?php function tep_mobile_link($page = '', $parameters = '', $connection = 'NONSSL', $add_session_id = true, $search_engine_safe = false) { return tep_href_link($page, $parameters, $connection, $add_session_id,false); }
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    MOBILE OsC set-up : run this sql script

    PHPMyAdmin. Found it! :D
  4. Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me out with this part of the MOBILE OsC installation: 1.- run this sql script in your database: ...how exactly do I run a sql script in my database?? I've been through my cPanel but can't see an option to run a sql script. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks