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  1. @frankl I too just tried the ajax add/remove to cart. A nice feature
  2. @grandpaj i just tried the following change and it seemed to fix the problem in file includes/module/content/footertemplates/popup.php find : if (($_SERVER['HTTPS'] !== 'on') && (!tep_session_is_registered('popup'))) { ?> replace with : if ((!tep_session_is_registered('popup'))) { ?> That works I hope Mike
  3. Hi, as you asked the question, did you find an answer, as I too run a shop with full SSL? regards Mike
  4. Hi, @enzo_uk I'm Using 2.3.4 BS gold, with php5.6. The postcode is formatted using a script, after the form is submitted, and formats to fit all UK definitions. Once in the DB then the postcode can be split. I use a modified version of ukpostarea.php for local delivery and click & collect, so will have to check against php7 when time permits. the server 500 maybe a permissions problem! the addon you refer to is: Mike
  5. @LeeFoster Just done some testing, and the clear box doesn't appear in the box because global variable $selections_active is not set to 'true'. I'm looking to find the problem but with no luck at the moment. Will continue looking unless you know different ;-) Mike
  6. Hi Lee, Sorry, my mistake, boxes are showing and working.;-) Mike
  7. @LeeFoster, just tested the modified addon in a test server. Are there files missing (or updated files missing) in the admin as the installation doesn't allow you to set the left/right boxes? Regards Mike
  8. @LeeFoster just managed to get back and review this forum. I'll down load this addon and test. Thanks
  9. I'm using this addon, and I'm not aware of a version using boxes, but I would like to adopt this approach if possible. Perhaps we can work together or I could test the module if that would be best? Mike
  10. Hi Rainer @raiwa I just managed to understand, as your post arrived. I had a ht module (from Burt) which checks if an email address exists, and if so, directs them to the login page. This I had activated on the account_pwa page which was confusing me. So I removed it from the account_pwa page, now it should work OK. thanks for your quick response Mike
  11. @raiwa Looking at the process of the PWA module, I was under the impression that the customer details were not stored in the customer table, that is, the row in the table was deleted after the purchase. It looks as though this is not the case on my shop. Is this assumption correct? If so, were is the code to delete the customer details after purchase. I've looked put not getting where. Hope you can help? Mike
  12. I'm using the first one on 2.3.4Gold, with no problems
  13. For each product, I have the preferred shipping option stored in the products table(based upon weight and size) . One shiping option is "store pickup" only. What is needed is for an image overlay to appear on the product image if and only if this shipping option is set. Obviously, the image overlay would state "store pick only". Is there an addon I could adopt to cater for this scenorio? Mike
  14. ok, I understand the reset option, but the uninstall option gives the error as previously quoted, even though the configuration values are removed from the database. why I don't know? What is the purpose of the uninstall option, as when the shop is reloaded the addon is installed again? Uninstall therefore includes two steps, 1) use the uninstall to remove DB values 2) remove the code from the site. I assume my assumption is correct? As the code seems to work ok (and yes, this is a brilliant addon) I'll just use it on my live shop and forget about the uninstall option, as I probably won't be using it. Regards Mike
  15. @Jack_mcs uninstall seems to be deleting the entries in the configuration tables, so something is not being set for to allow the process to be completed successfully. reset cache works ok