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  1. chandrakant_oscp

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    Hello All, Have manage the Code to Handle the Manufacturers Level Discount on orders Total. AS there is Some Complications to manage that Discount on products Level (Change Products Price On Shopping Cart) due to Oscommerce Shopping Cart Handling Structure. So gone to manage the Discount if Applicable for that manufacturers on odder Total level. Thanks to all For their Great Support. Thanks!!
  2. chandrakant_oscp

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    Hello Martin, Thanks!! for your Suggestions. as Above Add-on give Discount on order Total Level. I want to Display the Discount on Products level As well. For Ex: If i have 3 products In Cart with Qty 1 for Each. Product 2 Have least Price from Other 2 products. Then i want , products 2 price Will be Shown as 0 and Other Stays the Same. And other Cart Calculations As per the Above Products Price. Please suggest. if any Module can Fulfill my requirements. Thanks to all for the Great Support. Thanks!!
  3. chandrakant_oscp

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    Hello Carine, Can you Please do Let me know which Paid Addon you have used? I dont think thatSoftwareGuy will fulfill my requirements.. Thanks!!
  4. chandrakant_oscp

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    Hello Jim, First of all i thank you for this Addon. :) My Requirement is Bit Different , Requirement Is ; "Buy 2 items from manufacturer ABC, get a 3rd one free" (If Customer Added the 2 products From manufacturers ABC then the 3rd product (that have a least product price) will be free (3rd product Price Will be 0)). Is there any Addon Available to achive this? Any help would me Much Appriciated. Thanks!!