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  1. dunno how I forgot to set originating zip code. thanks it's actually working correctly now.
  2. no origanlly on 5.2, tested with 5.4 and had more errors so i switched back to 5.2. think my issues from upgrading from 2.3.1 up to without using the full install, but just the update files. So I wiped it all out used the full installer for and have started re-installing this module. no longer getting errors but at the sametime no shipping options is showing up on the site. my info is saved ok in the config, so right now I'm lost. I tried using the modules.php in files to modify with and without the modifications in the readme. dunno which way it should be but my info saves after i mod the file from the readme. any suggestions would be a big help. Thanks.
  3. php was on 5.2 had the option to change to 5.4
  4. only mods i made are in the read me to includes/application_top.php and admin/modules.php. rest of this site is brand new. no other script changes made to any other file
  5. think i got it, the mods needed to the other files didn't take right, typo's on my part. almost.... got following error Fatal error: Class 'httpClient' not found in /home1/newred/public_html/store/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 366
  6. yes latest version USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2_r3.2
  7. I have the module working but can only get Library Mail as my only option for shipping, any ideas?