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    I am setting up a friends online shopping through OSCommerce (Online Merchant v2.3.3.4). I've installed the Moneris eselect payment module (moneris for 2.3.x.x V1.0), configured it as required for the test environment following the instructions in the eSelectPlus Canadian Merchant Integration Guide osCommerce Shopping Cart – Version 1.3.0 (pdf) Here's where I'm at... Section 7: How do I test my solution - I can complete a test transaction which I am able to view in the Merchant resource centre. Section 8. Information I will get as a Response to My Transaction Request - Says I should get an additional Transaction Details section in the order invoice (Admin section under Orders Totals reports)… I get no such info. It also says that the order id of each transaction will also provide a link to connect to the eSELECTplus Merchant resource center to ease the merchant for performing any follow-on transaction… I get no such link or order id in the invoice Section 9. What Do I Need to Include in the Receipt? - Receipt? I get no receipt. Nowhere to configure a receipt. Do I need a different module? I want to set it up so Moneris Hosts the payment and receipt pages. There are no configuration choices to do this in the module. Right now it just integrates into the shopping cart template (which is OK). website: http://www.banffroastingcompany.com/catalog/index.php using credit card 5454545454545454 exp 12/14 - Store 5 What am I doing wrong? Please help me!!!