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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Phoenix Installation via Softaculous   
    Is now possible and takes seconds...
    Log into the Softaculous App on your hosts cPanel and you will find CE Phoenix in the E-Commerce section.  
    We are very pleased to have gotten CE Phoenix onto Softaculous as it opens up a whole new world of users who want/need an easy install.  
    Thank you to @ecartz for his months of hard work in getting Phoenix modernised and to @Heatherbell and @peterpil19 for their hard work in getting Phoenix onto Softaculous.
    Give it a go if you have a Cpanel host who runs Softaculous - but please make you do not overwrite your live shop installation (I have not tested and am not sure if it gives you a warning prior to potential overwrite).  Please give Phoenix a rating/review as word-of-mouth from happy users is the most powerful thing - thank you. Please note that I have since deleted that install that you see in the video as it was performed only for the video.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Jack_mcs in Class 'ot_subtotal' not found in ...   
    I think you need to add DIR_FS_CATALOG back into the include statements (the two above). So they would be 
    include(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/... That causes them to look in the shop files. The way you have it now, the code is looking in the admin files.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from DivebombInc in Excludes based on page   
    Take one of the 'static' pages, such as 'Terms and Conditions'. Copy and rename it (both the code and the language files). Replace everything between the opening and closing 'contentContainer' divs with your gallery code. Finally, add the link(s) to your gallery where ever you want them (navbar, footer, etc).
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from peterpil19 in Payfast Module for Phoenix   
    When you contact them, be sure to mention that you are running Phoenix, and not the old version of osC. Also tell them that you will be running PHP v7.x
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    ArtcoInc reacted to BrockleyJohn in NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!   
    @ArtcoInc I guess you're talking about the buttons on the selected order in the list view. IIRC it just overrides the link of the first button - or the first yellow one, or something along those lines. There's a config setting for this which you can turn off instead of clobbering the hook. If you want it to pick a different button we'd need to work out a different jquery selector - if you copy the source code of the buttons section from your browser I can figure what it could be.
    I believe order editor does nothing with customers, addresses and so on, it simply manipulates the fields on an existing order and allows you to change the order products and totals. The place to do what you're asking would be the Order Maker addon which must be where the default address is getting pulled into all three when the order is created.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to DivebombInc in Installation issues   
    ...i hate you
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from DivebombInc in Installation issues   
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from DivebombInc in Installation issues   
    There are two 'configuration' files in Phoenix (or osC). One is /includes/configure.php , and the other is /admin/includes/configure.php (substitute the name of your /admin directory if you changed it). These two files are populated when you first install Phoenix (or osC).
    Many times, when people are having problems with their shop, it is because either (or both) of these files are populated incorrectly.
    There are two things you can do ...
    1) Post your /includes/configure.php file here (be sure to blank out your database info (database name, user name, password)), and we can see if we can see a problem. Or,
    2) Since this is a fresh install, blow it all away (including the database), and install it again.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from DivebombInc in Installation issues   
    @DivebombInc Kyle, if I may ask, why are you trying to install an old version of osC?
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from DivebombInc in Installation issues   
    What I was saying is that in the link you posted above, you are trying to install osC v2.3.4. That version dates back to 2014! The last 'official' release was v2.3.4.1, back in 2017. Please note that these versions are NOT responsive, and will crash when your host upgraded to PHP v7.x.
    The current 'Community Edition' is called Phoenix, and is responsive (it adjusts the display to fit your customer's screen size. With all of the mobile devices these days, this is important! (plus, Google will penalize you if your site isn't responsive!)). It also runs under PHP v7.x.
    So, if you are doing a fresh install, I suggest you use Phoenix instead.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Omar_one in Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1   
    @eaglik as @ArtcoInc said there is a list of approved developres in the Phoenix club they will take your shop to the next level.. 
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    ArtcoInc reacted to BrockleyJohn in When is /ext/.../standard_ipn used?   
    In case you don't know, IPN (instant payment notification) is a feature so paypal automatically contacts your site to tell it about things that happen with payments in paypal - like it's been paid, if it was an echeque that it's cleared, it's been refunded and so on. It's a security feature making it harder for hackers to steal from you by faking paymennts. If you also run an ebay account and you look at your paypal logs in osc you'll see that it tells your site about those payments too!
    All of these IPNs trigger the ipn listener in /ext/... if the listener can find a related order it will write a history record that you can see in admin.
    Now, sometimes when people pay with paypal they don't come back to your site - maybe they don't wait long enough after hitting pay and rush back to looking at porn or their connection drops or whatever. So if the ipn listener gets notified that the payment is there and the order is in the Preparing status, it will go ahead and complete the order, do the stock adjustments, send the emails and so on. If the order is already in the later status (eg Pending), it will just log the history record.
    For the people that do come back to your site and get there before the IPN, when they go through checkout_process that executes the code in the paypal_standard module and changes the order status, stock levels and sends out emails.
    So... both files handle setting an order to paid, the stock and so on - but for any given order it was one or the other. If you want to know which it was, you can tell from the history records (if IPN handled it the change of status history is nearly simultaneous with the IPN email).
    The IPN listener file always handles processing the IPN notification but it may only write a history if the other got there first
    The standard module always handles the user going through checkout_process to checkout_success but it may not do anything for the order if the other got there first
    Both routes need to work properly and if you're changing one for some reason you also need to change the other.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from burt in 1064 error and worse ...   
    Which version of Phoenix are you using? IIRC, this was an error introduced in, and was quickly fixed in
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from burt in 1064 error and worse ...   
    Which version of Phoenix are you using? IIRC, this was an error introduced in, and was quickly fixed in
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from GetSirius in Phoenix NavBar CSS   
    @Heatherbell Very nice and useful! 👍
    It should be pointed out that, while the current school of thought is to avoid 'core file' changes, both Language and Template files are NOT considered 'core files', and as such, we can modify these all we want.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    None of the defines with "violation" in them are shown to the customers. The others are. As @ArtcoIncmentioned, you need to create a copy of the english files for whatever language you have.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from plutomon in Lost with version to use is also NOT responsive (ie: can use on a phone or tablet). Phoenix is, and is the future of osC.
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    ArtcoInc reacted to burt in Full Width Admin Dashboard Module   
    That would not be possible with a core code change in old versions.  The old style page requires each module to be 50%, and this is done using a table, where the modules have no influence over the layout.  In effect, this type of coding is as old as the Ark as the "controller" is the page, not the modules.
    Modules are saying:
    Here's my Content
    Page is saying:
    Here's the slot where you are going.
    In the recent update, I recoded the page and all the modules to give the modules control over the layout.
    Modules are now saying:
    Here's my content and here's my width.  Jump.
    Page is now saying:
    Yes Sir.  How high?
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Dan Cole in Full Width Admin Dashboard Module   
    @ArtcoInc  Sorry Malcolm I'm not going to be of much use to you on this.  My admin is still running on RC2.  I've made so many hacks to the core on the admin side of my shop over the years that I'm not sure where to start (not really) and it has a real low priority for me.
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from mariolensa in Lost styling in Catalog   
    Which version of osC? Which version of PHP?
    I assume (?) that your shop *used* to work, and that something changed, resulting in your loss of styling?
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from mariolensa in Lost styling in Catalog   
    Can you post your /includes/configure.php file here, blocking out the sensitive info (database name, database user, database password, etc)?
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    ArtcoInc got a reaction from valquiria23 in How do I install Oscommerce   
    If I may ask, what is your computer background? Are you planning to install this on an in-house test server, or your host's public server?
    That said, here's an older thread that goes through the step-by-step process of installing osC on your host's server ...
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    ArtcoInc reacted to raiwa in Wholesale (SPPC lite)   
    Uploaded update:
    Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.1.
    Update for Phoenix,

    -      Fixed missing code in admin/categories.php hook for new products action.

    -      Moved shopping cart class mod to shopping cart class override

    -      Updated all boxes and content modules to match Phoenix standard

    PHP 7.0-7.3
    Older Phoenix - 1.0.4.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.1.0.
    Older Phoenix - 1.0.2.x versions please use Wholesale (SPPC lite) 4.0.1.
    Older 2.3.4.(1.) responsive BS versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 3.0.4
    Older 2.3.4.(1.) versions please use Wholesale (SPPC Lite) 2.0
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    ArtcoInc reacted to ecartz in Emails not sending   
    Newer version of Harald's test script, updated for PHP 7: 
    <?php if ('send' === ($_POST['action'] ?? null)) { define('SEND_EMAILS', 'true'); } require 'includes/application_top.php'; if ('send' === ($_POST['action'] ?? null)) { mail($_POST['to_address'], '[PHP] ' . $_POST['subject'], 'This email has been sent from the native php mail() function.' . "\n\n" . $_POST['body']); tep_mail($_POST['to'], $_POST['to_address'], '[osCommerce] ' . $_POST['subject'], 'This email has been sent from the email class osCommerce uses.' . "\n\n" . $_POST['body'], $_POST['from'], $_POST['from_address']); echo 'E-Mails Sent!<br /><br />'; } ?> <html> <body> <form name="emailtest" action="email_test.php" method="post"> E-Mail From: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('from'); ?><br /> E-Mail From Address: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('from_address'); ?><br /><br /> E-Mail To: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('to'); ?><br /> E-Mail To Address: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('to_address'); ?><br /><br /> Subject: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('subject'); ?><br /><br /> Body:<br /> <?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('body', 'virtual', 50, 7); ?> <br /><br /> <input type="hidden" name="action" value="send"><input type="submit"><br /><br /><input type="reset"> </form> </body> </html>  
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    ArtcoInc reacted to Jack_mcs in Sitemap SEO   
    @rsthomasThe main idea behind all of my SEO-type addons is to provide quick links to products. That helps the search engines in getting the pages listed. So, in answer to your main question, yes, this addon will help with SEO but it is not the only thing that should be done.
    First, you should install the Google Sitemap, if you haven't already. Once it is working, add the maps to your google webmaster account, and Bings too if you like. Once the maps are entered, check back in a few days to see what google did with them. Fix any problems they find. They won't process all of the links in one go. For that many products, it could take weeks, or even more if your site isn't visited much by them.
    Second, install Information Pages SEO and start creating pages for your important keywords.
    As for the pages you created, be careful with that. Google knows how to spot pages that are just link pages and they can hurt a site. In case you are not aware of it, there is a model cross-reference file included in Header Tags SEO for that purpose.
    There are other considerations than the above but it should help.