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  1. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    @MrPhil I'm away from my desk at the moment, but I can assure you the package was used for the stock CE version, dated May 2018. Please check again, I can only help on my return. Mike
  2. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    @valquiria23 package uploaded https://apps.oscommerce.com/lcdI0&modal-info-popup-layer-for-ce-frozen Mike
  3. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    @valquiria23 I'll zip the files up tomorrow and put it on the app store. Mike
  4. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    Thank you, that was the missing bit, I'm not a javescript expert, so that fixed it. 😊
  5. Mikepo

    modal info popup

    Hi, Does anyone have the following app running using CE Frozen? https://apps.oscommerce.com/iWJbv&modal-info-popup-layer-for-bootstrap-o I did have it working on an early bootstrap version, back in 2015, put with CE frozen it doesn't popup when you first enter the shop site. The Admin side seems to work ok, creating new popups with dates etc. Hope someone can help? Mike
  6. Mikepo

    Stripe Payment Module

    Hi @14steve14, I've been looking at the stripe Migration Guide and can't understand how to make this update. It's beyond my capability. If there is a developer out there, I'll be willing to contriubute. Regards Mike
  7. you say your website is not working, can you explain what you mean by that. I assume you are saying just the email functionality is not working.
  8. try commenting out the following line: $pMail->addBCC('email@email.com'); as email@email.com isn't real
  9. what do you mean Does it fail to send an email, or are you saying something else? How are you uploading the files?
  10. all the code you need is shown in the previous post, just add the code after the required line and change the required values for Host, Username and Password.
  11. I have this working sucessfully, I'm using CE Frozen, PHP 7.0.29 , apache server. can you confirm your environment. can you confirm you have changed: $pMail->Host, $pMail->Username and $pMail->Password to meet your email account attributes. do you have $pMail->SMTPAuth = true ? Mike
  12. Mikepo

    Updated Stripe payment module

    Yep, just leave the proxy setting blank, works fine for me
  13. Thanks Gary, as I always have javascipt turned on, and I wouldn't necessarlity turn it off, I never thought about this. With it off, accounts with any country and any postcode can be created. The 'no Script message' module kicks in with it off, so at least the customer gets to know he should switch javascript on to get the site working as intended.
  14. yes. @burt I also have your country & state selector header_tag module installed. This is active on the account create, update, and new address pages, and only allows UK to be selected. So the question is, how does someone create an account with only the UK selectable? The same applies to the postcode, only UK postcode format can be entered.
  15. No, only PayPal Standard. The history of the rouge customer was: homepage -- create account - create account success nothing was put in the cart. So I'm not to sure how he managed to enter the country of Uzbekistan when UK is the only one available. And entering a postcode which isn't valid is also prevented by a script. But he managed to enter 154522. Still a mystery.