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  1. Mikepo

    UK VAT settings

    interesting, so do you have shipping modules for both 20% VATable and 0% VATable goods? if so, you must have code to identify which shipping module to use with each product sold. Or am I just complicating matters?
  2. Mikepo

    UK VAT settings

    True if just charging for delivery, but if you quote P&P, you are charging for a packing service which is VATable at the standard-rate.
  3. Mikepo

    UK VAT settings

    I use easybooks app on iPad, easy to use and is certified with MTD. Payroll I use Basic PAYE Tools app available free from the gov.uk website. I'm not sure if that is correct. P&P is a service you offer, regardless of products you sell, and (I think) is VATable at 20%.
  4. Mikepo

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    e-mail address of the account marked as primary in your PayPal account settings.
  5. Mikepo


    I adapted the following addon to suit my needs https://apps.oscommerce.com/QvXMX&individual-product-shipping-methods in phoenix, the shipping.php class file needs changing, which can be achieved by overriding the file by placing the file in /includes/system/override/shipping.php that avoids changing core files, so this addon won't be overridden when you update core. hope that helps
  6. Mikepo

    Fake accounts

    It worked for me, so yes!
  7. Mikepo

    View Counter

    @Jack_mcs Hi jack, sorry another notice PHP Notice: Undefined variable: user_agent in xxxx/xxxxx/includes/modules/view_counter.php on line 149 $user_agent isn't defined in the file, and google finds the error, initially I didn't see it.
  8. Mikepo

    View Counter

    thanks jack, that worked ☺️
  9. Mikepo

    View Counter

    @Jack_mcs This addon is now running live. When using reports->referrers I get this error Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'IP2Location\Database' not found in xxxx/xxxx/includes/functions/view_counter.php:351 Stack trace: #0 xxxx/xxxx/includes/functions/view_counter.php(443): GetIPDetails('81.143.xxx.xxx') #1 xxxx/xxxx/includes/modules/view_counter/view_counter_report_referers.php(63): GetDomainLocation('81.143.xxx.xxx') #2 xxxx/xxxx/view_counter_reports.php(272): include('/xxxx...') #3 {main} thrown in xxxx/xxxx/includes/functions/view_counter.php on line 351
  10. Mikepo

    View Counter

    well, that is strange. I know I didn't change any file in the download of the addon, but stranger things happen. I least I've solved it and the Addon is working and very useful. Anyway thanks for looking at the problem. I'm one step further now to getting my new site up!
  11. Mikepo

    View Counter

    @Jack_mcs Found the issue file includes\hooks\shop\system\view_counter_app_hook.php find if ('VIEW_COUNTER_ENABLED' == 'true') { change to if (VIEW_COUNTER_ENABLED == 'true') {
  12. Mikepo

    View Counter

    Looks like includes/modules/view_counter.php is only called when running the admin side of the shop. I see the arrays dumped when new viewcounter records are generated. Is there a hook call missing on the shop side?
  13. Mikepo

    View Counter

    ok, looked at the file you sent, and the output from the print_r functions don't show. So why doesn't the file get called? I've just compared the files in the addon to the files in the shop/admin and they are all present so ??
  14. Mikepo

    View Counter

    jack, I did see this line, in functions/view_counter.php require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'view_counter/IP2Location.php'); //PRE-PHOENIX ONLY should that be there if we are running phoenix?
  15. Mikepo

    View Counter

    shop option is set to all, country blocking is not set, I've cleared the tables and still on shop side entries. All very strange, removing .htaccess files didn't help, (just in case something was blocking things) The Who's online function is working ok Do you have any other suggestions. I might try installing the addon on a fresh v1.0.7.11