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  1. Blocked loading mixed active content

    @desmoulins22, thanks for the info, my issue was resolved, as it must of been something to do with my google account and my test system. Not too sure I understand, but the blocked mixed content has gone away. Thanks for asking Mike
  2. paypal returns to empty shopping cart

    i'm running 2.3.4 BS Gold, and the tep_redirect points to checkout_success.php. My paypal version is app v5.018 What version are you using?
  3. Blocked loading mixed active content

    @Jack_mcs, @wHiTeHaT i checked all files and there is no reference to fonts.gstatic.com or fonts.googlespis with only http. i checked all php and css files. I'll have to check on the google forums to see if they can shed light on this. thanks everyone for helping Mike
  4. Blocked loading mixed active content

    There is no reference to gstatic.com in my code. This morning the firefox web console doesn't show any mixed content, and the green padlock tells me the connect is secure with no blocked content. What I did notice, the PC I'm using is also my test XAMPP server, and if I'm browsing my test site (using a tab in firefox) I see mixed content and this seems to appear in the tab I'm using to browse my internet site. i.e. if I'm not browsing my test shop, then the mixed content isn't shown on the internet shop. Strange, but I have no further explanation. Mike
  5. Blocked loading mixed active content

    Thanks for checking Dan. I've searched for 'gstatic' throughout my whole site, and it's not present, and it is only identified as mixed content when using Firefox. With chrome no mixed content is identified. Strange! l'll keep looking
  6. Blocked loading mixed active content

    Hi Jack, That's what I searched for, but nothing was found. Firefox states it's blocking this content, Chrome doesn't. So, I'm confused. Where does the reference to fonts.gstatic.com come from? Is something being redirected to fonts.gstatic.com Has anyone else seen this content being blocked. Mike
  7. using 2.3.4BS gold, php5.6 Firefox is blocking content giving the following in the console: Blocked loading mixed active content "http://fonts.gstatic.com Chrome doesn't show a mixed content. I've searched the code and can't find reference to the google fonts. Can anyone shed light on this? Mike
  8. I tested my installation and the 'test installation', fails now. and it didn't when I updated to version v5.018. Customers are still using PayPal sucessfully, so does the script need correcting? Mike
  9. java popup

    @Yepi changing the href to the complete string you have derived using tep_href_link will open a new window, but how to pass that from php to the java script I'm not sure. The script was posted for a starter for 10. unfortunately, this is where my knowledge ends. Regards Mike
  10. java popup

    Hi this opens a new window, put it in template_bottom.php file <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('a[href*="your_file.php"]').click(function(){ window.open(this.href, height=pixels, width=pixels); return false; }); }); </script> Hope that helps!
  11. @grandpaj i just tried the following change and it seemed to fix the problem in file includes/module/content/footertemplates/popup.php find : if (($_SERVER['HTTPS'] !== 'on') && (!tep_session_is_registered('popup'))) { ?> replace with : if ((!tep_session_is_registered('popup'))) { ?> That works I hope Mike
  12. Hi, as you asked the question, did you find an answer, as I too run a shop with full SSL? regards Mike
  13. Hi, @enzo_uk I'm Using 2.3.4 BS gold, with php5.6. The postcode is formatted using a script, after the form is submitted, and formats to fit all UK definitions. Once in the DB then the postcode can be split. I use a modified version of ukpostarea.php for local delivery and click & collect, so will have to check against php7 when time permits. the server 500 maybe a permissions problem! the addon you refer to is: https://apps.oscommerce.com/9urFk Mike
  14. @LeeFoster Just done some testing, and the clear box doesn't appear in the box because global variable $selections_active is not set to 'true'. I'm looking to find the problem but with no luck at the moment. Will continue looking unless you know different ;-) Mike
  15. Hi Lee, Sorry, my mistake, boxes are showing and working.;-) Mike