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  1. If you have not downloaded the Final/Frozen version, DO SO NOW! As I understand it, the Github project has been archived, and is pending deletion! Since there will be no more development on it, I propose posting any bugs and/or fixes here. I'll start: In the Also Purchased module ... There is a tiny mistake in cm_pi_also_purchased.php. Line 62 has "Enable Reviews Module" instead of "Enable Also Purchased Module".
  2. manually installing Stripe

    @rebecca@goldiemediagroup Unfortunately, NO. The lead developer here on the osC project has been absent for some time. The last 'official' release was v2.3.4.1, which was just a hot-fix to version 2.3.4. And, both of these are, unfortunately, very much out-of-date! With no further 'official' development being done, the community has stepped up and continued with the development. Unfortunately, only the lead developer can declare what the community has done to be an 'official' release. And, since he hasn't been here, that hasn't happened. So, NO. What your host has available is NOT up to date. Sorry ... M
  3. manually installing Stripe

    @rebecca@goldiemediagroup Welcome to the osC forum. In the future, it is VERY useful if you first tell us which version of osC you are using, which version of PHP, and any add-ons you may have installed. Since you say that you do not have a Content folder, it *sounds* like you are using an older version of osC. The version of the Stripe payment module is probably written for the newer version(s) of osC. If this is a new installation, I'd STRONGLY suggest that you start over with the latest Community version of osC (link in my signature below). The Community version of osC (sometimes called osC CE, osC Edge, osC Final, or osC Frozen. All the same thing) is compatible with PHP v7.x, is responsive (meaning it will adjust how your store is displayed depending on screen size of your customers), and is much more modular (you can enable and disable modules, or add new modules, all without any core code changes). Older version of osC WILL crash and burn when your host upgrades their version of PHP. M
  4. Dashboard Order Total Graph

    @Gadget Be aware that to change this, you're going to have to use CSS. These are defined in /admin/includes/stylesheet.css. You can add your definitions at the end of this file, but run the risk of this file being overwritten if you ever upgrade your version of osC. The other option is to create your own user.css file, and call it in /admin/includes/template_top.php, AFTER you call stylesheet.css, but template_top.php could also be overwritten if you upgrade your version of osC. Just make sure you keep good notes of what you change, and why. M
  5. Dashboard Order Total Graph

    @Gadget A quick Google search came up with a number of links explaining how to set a tooltip location. The four choices are top, left, bottom, and right. For example: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_tooltip.asp https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/wpf/controls/how-to-position-a-tooltip And, even though the Admin area is not currently Bootstraped, there's this too: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_tooltip.asp Now, I am trying to understand your question. Is the cursor covering your tooltip, or is the tooltip covering something on your graph that you want to see? M
  6. @puggybelle One more consideration ... since this is a 'stock' module that comes with osC that you can install or un-unstall, it would be a good idea to copy the stock code, rename it, and edit the renamed copy. Uninstall the stock module, and install the renamed module. This way, if you ever update osC, the update may overwrite the stock code, but leave your modified code alone. M
  7. Note: I put the IF statement in the actual box code instead of the template file because ... I *ASSUMED* that you did not want the left column to show an empty column if there was stock on hand. If I put it in the template file, it would prevent the body of the message box from displaying, but it would still display the header of the box, with nothing in it. M
  8. @puggybelle (well, I did say it was untested, didn't I ) I'm sure some of the better developers will have a better idea , but let's try this ... 1) Revert the template file back to its original state (you did back it up, didn't you?) 2) In /includes/modules/boxes/bm_product_notifications.php, find: ob_start(); include('includes/modules/boxes/templates/product_notifications.php'); $data = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addBlock($data, $this->group); 3) Replace with this: if(tep_get_products_stock((int)$_GET['products_id']) <= 0) { ob_start(); include('includes/modules/boxes/templates/product_notifications.php'); $data = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addBlock($data, $this->group); } Basically, you are wrapping the entire code that displays the 'box' in the conditional IF statement, checking to see if there is any stock on hand for the product. Like I said, I'm sure that there is a better way to do this, and I can not say what problems may arise from this ... M (ducking and running)
  9. Change of background color

    @raiwa @valquiria23 Rainer, you are correct. While she could add her CSS definition at the end of this file, my concern would be that that file could be overwritten with some future update. She could add her own user.css file, and also edited /admin/includes/template_top.php to call her user.css file, but she would also have to be aware of that if files were overwritten with some future update. Six one way, half a dozen the other. M
  10. @puggybelle <sigh> Try this (untested) ... In /catalog/includes/modules/boxes/templates/product_notifications.php ... find <div class="panel panel-default"> <div class="panel-heading"> <a href="<?php echo tep_href_link('account_notifications.php', '', 'SSL'); ?>"> <?php echo MODULE_BOXES_PRODUCT_NOTIFICATIONS_BOX_TITLE; ?> </a> </div> <div class="panel-body"> <?php echo $notif_contents; ?> </div> </div> (reformatted for clarity) and replace with this; <?php if($product_info['products_quantity'] <= 0) { ?> <div class="panel panel-default"> <div class="panel-heading"> <a href="<?php echo tep_href_link('account_notifications.php', '', 'SSL'); ?>"> <?php echo MODULE_BOXES_PRODUCT_NOTIFICATIONS_BOX_TITLE; ?> </a> </div> <div class="panel-body"> <?php echo $notif_contents; ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?> All I did was wrap the entire thing in an IF statement ... HTH M
  11. Change of background color

    @valquiria23 I just looked. The /admin/includes/template_top.php file does NOT call user.css. I suppose you could create a user.css file in your Admin directory, and add a call to it in /admin/includes/template_top.php. Then again, why the concern over the appearance in the Admin side? M
  12. Change of background color

    @valquiria23 It's defined in CSS. I don't know if the admin side of the store has it's own CSS file. Anyway, the CSS definition currently is: .dataTableRowSelected { background-color: #DEE4E8; } HTH M
  13. @puggybelle Remember when we changed the 'Buy it Now' when there was no inventory? Let's see if you can do the same thing with the Product Notification box. Here's a hint: /catalog/includes/modules/boxes/templates/product_notifications.php Give it a go ... and let me/us know if you get stuck ... M
  14. Installing Mistake

    @newoldbie When you first install osC, it asks what directory you want to install the Admin files. To change the name of the directory after-the-fact will result in problems, as you have found out. Your installation now expects the Admin directory to be named 'Admin'. You're going to have to edit the file /catalog/<Your Admin Directory>/includes/configure.php and change all of the references from Admin to your renamed directory. M
  15. Free shipping with other options

    @sinopia A stock 2.3.4 shop will have issues with PHP 7. To try and make your old store work under PHP 7 will take a lot of work, and will result in a FrankenShop fork that no-one else will be able to support. Your choices are: 1) Spend a lot of time and effort to make your shop run under PHP 7 (not recommended), or ... 2) Ask your host to roll PHP back to 5.x (a temporary fix, while you ...) 3) Upgrade your shop to the latest Community build of osC (link in my signature below). M
  16. @puggybelle This the Product Notification BOX that displays in either the Left or Right column in your shop, right? M
  17. Installing Mistake

    @newoldbie If I may ask, what files did you rename? M
  18. @puggybelle Is this the out-of-the-box Products Notifications? Or, is this an add-on you installed (and, if so, which one?)? M
  19. Free shipping with other options

    @sinopia Is this a new installation? If so, please realize that osC v2.3.4 is way out of date, and will not continue to run as our hosts upgrade to the newer versions of PHP. So, if this is a new install, I'd strongly suggest you start over with the Community build of osC (see link in my signature below). If this is not a new installation, you should begin thinking about moving your shop up to the latest version. Unfortunately, it is not an in-place upgrade. You'd basically create the new store in a separate sub-directory, migrate over your database and images, and re-apply any add-ons and/or styling changes you made (you kept good notes, didn't you?) M
  20. @motion2082 If it is a PHP issue (which it sounds like it is), you could ask your new host to roll back the version of PHP on this server (some will do that). This might give you some breathing time, but is NOT a fix. You're going to have to upgrade to a newer version of osC in order to get your site to run on modern servers. M
  21. Pop Up customer Stock Alert

    Ok, I came up with a workaround ... I added the opening <form> line to the options_attributes template file too. Then, in the buy_button template file, I tested to see if there were any attributes. It there are, I do NOT add the opening <form> line, since it is already added in the options_attributes template. If there are NO attributes, I do add it in the buy_button template. Seems to be working so far (fingers crossed). M
  22. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8750 This add-on adds a button to the 'product_info.php' page that, when clicked, pops up a box allowing the customer to request a notification when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. I have installed this add-on, and everything works *except* for the pop up :wacko: Instead, when clicked, the customer is taken back to 'index.php'. Has anyone else tried this and got it to work? Thanks! Malcolm
  23. Pop Up customer Stock Alert

    I started to play around with this again, adapting it to work with Edge/Frozen. I moved the <form> line of code from product_info.php into the Buy-Button template file, and it works! ... except ... If the product has attributes, not only don't the attributes get added to the order, the product does not get added to the cart at all. Back to the drawing board ... M
  24. Product Notifications

    @burt Did you ever check to see if this could be adopted for guests? M
  25. Move Add To Cart button to the top of product_info

    @puggybelle I was hoping that this would be an opportunity for you to explore and learn how these modules work, and figure out how to make a new module for yourself. But, since @inra311 has already done the work for you, please take the time to examine what he has done, and see if you can make a new module on your own. You're never going to learn if you keep having someone else do things for you. M