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    Email queuing system

    Instead of this .... <td valign="top"> <b>Full Invoice:</b> <br> https://template.me.uk/outgoing/account_history_info.php?oid={{OID}} </td> Should it not be <td valign="top"> <b>Full Invoice:</b> <br> <a href="url">https://template.me.uk/outgoing/account_history_info.php?oid={{OID}}</a> </td> Otherwise, you are just relying on the browser to identify the URL, and display it accordingly. Malcolm
  2. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @Dan Cole Here is the raw HTML code that came in the email to me: <p>Dear Malcolm, thank you for your order #44.</p><br /><br /><p align=3D"c= enter"><img src=3D"https://template.me.uk/outgoing/images/apps/thanks.png">= </p><table cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0" width=3D"100%"><br /> <tr><= br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>Products:</b></td><br /> <td valign=3D"to= p">1 x Samsung Galaxy Tab<br /></td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td = colspan=3D"2"><hr></td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td valign=3D"top= "><b>Invoice:</b><br>#44</td><br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>Full Invoice:<= /b><br>https://template.me.uk/outgoing/account_history_info.php?oid=3D44</t= d><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>Date Ordered:</b= ><br>Thursday 25 April, 2019</td><br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>Status:</b= ><br>Pending</td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>P= ayment Method:</b><br>Cash on Delivery</td><br /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>= Order Value:</b><br>$754.99</td><br /> </tr><br /> <tr><br /> <td vali= gn=3D"top"><b>Delivery Address</b><br>Malcolm Spann <br /> 123 No Name Stre= et<br /> Some City, 12345<br /> A failed State of Mind, Afghanistan</td><br= /> <td valign=3D"top"><b>Billing Address:</b><br>Malcolm Spann <br /> 1= 23 No Name Street<br /> Some City, 12345<br /> A failed State of Mind, Afgh= anistan</td><br /> </tr><br /></table><p>A big BIG BIG Thank You from all = of us here at Burtys Test Shop!</p> And here's the result, displayed in Firefox: Don't know what else to say ... M
  3. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @burt Received both the "New Account" and "Order Acknowledgement" emails. Both emails are in both plain text and HTML. One thing ... in the Order Acknowledgement email, in the plain text version, the URL to the invoice is clickable. In the HTML version, it is not. HTH Malcolm
  4. @coelroy Can you tell us specifically what it is about hooks that you don't like? Do you see any security concerns in using them? Or, is it something else? Other than 'just a preference', that is. M
  5. @coelroy While you did say that the desire to not use hooks is a 'preference', as others have already stated, there is no benefit to not use them, but several disadvantages to not use them (such as not being able to use existing (and possibly future) add-ons, like the Paypal app, that do use them). Plus, as I understand it, hooks are used in the core code (at least in the Community Edition). So, unless you can provide a specific reason to not use them (other than just a 'preference'), I see no reason to include the option to turn them on or off in any future version of osC. M
  6. @Dan Cole The OP double-posted in another section, and got answers there.
  7. @ninyoade Since you are having a problem with a program from @JcMagpie, the best solution is to contact him, either through the support thread for this specific program, or directly. M
  8. @ninyoade First, which version of osCommerce are you using, and what is the add-on you are trying to install? Second, if you are using a new-ish version of the Community Edition, please note that the database tables have now all been hard-coded (instead of being referenced in the database.php file). The solution is to find this database query in your add-on code, and change: From To TABLE_MANUFACTURES manufactures TABLE_MANUFACTURES_INFO manufactures_info TABLE_PRODUCTS products HTH Malcolm
  9. @vampirehunter Please be aware that this thread is 2-1/2 years old. That said, @burt did a Blog module in his 29 days bundle. HTH Malcolm
  10. If you have not downloaded the Final/Frozen version, DO SO NOW! As I understand it, the Github project has been archived, and is pending deletion! Since there will be no more development on it, I propose posting any bugs and/or fixes here. I'll start: In the Also Purchased module ... There is a tiny mistake in cm_pi_also_purchased.php. Line 62 has "Enable Reviews Module" instead of "Enable Also Purchased Module".
  11. ArtcoInc

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    @LeeFoster That is a PHP Warning, not an Error. As I've said before, newer versions of PHP are becoming more strict. You could just ignore the warning, but it would be better to update the code to the current PHP structure. Do a search here in the forum for foreach(). It's been discussed before. M
  12. ArtcoInc

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    @LeeFoster By chance, are you running PHP v7.x ? M
  13. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    Thank you. And, I resemble that!
  14. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @Dan Cole Thanks, Dan. I was raised that emails were plain text, and anything else was an attachment. This is why my email client views plain text first, and HTML only if there is no plain text component (or, if I ask to view the HTML component). I rue the day that Microsoft chose to make emails HTML! (slightly off topic) Since I have not played with HTML emails in osC, nor have I examined the tep_mail() function for this, if I set it to send HTML emails, does the tep_mail() function send *both* a plain text and HTML (multi-part) email, or *only* a HTML email? If 'only', do you know of a way of sending both, as a multi-part email? M
  15. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @Dan Cole From the looks of things, I'm assuming you are sending HTML emails, right? @burt Is this set up for either HTML and/or Plain Text emails? And, if so, can it send both (multi part ... 1 part plain text, 1 part HTML)? M
  16. @Onliny If you continue using the version you started with ( "the latest version of osCommerce WDW-PV 7.0" ), do as @burt suggested. If, on the other hand, you use the 'Frozen' version (link in my signature below, as well as in @MrPhil's signature), or the latest 'Edge' version (link in @burt's signature), there is no need to contact @mcmannehan, as you won't be running his fork any more. HTH M
  17. @Onliny The Community Edition of osCommerce has been in development for 4-5 years. It is an ever-changing, ever-evolving project. Two 'fixed' releases have been made: 'Gold' and 'Frozen'. Gold is very old, and should be ignored at this time. Frozen is the current version for use in a live shop. Yes, some bugs have been reported, and there is an entire thread here on that subject. Development still continues. The 'Current as of today' version is called 'Edge'. Do note that 'Edge' from last month will be different than 'Edge' from this month (like I said, it is constantly changing). When 'Frozen' was released, it was on BootStrap v3. Since then, in the continuing development of 'Edge', it has been upgraded to Bootstrap v4. So, as @MrPhil stated, if the version you are using uses Bootstrap v4, you are using either a newer version of 'Edge', or someone else's fork of this project. Yes, understanding the version status of this project is confusing. HTH M
  18. ArtcoInc

    Easier Attributes

    @sinopia Just out of curiosity, which theme did you buy? I see 7 themes for osCommerce there, some of which haven't been updated in years! As others have mentioned, *most* themes available for osCommerce are poorly written, including many hacks to the core code. This makes the themed code a 'fork' in the osCommerce line. As such, the community here can not offer support for any of these themed forks. We have no way of knowing what changes the theme made to the core code. So, you will need to go to TheThemeForest for support (good luck!). Or, start over with the Community Edition of osCommerce (link in my signature below). M I just re-read your post stating that the owner/item has been removed from TheThemeForest.
  19. @fantomen If I may ask, why do you want to use SMTP? Most Linux installations have SendMail installed. osCommerce can use *either* SendMail -or- SMTP. If you still want to use SMTP, and it is not installed on your server, you need to install something like PHPMailer, and follow the instructions that @Mikepo gave you above. Those *are* the instructions for installing PHPMailer onto your Linux server. Once installed, you would then tell osCommerce in Admin that you want to use SMTP instead of SendMail. There are some parameters you need to set to configure osCommerce to use SMTP. @Mikepo noted some of those settings. There is a *very* old add-on here that puts some additional parameters so you can configure them through your Admin screen. Do note that this add-on is for an older version of osC, and will probably need updating (especially if you are using PHP 7.x)! HTH M
  20. ArtcoInc

    Easier Attributes

    @sinopia When you say "2.3.4", do you mean the 'official release' of osCommerce, or the responsive Community Edition? M
  21. ArtcoInc

    bootstrap new install

    @tttim6575 1) Which version of osCommerce are you trying to install? Do *NOT* say "the latest" ... that means nothing. Since it looks like you are installing the Community (Bootstrap) Edition, which version? Can you tell us the date(s) of the files in the installation package? 2) Are you installing this on your host's server, or a local in-house server? 3) What operating system is the server running? What web server software (Apache or IIS)? 4) Which version of PHP is the server running? M "The Lord helps those who help themselves"
  22. ArtcoInc

    Custom HTML box?

    @IAmGrammy Where would this HTML content come from? Would it always be the same? Or, would it change often? M
  23. @raiwa True. One of my shops sells only to the USA with flat rate shipping. I had to contact PayPal and have them flag that account to only allow USA addresses. M
  24. ArtcoInc

    Return to Top App

    @burt Didn't you make a 'Return to Top' module for one of your 28 days bundles? M