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  1. Hello, As I'm not able to find something on this in the forum: I just want to ask, whether there is the possibility of reorganizing products to new categories without loosing googles indexing. Is there a solution to save the urls right now and to make an redirect to the new location? Thank you and have a nice day
  2. - What about an internal communication channel where all communication is bundled... What about an connection to a ticket system (we spend a lot of time to gather all information of one client (contact us, per mail, telephone, comments in orders ...) - as mentioned: an intregration of the shipping status ... - an easy customization possibility (attributes are quite difficult to handle still and there is non accepted and maintained contrib afik) ... we are living in industry 4.0 :P - an easy "best sell" overview (the problem with the 80/20 rule is that it is also applicable on the supply and demand. i believe we can spend a lot of time and money by an easy overview about products which simply don't sell - an effective, simple and modular discount system: many customers contact us and want some kind of discount while not ordering until they get information regarding to it - an effective and bundled order editior including pdf creation ... order edition is a mess - an secure tell a friends by mail (I deleted the tell a friend php just for the reason of abuse...) ...
  3. On the other hand one could think of the following situation: if the stock is low the price could increase to reflect the supply-demand-correlation. Further one can assume that - when the item is available in larger numbers - the price could be decreased once again... It is also imaginable to have flexible prices in the preparation of major events. Eg a discount several weeks before christmas with an increase with a smaller window of delivery. Would be nice to have an inbuilt flexible pricing system (a versatile discount system... quantity and so on)
  4. The latest update from the paypal addon is not suitable for the latest responsive oscommerce ... you will have to modify it before (the latest bs-version is already without the filename constants and without superglobals. This wasn't considered in the paypal update)
  5. Hello everybody, I wonder whether there is a live module (best for 234 bs edge) in existence (even for purchase) which enables to create DHL- shipping labels right out of the admin-area and then provide tracking possiblilites for the user ...? If not, how do you effectively manage to send your packages with DHL / oscommerce? Have a nice day cupidare
  6. I have a tiny overlap in account_notifications.php between the title, checkbox and the description