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  1. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    sorry, found the code. Whenever I copy from these forum pages hidden characters are also copied..... Pasted the new code in and I get a parse error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''<script>var ImgCount = $(".pi' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in D:\********includes\modules\header_tags\ht_product_colorbox.php on line 68 Can't see the syntax error. I';ll keep looking but if you find it first do let me know Mike
  2. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    @JcMagpie Thanks for all your advice. I started using the suggested hack but couldn't find the code in includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_colorbox.php to replace. Nothing in the file looked familar. I'm using CE Frozeon, and I even searched all files for the code of interest, but again nothing found. I looked at updating colorbox, but wasn't sure where to start, so I couldn't go down that avenue either. Hope you can advise? Mike
  3. Hi all, Is it possible to add a descriptive title of the image when using the colorbox headertag script. just a single line of text will do, directly under the image in the popup window? Mike
  4. @Jack_mcs thank you Jack, I upgraded to v2.2-17 and that solved my problem. The URL is now visit-shop-i-6.html 😊 Regards Mike
  5. I currently have v2.2 of this URL rewrite module installed and the informations pages module. All works well, except the information page URLs are converted to : -i-6.html -i-7.html which is not very descriptive. Is there a way to add something a little more descriptive to the beginning of the URL e.g. Visit-our-shop-i-6.html I understand that for products, the start of the new URL is taken from the Product name, but for the information page there is no name defined for the page. There is a title, and that appears on the page itself. Can this be used to rewrite the URL? Or is there any other method or would it require a code change? Mike
  6. @rpdesign Hello, I've been away, and just seen your reply. The problem for me was solved by stripping away unwanted code and simplifing the module to suit my requirements. Shipping per zone is now working for me! I might download your new version and try again. Thanks Mike
  7. As you have managed to login, I would check the file and directory permissions. Files 644 directory 755 or 775 also check the file owner and group. Mike
  8. Has anyone got this addon to work? I upgraded the code to suit php7 and osC CE (aka frozen), but I can't get the individual shipping options to work. The default shipping seems to work, but if I create an individual shipping it's not recogniised. It seems to be a complicated beast. So I'm looking for help to explain how the settings work. Mike
  9. @raiwa I tried uninstalling the shipping estimate module, as you suggested, but that didn't help. Mike
  10. @raiwa Hello Rainer, the free shipping module I'm using is the ot_shipping.php free shipping option. I noticed that: global $language was missing in cm_csh_shipping_methods.php Other than that, no other errors are reported. Regards Mike
  11. @raiwa Found the issue. 🙂 The difference between my 2 CE shops was one of the shops had the shipping estimator was switched off. (modular shipping cart) This caused the shipping address to not show when checking out, as described in my previous post. It also caused some of my shipping modules not to show. (when switched on) The reason I switched off the shipping estimator was because I wanted free shipping as the only shipping option, and the estimator wasn't required. For the moment, I'll adjust the text shown by the shipping estimator. Obviously, the bug lies between the shipping estimator and the checkout shipping modules. Mike
  12. @raiwa I can't find the issue, except some of my shipping methods aren't working, I'll start looking there tomorrow ;-(
  13. @raiwa CE frozen, php7.0.31. I have two CE test sites, and I've just noticed that one is working ok with the modular checkout, the other is not. I've compared the files, and no difference except for language files etc. So I'm checking the DB for differences now. I'll let you know. Mike
  14. @raiwa I've installed this modular checkout system and seem to have a problem with cutomers checking out with a new account. As they only have one address, the primary one, when creating an account, at checkout (checkout_shipping.php) the shipping address is not shown. If you continue to the checkout confirmation, the shipping address is still not shown. The billing address is. So selecting edit shipping adresss, goes to shipping_adressss, and clicking next, the shipping address will appear on the shipping confirmation page. This only happens when creating a new account, and obviously there is only one address available. I'm looking through the code, and comparing with the non-modular version but can't see the problem. Can you advise please Regards Mike
  15. @douglaswalker, that seems like a workaround: change the PayPal account name and logo to suit both shopping sites. Thanks