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  1. Someone, created an account using the country of Uzbekistan. However, I have only one country available, UK, from the drop down list. So I was wondering how this is possible? Also, the postcode entered into the account is invalid, as we have a script to check the format. Again how is this possible? Obviously, it can be done, so can it be prevented? I checked the IP address, and using viewcounter, there were 5 records, starting from the home page to account success.php. No more records were found. Any advice or knowledge much appreciated. Mike
  2. Mikepo

    Stripe Elements API V3

    Hi Martin, I will be interested in upgrading to the API V3 soon too! I'll have to sit down and see if I can upgrade using the migrating instructions on the stripe website. I'm not an expert, but are always interested in taking on a challenge. When I find time I'll give it go. I'll let you know. And if you find a solution please likewise let us all know. Mike
  3. Mikepo

    Email queuing system

    I agree, great Addon
  4. Mikepo

    html content in popup (Large Image)

    That is the way colorbox works. You either have an image or html. You could use <img> to show the image, though I've not tried that. I did change the php code to utilise the html, and show in a title. Mike
  5. Using CE Frozen I based the smtp functionality on the examples listed here: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Tutorial https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/oscommerce/testing-ecommerce-functionality/setting-up-smtp-with-oscommerce basically make the following changes 1 - copy files to both locations: catalog/includes/classes & admin/includes/classes Exception.php PHPMailer.php SMTP.php 2 - in catalog/includes/classes/email.php 2a - find class email { add before use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer; use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\Exception; 2b - in function send find: return mail($to, $subject, $this->output, implode($this->lf, $headers),$additional_parameters); require_once('includes/classes/class.phpmailer.php'); comment out these two lines and add after: require_once 'includes/classes/Exception.php'; // required_once needed to prevent redefining the class require_once 'includes/classes/PHPMailer.php'; require_once 'includes/classes/SMTP.php'; $pMail = new PHPMailer(); $pMail->From = $from_addr; $pMail->FromName = $from_name; $pMail->IsSMTP(); $pMail->Host = "smtp.com"; // replace with your smtp server $pMail->Username = "email@email.com"; // replace with your smtp username (if SMTPAuth is true) $pMail->Password = "email_password"; // replace with your smtp password (if SMTPAuth is true) $pMail->SMTPAuth = true; // true/false - turn on/off smtp authentication $pMail->Subject = $subject; $pMail->Body = $this->output; //$pMail->AltBody = 'Alternative text'; $pMail->AddAddress($to_addr, $to_name); //$pMail->addCC('email@email.com'); $pMail->addBCC('email@email.com'); $pMail->IsHTML(false); return $pMail->Send(); $pMail->ClearAddresses(); $pMail->ClearAttachments(); 3 - repeat change 2 in admin/classes/email.php 4 - in osC admin email options, set the following: E-Mail Transport Method = smtp E-Mail Linefeeds = LF Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails = false Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS = false Send E-Mails = true that's it - done!
  6. Mikepo

    category control in Admin

    yep this addon works with CE Frozen, the changes/additions to the admin side works as described. For the shop side, as index.php is now modualised you just have to find the appropriate database queries and put insert: where c.categories_status = 1 usually find: $categories_query = tep_db_query and add: where c.categories_status = 1 as a condition to the search. Hope that helps.
  7. Your server may require a certain owner and group to allow it it read/write files. Owner apache and/or root may not be defined as valid owners/groups, check with your web server documentation.
  8. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    @JcMagpie thanks, that did it. No more requests now. 🤔 Thank you again! Mike
  9. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    @JcMagpie Many thanks for your help. The script works, just had to add a query to get the $product_info['products_name']. One problem exists, if the $product_info['products_name'] is too long, it overlaps the text "image 1 of 5". Is there any way to put the $product_info['products_name'] on a new line below the "image 1 of 5"? thanks Mike
  10. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    sorry, found the code. Whenever I copy from these forum pages hidden characters are also copied..... Pasted the new code in and I get a parse error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''<script>var ImgCount = $(".pi' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ',' or ')' in D:\********includes\modules\header_tags\ht_product_colorbox.php on line 68 Can't see the syntax error. I';ll keep looking but if you find it first do let me know Mike
  11. Mikepo

    colorbox images with text

    @JcMagpie Thanks for all your advice. I started using the suggested hack but couldn't find the code in includes/modules/header_tags/ht_product_colorbox.php to replace. Nothing in the file looked familar. I'm using CE Frozeon, and I even searched all files for the code of interest, but again nothing found. I looked at updating colorbox, but wasn't sure where to start, so I couldn't go down that avenue either. Hope you can advise? Mike
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to add a descriptive title of the image when using the colorbox headertag script. just a single line of text will do, directly under the image in the popup window? Mike
  13. @Jack_mcs thank you Jack, I upgraded to v2.2-17 and that solved my problem. The URL is now visit-shop-i-6.html 😊 Regards Mike
  14. I currently have v2.2 of this URL rewrite module installed and the informations pages module. All works well, except the information page URLs are converted to : -i-6.html -i-7.html which is not very descriptive. Is there a way to add something a little more descriptive to the beginning of the URL e.g. Visit-our-shop-i-6.html I understand that for products, the start of the new URL is taken from the Product name, but for the information page there is no name defined for the page. There is a title, and that appears on the page itself. Can this be used to rewrite the URL? Or is there any other method or would it require a code change? Mike
  15. @rpdesign Hello, I've been away, and just seen your reply. The problem for me was solved by stripping away unwanted code and simplifing the module to suit my requirements. Shipping per zone is now working for me! I might download your new version and try again. Thanks Mike