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  1. Hi, I am trying to install the "Big Images Modification v1.25 for osCommerce 2.2 MS2 -only" on my site and I have changed all of the code that is suggested in the files that come with the download, but I do not understand/can't find what I am supposed to do next. Here is what the "readme" file says at the end: ----------------------- Update your products-table in database: ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_bimage` VARCHAR(64) AFTER `products_image`; ----------------------- Can anyone tell me what file(s) this refers to, where to locate it and how the full string of code should look? I'm not extremely adept in programing although I do have a decent understanding of HTML, FTP etc, so I should be able to do it with a little guidance. Sorry to ask this here, but I have read all over the forums and can't find the answer. Thanks in advance for any help.