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  1. Hi there

    You state you have used and made changes to the postcode shipping contribution

    I tried to reply on the thread but its been archived

    I am in UK and use counties to ship by, not the standard format but it works for me

    The problem i have currently is using Paypal Express, many of older Paypal users do not have a county specified or wrongly spelt on there account so i was thinking maybe by postcode

    I see that you say you have spilt the postcode to first section and pricing on that, ie se18 ****

    Couple of questions

    you say you have made some changes to work in later additions, i have 2.3.4bs and php 5.4+

    Can you see any other issues  in your experience

    and do you think it will be suitable for what i want to achieve

    if so I would love to receive the amendments you made so i can test

    Kindest regards




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    2. DAVID3733


      Hi thanks for getting back to me

      email address is sales@batterytrader.com

      I use Worldpay for credit cards and Paypal express (which a lot of people prefer and increased sales when it was implemented)

      We also do a lot of telephone orders, by credit card, which we also use Worldpay, and for that matter some of the companies will only pay BACS,  we even had a postal order a couple of months ago

      You are right you do need to offer more than one facility as people have different options, some see paypal as dodgy, some will only use paypal





    3. Mikepo


      Thanks for the info David.

      I'll check out worldpay.  Is there a module specific to Oscommerce?

      I'll package up the files tonight.

      btw, the function I'll supply is called after the create account submit, it only checks the postcode format and sets the characters to uppercase before DB insertion.

      so if the customer types Ab11 1xX it is changed to AB11 1XX

      and Ab111xx is chnaged to AB11 1XX



    4. DAVID3733


      The one i use is 

      Worldpay hosted payment pages,  but there is also sage pay

      depends on what merchant services you are using