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  1. Mikepo

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    @raiwa This is still an issue with the stripe SCA module in php7.3. The issue is the status is not being set to 'pending' after the order is completed, and also the email confirmations has the order number missing, not the invoice and shipping slip as mentioned above.
  2. Mikepo

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Matt, you are correct. When paying by stripe the status is not being set to pending, even though the payment completes. Status stays at Preparing [Stripe SCA]. Also, I noticed that the order ID is missing from the invoice and shipping slip. When using other payments methods all is OK. So there must be an issue with the stripe payment module.
  3. Mikepo

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I've updated to the latest version of phoenix and the latest version of this app stripe_sca_v1.0.16r1, and it appears that any order placed using this payment module is not stored correctly. What I mean is, in the shop side orders are not shown in the customer account if this payment module is used. However the order is shown in admin. Strange! Orders made with another payment module are ok. Does is occur with anyone else?
  4. Mikepo

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    I still developing my phoenix shop, running the latest version
  5. Mikepo

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    just override the email class in email.php place the file in includes\system\override
  6. Mikepo

    Row 2: The count of fields is wrong

    If you are using CSV import within phpMyAdmin, then this suggests your table in your DB contains a different number of columns to that of your CSV file. Make sure the number of columns in the table is the same as the CSV file.
  7. Mikepo

    Moving to another platform

    With Phoenix no programming is necessary, as core changes are not needed. The addons, which are obtainable from the Phoenix Club (if you join for a very small monthly fee), are more valuable than the fee, and they just slot in without any programming skills needed. As you already have oscommerce then getting familiar with Phoenix should be no problem. Getting you current database into Phoenix should very easy, and help is always here if needed. Downloaded Phoenix and try first.
  8. Mikepo

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I've not seen any issue, as customers have been using PayPal over the last few weeks. I'll keep an eye on this and let you know if any issue appears.
  9. Mikepo

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    if you use the Stripe_CLI executable, as shown on the Stripe help pages, you can get the webhook to connect to the Stripe servers from a local XAMPP server. I've done this to check my test environment.
  10. Mikepo

    Emails not sending

    Can you log on to your domain webmail? When logged into your webmail can you send an email to your aol account? Which version of osC are you using? Are you using sendmail or smtp?
  11. Hi Mike

    The database changes in were increasing the varchars to 255. I created an update script for Gary but he's not included it in the package. You can use the following SQL.

    /* Update to existing installations adjusting VARCHARs to 255 in length */

    ALTER TABLE categories
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_image categories_image VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE categories_description
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_name categories_name  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_keywords categories_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_title categories_seo_title  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_name manufacturers_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_image manufacturers_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers_info
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_keywords manufacturers_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255)  NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_title manufacturers_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products_attributes
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options products_options VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values products_options_values VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_image products_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_description
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_keywords products_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NULL ,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_title products_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL ;

    ALTER TABLE products_images
    CHANGE COLUMN image image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_options
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_name products_options_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

    ALTER TABLE products_options_values
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values_name products_options_values_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';



    1. Mikepo


      Thanks Mark, that saved be time!


    2. mfleeson


      No worries. The original git update to Gary had this script in but he didn't include it in the update.

    3. ecartz

      ecartz is available on GitHub, but for updates, the SQL is here. 

  12. Mikepo

    View Counter

    This is just for information only. Project honey pot software isn't installed. Their site allows you to see what others are stating for the IP address identified. You can leave comment too! Just ban the IP to stop the event happening again. Hope that helps.
  13. @JcMagpie Your test site for phoenix show a horizontal category menu. Do you have that module available for the latest pheonix version Mike
  14. Mikepo

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @mhsuffolk The problem maybe this: When honey pot finds an issue the user is taken back to the pre-populated create_account.php page so the user can correct the issue. That is how it works, however the math question updates (without the user realising) and the form shows the previous answer which is now wrong. The math question has to be answered again. I must say that I'm using @burt math hook in frozen. I did try the math option in honeypot, but as previously mentioned by others the math check in honeypot didn't work for me, it seemed to stop everything even with the right answer. Hope this helps? I ended up not using honeypot on live shops (I was just trying the module on test installations). I just use gary's math hook on live shops and the problem with fake/spamming accounts have ceased.
  15. Mikepo

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @mhsuffolk I've just installed v1.8. All ok here. I'm adding the UK/GB postcode check too. Seems to ok too!