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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from tobme in Setting up PayPal API on my website   
    Forgive me if I am stating the obvious, but ...
    osCommerce is an online shopping-cart program, allowing you to sell products. You need to install osCommerce on a server. The server needs to meet the requirements of osCommerce, including having a web server (typically Apache), PHP (a programing language interpreter), and a database (typically mySQL). If you don't meet these requirements, you can not install or run osCommerce.
    Please note that you can install osCommerce on an in-house test server (I have one here for my testing and development), or on a host's server. If you are taking your store live (and actually plan to sell items), please use a host. DO NOT try to host a live site yourself ... the hackers will eat you alive!
    Your initial question asked about the Paypal module. This is a module that you ADD TO your osCommerce shop. It is NOT a standalone application. Nor can the Paypal module be installed on a website that does NOT have osCommerce installed.
    Now, before you go any further, please realize that the 'official' v2.3.4(.1) version of osCommerce is obsolete. Do NOT waste your time with it. Please download the community supported Edge version (link in my signature below).
    If you need help getting osCommerce up and running, please start another thread asking how to do that. Once you have osCommerce (the Edge version) running, and if you are still having problems getting Paypal to work, there is a section of this forum specifically for payment module problems (including a section just for Paypal problems).
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Yes, it came up long ago (and I forgot about it until today).  A good shopowner client of mine does not have a Breadcrumb for his site design, so none of the cool links showed in Google, I coded up a schema breadcrumb for him to solve it.  Now I remembered it, it can go into Core.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from burt in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    I was initially confused when you said "breadcrumb content module" ... At first, I wasn't sure if there were two separate modules other than what I just called the "breadcrumb module". So, I just looked, and I now see that there is only one module <phew!>. Terminology ...
    That said, while I'm sure that most (?) stores will enable the breadcrumb, I can imagine that there may be some that don't. So, in that case, YES, you should include the json-ld version into core.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Breadcrumb HT module.
    I worked very hard a couple of years back to introduce extra features for SEO; most of these went un-noticed by most shopowners, but an important one [probably the most important] is the Breadcrumb Content Module. 
    This Content Module includes code which allows Google to show the breadcrumb in its search result listings for a properly set up site.  EG:

    However, this only works if the shopowner has the breadcrumb content module turned on. 
    I have, ready for primetime, a json-ld version so that Google can display properly whether breadcrumb module is turned on or not. 
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    This!  As someone very wise once said, why have a Cathedral when just need a small church.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to bruyndoncx in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Hmmm ... another question for you guyst ...
    which features will help you sell more or more profitably and will allow you to sponsor some development to get your wishlist implemented ?
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Bootstrap 3 in 2.3.4 - Responsive from the Get Go   
    TY @BrockleyJohn for commit which should solve some issues around TLS
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    I suggest some type of better image system. 
    I envisage admin side uploading 1 large image, which is then auto saved in 5 different sizes.  Then have the shop side tep_image function updated to use srcset. 
    More Reading;
    https://css-tricks.com/responsive-images-youre-just-changing-resolutions-use-srcset/ https://caniuse.com/srcset Reasoning;
    At this moment, the large image [abc123.jpg] is shown for all Resolutions (XS, MD etc).  With srcset, can choose to join image size to resolution, eg;
    At XS show abc123_XS.jpg At MD show abc123_MD.jpg and so on
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    ArtcoInc reacted to raiwa in It's safe give files and database backup to a profesional?   
    Hola Juan @Jumpfree,
    I think the important point is what Gary pointed out.
    If you hire a developer who has built up a well known reputation at least in this forum, you will be safe.
    It's not easy and it is slow to get it, but easy and fast to loose it. No serious developer who wants to continue working will risc to spoil his reputation.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from Jumpfree in It's safe give files and database backup to a profesional?   
    If your developer is testing your new site on their server, they are going to have their own database, and hence their own database name, user name, and password. They won't need yours to build your site on their machine, nor to convert your database.
    *IF* you want them to install and test the finished site on your host's server, then they will have to have that access. While you probably can't/won't be able to change the database name or user name, you definitely can (and should!) change the database password after the site is up and running.
    Don't know ...
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from burt in Tabbed Product Admin   
    Wasn't 2.3.5 supposed to be the next step up from 2.3.4(.1) (non bootstrap), while 2.3.6 was supposed to based on the community build (responsive)?
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from Bobber in Edge   
    In user.css, add something like this:
    #bodyContent { background-image: url("my_background.png"); } This assumes that 'my_background.png" is the name of your background image, and is located in the root directory of your store. Adjust as needed.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in 28d, 2018   
    Package still available - PM me if anything is of interest.
    Thank You to 1 shopowner yesterday who did just that, allows the project two steps forward :)
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from oscommerce21 in nothing works beyond the front page   
    No. Unfortunately, it is not an in-place upgrade. You'd install Edge in a different sub-directory, and migrate the database over. There are a lot of changes in the database over the years, as well as the new additions to make Edge responsive.
    As always, work with copies of the files. And, if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can post in the Commercial Support area for bids on doing the work for you.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from oscommerce21 in nothing works beyond the front page   
    Version 2.2 RC2 is VERY old. If your host updated their version of PHP, your store will crash! My recommendation is to back up EVERYTHING now, both the files AND the database. You say you have FTP access. With that, you can backup the files. If you have CPanel access to your host's server, you should be able to back up the database.
    You can waste a lot of time trying to fix your old site, or put that time to better use upgrading to the new Edge version of osC.
    ps: I know only a very little about .htacces files, but yours definitely do not look right to me.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Product Notifications   
    Doug, in 29DoC (from 2 years ago)...I vaguely recall;
    I made a box module that allows guests to sign up for notifications...
    Then a core code change in admin/newsletters.php to allow for such notifications to be sent to guests
    I'll dig it out and see if it can be plugged in.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Bootstrap 3 in 2.3.4 - Responsive from the Get Go   
    In the last few weeks;
    index.php made more modular login.php made more modular checkout_success.php made more modular product_info.php made more modular
    + product info not found module as well product_schema module introduced introduced "actions" in application_top.php
    + new admin page for these actions category_tree class updated to pull more category data
    + most areas of code updated to use category_tree class template files renamed to help solve uploading problems hooks auto registered in each page Thanks to everyone who pitched in with ideas  and code  
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Dan Cole in Can two modules use the same template?   
    I do that all the time and I'm told it gets worse.  
    Like you I usually try to find a way to avoid it in the future but sometimes I just have to chalk it up to "having one of those moments again".  
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Path To "Final"   
    Changes to Actions
    Moved "actions" up a level to match Hooks.
    Was:  /includes/modules/actions/ Now: /includes/actions/ Created Admin Page for Actions (admin/modules_actions.php) which is basically a rip of the admin/modules_hooks.php page.
    More Modules
    Login (login.php) is now more modular.
    Checkout Success (checkout_success.php) is now more modular.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from Dan Cole in Forbidden is categories.php   
    Dan was suggesting you read the thread which explains HOW to ask for help here, and what information YOU need to provide us ... ie: which version of osCommerce, which version of PHP, what add-ons you have installed, is this on a host's server or an in-house server, etc.
    We can't help you if you can't help us ...
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Dan Cole in Modular Checkout   
    If you think that takes awhile you should try creating them.  Rainer did a yeomen's job. 
    If I understand the plan correctly, these modules should end up as part of the core and be installed by default.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to raiwa in Modular Shopping Cart   
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    ArtcoInc reacted to frankl in Modular Checkout   
    Make them work out of the box, which most people downloading osCommerce will leave as is.
    Have some instructions somewhere (in the documentation?) explaining cleardivs.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Path To "Final"   
    @raiwa and @Dan Cole are working on a modularised checkout.
    @piernas is contributing an updated page to how modules are displayed in admin
    I am working on modularising the login page (which also requires a clean up) and checkout_success page.
    After this
    Inclusion of product_class 
    Update of database functions to add in prefixes
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Creating a new page in Edge   
    To throw some more info into the works...
    Be aware that you can make pages outside of the normal structure, for an example take a look at the set_password page...if you have it turned on.