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  1. NorthernStar

    Anyone using Barclays EPDQ ? Problems not clearing cart

    Re-wrote payment module step by step to suit the site, working fine now in all circumstances.
  2. Oscommerce http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9020/v,23 Installed this recently, but havent had a payment module to test it with. Im using barclay epdq and thats working ok. However if I apply say 5% off (products inc tax, not on shipping) Checkout confirmation shows: £1.20 item inc vat £0.06 discount £4.95 shipping £0.20 VAT £6.09 TOTAL Which is fine. however when you click confirm to pay, the price shown at barclays is £6.03. 6p less than the TOTAL amount, so it appears to be deducting the discount again? Not so bad when its afew pence, but on higher cost items, this wouldnt be acceptable. Any ideas where I can look, unsure where the issue could be at this time. I could half the % amount (5% off code = 2.5% discount which would double up to 5% at payment) but this would display wrong on the checkout confirmation screen, so its not really the way forward. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Folks, Looking for some help / advice. Using Barclays EPDQ (the current 2014 system) and installed this module...... http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8602 Instructions dont fully match the website, but ive managed to sort the SHA etc. But having problems when customer returns to site, it isnt processing the order/sending emails/clearing cart etc. I have managed to set it so the payment details are recorded in the admin area, but thats one small piece as the main problem is the processing of the order. Does anyone run EPDQ with oscommerce 2.3 ? What module are you running, any problems, any chance of posting your EDPQ back end settings (obviously not full urls, but theres 4 pages to do with responses eg. accepturl). Cheers