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    @Smaccting PM sent
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    Advanced Search

    @devnasirali If you are on version, you are running the Community Edition called Phoenix. The new owners of osCommerce are not supporting Phoenix on this site, but you can still get support on the Phoenix website. Malcolm
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    Current country list

    Some say there are 193 countries, some say 195, some say 197, others say ... https://history.state.gov/countries/all https://www.worldometers.info/geography/how-many-countries-are-there-in-the-world/ https://onestep4ward.com/how-many-countries-in-the-world/ (and yes, this does pertain to osCommerce)
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    quantity monitoring

    @YePix Let me see if I understand your problem correctly ... You say have enough meat to make 100 sandwiches, but only enough bread to make 10. This sounds like you need an add-on like Bundled Products https://apps.oscommerce.com/BZ2FO&bundled-products This way, your customers buy a sandwich, and the add-on automatically subtracts the inventory for both the meat and bread. When there is not enough bread to make any more sandwiches, the add-on states that there is not enough stock to assemble the requested sandwich. This add-on will most likely need to be updated to work on a newer version of osC (either stock or community edition). Also, there is another add-on available specifically for the Phoenix/community edition version, but we can't discuss that here. Excuse me if I misunderstood your problem ... Malcolm
  5. @YePix While there was no single EDGE version, it was part of the Community Edition development. Check in the Community Edition 'Club' for more information regarding support. The new management of osC is not supporting the Community Edition on this forum. M
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    Install OsCommerce new installation

    @Hotclutch You are absolutely correct. I stand corrected. I ran into this exact problem when I was moving an old osC site from a server running PHP 5.x to a different server with PHP v7.x. However, as I now look back into my notes, it was NOT a PHP issue. Instead, the SQL setup on the new server was much more strict. The resolution was ... On my local WAMP server, after locating the file my.ini file, I had to edit the line that said "sql-mode= ... <blah, blah, blah> ....", and comment out the expression NO_ZERO_DATE. (I replicated the entire "sql-mode= " line below itself, commented out the first line (with a comment explaining what I did), and edited the copied line, removing the NO_ZERO_DATE expression.) @businesspromotion Is this on your local server, or a hosted server? Do you have access to edit the appropriate .ini file? If not, you may need to contact your host to resolve this for you. I apologize for the initial wild goose chase ... M
  7. ArtcoInc

    Install OsCommerce new installation

    @businesspromotion v2.3.4.1 was written to run under PHP v5.x, and will give you problems when running under PHP v7.x. Can your host roll back to PHP v5.x? While you can modify v2.3.4.1 to run under v7.x, you will continually chase issues as PHP evolves, resulting in your own fork of oSC. M
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    Install OsCommerce new installation

    @businesspromotion What version of PHP are you running?
  9. @osCommerce-Official I (and others) have received an email from 'osCommerce Limited <email@oscommerce.com>' with the subject 'osCommerce - update of email software'. It states: Even if you're reading it on or around the 1st of April, we're very serious and passionate about new osCommerce v4! Following our decision to release osCommerce v4 this year, we are updating and upgrading software that helps to run osCommerce. Please use this URL to confirm your email address that we have on our records: confirm osCommerce email We do not send any marketing communication unless you’re signed up to our newsletter, but need to be able to contact you in case we have important releases, or security patches. Thank you! Kind regards, OSCOMMERCE LIMITED Can you confirm that this is a legitimate email from you, or did someone harvest the forum's email list, and is on a phishing expidition? Thank you! M
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    Product Listing Grid Distorts Images

    @krdito Which version of osC?
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    How to change banner image

    @perualpacayarnandtextile Please note that you also have an issue on your About Us page ... Malcolm
  12. @Melhor Depending on the license used, many Open Source software projects can (and have) spin off to make commercial products. The people at Solomono have an arrangement with Harold (the original developer of osC) to advertise on this forum. https://solomono.net/ There's a free trial there. However, that's just a trial. As Steve mentioned, it is a commercial product . M
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    osCommerce 2.3.4-1 EDGE

    @YePix There is no single 'EDGE' version. Everything after the August 2018 'Frozen' release, all the way up to the July 2019 release of 'Phoenix', was essentially called Edge. A lot of changes happened during that time period. Malcolm
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    How to install SSL on OSC

    @fotogaaf See if this helps ... Malcolm
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    Modify footer on OsC Phoenix

    @aespinal2 /includes/languages/english/modules/content/footer_suffix/cm_footer_extra_copyright.php M
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    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    If anyone else wishes to begin restricting what countries they ship to, due to the current and possibly upcoming VAT regulations, here's a list. Countries in the UK: England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Countries in the EU: Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Spain Sweden (I guess Greece never did make it out, did they?) At one time, there was an add-on that allowed quick and easy administration of the available countries through Admin. https://apps.oscommerce.com/aKZPh&active-countries Unfortunately, it has not been updated in years, and required massive core-code changes. HTH Malcolm
  17. ArtcoInc

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    In that case, I guess we ALL shops outside of the UK that sell internationally will need the header-tag module (or hook) that does what @burt stated: One additional suggestion ... have the module block the check-out function if the total is less than the specified amount (adjustable in Admin). ( hint: maybe a supporter code module?) M
  18. ArtcoInc

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    @puddlec Perhaps, but then again ... Sometimes, it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than it is to ask for permission
  19. ArtcoInc

    UK VAT - Zone Activated Mininum Order Amount

    (emphasis added) Wouldn't an online store with a shopping cart (even if based outside of the UK) be considered a "online marketplace" ? Or, am I misinterpreting this? M
  20. @Kofod When you say you are "editing an order", what do you mean? Are you changing an order status (ie: from 'processing' to 'shipped')? Or, are you actually changing the order itself (addresses, products, etc)? And yes, you should instruct your colleagues again (and again, and ...) 😀 Malcolm
  21. @dculley JCM passed away a few months ago. So, as @René H4 mentioned, he will not be updating his code. And, not speaking ill of the dead, his code was often not considered 'up to standards'. If there is an alternative, such as the one @René H4 suggested, I would recommend using that. Stay Safe! Malcolm
  22. @kennethchow One last thing ... Why the need to upgrade from PHP v5? Is your host saying that they will no longer support PHP v5 (as many/most are)? How much time do you have? Malcolm
  23. @kennethchow While @Jack_mcs answered you question, I might suggest that the effort to upgrade your old site to PHP 7.x is not the best use of your time. When/if you manage to get your site running under PHP 7.x, you will basically have created your own fork of osCommerce, and no one will be able to support it but you. In addition, there are many security holes in the older versions of osC that will still remain in your site. Lastly, unless you have done some other extensive modifications to your old shop, it will not be responsive (ie: adjusting the screen display for smaller devices such as phones and tablets). Google will penalize your site for this. I strongly suggest you upgrade your shop to the newest Community Edition of osC., called Phoenix. It is not an in-place upgrade ... you will have to install it in it's own directory, and migrate your data (customers, products, sales history) over to it. If this is something you do not think you can handle, there are developers here that can do it for you. Stay Safe! Malcolm
  24. Phoenix In-house WAMP server running PHP 7.0.33. Paypal App 5.018. Both Paypal Express and Paypal Payments Pro modules installed and enabled (although I only want Paypal express, it says I need to install both). I'm rebuilding an old live shop. Testing in-house. Copied all of the API credentials from the original site. In Admin, I can get both live and sandbox balance. But, in the shop side, either clicking on the 'Check Out with Paypal' button in the shopping cart, or selecting Paypal as the payment method in checkout_payment.php, I get the above error. Happens both in live and sandbox. Suggestions? TIA Malcolm