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  1. Regarding the images: it would be also nice to have a new display method on the shop-side, which would be more mobile friendly (allow swiping instead of the little arrows). And the thumbnails are quite small in the mobile view...
  2. Just some thoughts: - The attributes are very complicated atm. It is difficult to do an efficient customisation of an "raw" product. - a discount and voucher system to core? - some kind of easy poplulate: It is very complicated to do an efficient "mass-manipulation" of data atm. - add "tracking_ids" to ordered products: one would only assign these values and give the customer the possibility to track the shipment(s) - a base price system: some products are a multiple of some kind of base quantity (e.g. 100ml)...to compare prices it makes sense (and is mandatory in some countries) to give the base price per product...
  3. Hello @raiwa, does this mean that there will be the opportunity to add additional address lines there? eg house numbers as separate input field? I believe auto fill still has some problems with it ...
  4. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Hello @raiwa , I believe it was already asked - but I didn't find an answer: Is there a way to use the .webp format instead of jpg or png? Thank you for the great module
  5. paypal returns to empty shopping cart

    it only affects the out-of-the-box bs installation... As far as I know v5.018 is not really official bs-compatible. It seems that the patches are still pushed out in the "old-fashion" After this tiny change everything works well for me
  6. paypal returns to empty shopping cart

    Thank you for your reply I am using the paypal app of course. the error is in my opinion in includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php function after_process() { global $cart; $cart->reset(true); // unregister session variables used during checkout tep_session_unregister('sendto'); tep_session_unregister('billto'); tep_session_unregister('shipping'); tep_session_unregister('payment'); tep_session_unregister('comments'); tep_session_unregister('cart_PayPal_Standard_ID'); //wrong //tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_process.php', '', 'SSL')); //right tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_success.php', '', 'SSL')); } It should be changed in the git-respository
  7. Hello, I installed a fresh the (latest bs-) oscommerce and configured Paypal. Everything is working (order is processed, order status set, email send) but Paypal returns to an empty cart. Of course I added PDT, set checkout_process in the return url (Indeed, if the PDT is not entered into the configuration, the checkout_process doesn't load at all with an error). I have no idea how to proceed. the only way the checkout confirmation.php is shown is when changing checkout_process.php; // if there is nothing in the customers cart, redirect them to the shopping cart page if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) { // tep_redirect(tep_href_link('shopping_cart.php')); } tep_redirect(tep_href_link('checkout_success.php')); } But this should not be the right way. It seems that the cart is emptied somewhere and then forwarding the user to the empty cart. Any hints? Thank you!
  8. Need Idea about customization of product

    As I see it, the things we are discussing are a little bit different. On the one hand a product builder and on the other a product selecter.
  9. Need Idea about customization of product

    This is a nice video. My aim is to have a module to selct items and connect them to a "master product". In my case a calendar for the chrismas season. There is no such module available without massive core code manipulation... We sell several items which could be selcted and connected to the product without the need of writing it into the comment section by hand in the checkout process. Most of the products we are linking to the set are not in our database either. This module is simple but it comes without using option types and modifying classes etc... also here shouldn't be any security concerns as the module only inputs data into the order_comments input field, which is afterwards processed and secured through the standard oscommerce routine. If you are trying to understand the functionality please add one or more products to the card. The header module will appear and follow the red button. The printer may be not the best example but as the out-of-the-box products of oscommerce are as they are i didn't find a approbiate product.
  10. Need Idea about customization of product

    It took me a while but if you are interested here https://github.com/cupidare/oscommerce_bs-custom-products is a proposal of what I thought this could be... this is a header module without core code modifications (some data base entries and one entry for the javascript / css) and should run on both unmodified and modified shops based on and modified to give the opportunity to create for example a set or - of course- a calendar. The products are then included into the products_comment section. = I am not a coder = please forgive me my hardcoded stuff as it has to work for me - but there should be plenty room for generalization and so on. At the moment it is a mixture of english/german but it should be understandable. There is also no admin area atm ... I am just looking for some review. This is also my first try with github. So please feel free to contribute If you are interested in the functionality: add one ore more products to the basket here https://test.f-v-b.com/product_info.php?products_id=27
  11. Need Idea about customization of product

    In order to get the comment to the products: is there an easy way or any alternative to installing option types?
  12. Need Idea about customization of product

    ... Just thinking... - it would need one to have a possibility to give a text comment to an order <- core code - make a product_info.php module, which is looking for a product, which is assosiated with a list of items. This could be done in the admin area (like the cross selling stuff @burt has made, I believe.) This module could incorporate the counting javascript stuff and then adds the selection as a comment to the basket. It should also take into account how many calendars are ordered to simplify the process for the customers. Am I missing something or any hints how to think this easier?
  13. Need Idea about customization of product

    The choclate selection is really nice as well as the overall page. This is exactly what I mean.
  14. Need Idea about customization of product

    Of course this would be the best idea, as the system is impemented. I'm quite unsure about how to setup this... It is important, that the quantity is exactly 24 that means that we would need 24 boxes for each of the day. Then the user would have to scroll through the whole assortment for each of the days. Is is possible to make this vice versa: list all the products and choose from them while controlling that the maximum number is 24 with the attributes addon without any major changes?
  15. Dear OSC Community, I need a little bit of inspiration: I'm looking for a way to implement a possibility for customers to choose from products to buid their own advent calender. That means: We are selling a calendar with 24 items. Atm we are asking our customers to insert their wishes in the commentary at the checkout. But that is annoying for both them and my wife. Especially when it comes for more than one calendar. I also don't want to make an article for each of the items within the calender and want to manage the items selectable on their availablity. My questions: -how could one implement this in osc-bs edge? I don't like much of core code manipulation. I thought of including an additional js popup window during checkout appearing if such a cusomable product was choosen where the user can choose between: klicking through all of the stuff, or choosing: "i don't care, just send me a calender", or randomly selecting ... - on which part of the checkout procedure would it best be placed? Have a nice evening -- cupidare