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  1. @raiwa I tried uninstalling the shipping estimate module, as you suggested, but that didn't help. Mike
  2. @raiwa Hello Rainer, the free shipping module I'm using is the ot_shipping.php free shipping option. I noticed that: global $language was missing in cm_csh_shipping_methods.php Other than that, no other errors are reported. Regards Mike
  3. @raiwa Found the issue. 🙂 The difference between my 2 CE shops was one of the shops had the shipping estimator was switched off. (modular shipping cart) This caused the shipping address to not show when checking out, as described in my previous post. It also caused some of my shipping modules not to show. (when switched on) The reason I switched off the shipping estimator was because I wanted free shipping as the only shipping option, and the estimator wasn't required. For the moment, I'll adjust the text shown by the shipping estimator. Obviously, the bug lies between the shipping estimator and the checkout shipping modules. Mike
  4. @raiwa I can't find the issue, except some of my shipping methods aren't working, I'll start looking there tomorrow ;-(
  5. @raiwa CE frozen, php7.0.31. I have two CE test sites, and I've just noticed that one is working ok with the modular checkout, the other is not. I've compared the files, and no difference except for language files etc. So I'm checking the DB for differences now. I'll let you know. Mike
  6. @raiwa I've installed this modular checkout system and seem to have a problem with cutomers checking out with a new account. As they only have one address, the primary one, when creating an account, at checkout (checkout_shipping.php) the shipping address is not shown. If you continue to the checkout confirmation, the shipping address is still not shown. The billing address is. So selecting edit shipping adresss, goes to shipping_adressss, and clicking next, the shipping address will appear on the shipping confirmation page. This only happens when creating a new account, and obviously there is only one address available. I'm looking through the code, and comparing with the non-modular version but can't see the problem. Can you advise please Regards Mike
  7. @douglaswalker, that seems like a workaround: change the PayPal account name and logo to suit both shopping sites. Thanks
  8. OK, I've looked, searched via google, and can't find how to define a template in PayPal to use as a Page Style. The Page Style in the oscommerce PayPal App defaults to 'PalPay', I believe this is what has to be changed to match the template in PayPal. But where do I create the template ? I need this change, as I want to use one PayPal Account with two shops. The Page Style, once defined, will show the correct shop details during the payment process through PayPal. Does anyone do this using PayPal Standard?
  9. yep, understand correctly. So were do I define a template and set it in the pay palApp settings in my store as page style?
  10. I'm using PayPal Standard. When I'm transferred to PayPal, their site states the name of Webshop1(the primary account), and the link to cancel also states the name of Webshop1 (the URL is correct though, Webshop2) So, can PayPal show the name for Webshop2 instead?
  11. Yep @raiwa is right, just checked, and it returns to the create domain. However, the name of the link(not the actual url) to cancel the payment refers the the primary webshop1, not the secondary webshop2. Can the name of the secondary webshop2 be defined in paypal?
  12. so you are saying, that you don't need to set the return URL in the PayPal account, as the osCommerce Paypal module already defines the return URL based upon the domain name?
  13. Hi, I wanting to have two shops using the same paypay account. Reason, the shops are related and can operate under the same business name and bank account. Using stripe is simple, you can have two accounts under the umbrella account. With Paypal, you can assign another email address and receive payment on both emails, but the return URL is set in stone in the PayPal account. So both shops will return to the same return URL. Looking at the help pages you can switch that off and set the return URL for individual transactions, by including the return variable in the HTML form: <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return" value="The-Page-On-Your-Site-To-Which-Buyer-Returns;"> Has anyone done this with success? If so, can they advise how to do it? Mike
  14. What I did, in 7.2.3 was to use the following if CONSTANTS didn't initally exist: defined('MODULE_SHIPPING_INTERLINK_MAX_WEIGHT') or define('MODULE_SHIPPING_INTERLINK_MAX_WEIGHT', '10'); hope that helps
  15. I noticed a bug yesteday. During checkout confirmation, the comment box appears if not NULL, with an option to edit. Clicking edit takes you back through the checkout process to change the comment, however the comment doesn't change unless you repeat the process or refresh the page. I also noticed you can't remove/delete the comment. I tried to modify the code, but the logic of passing the variables using $_POST I don't understand or I'm coding it wrong. Can someone check for me. Thanks Mike