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  1. @burt Thank you! Turning off the Grid/List header tag forces it into Grid mode. I'm trying to get List mode. While I did look at the product_listing file, what I ended up doing was to edit the grid_list_view header tag (yes, a core file edit 🙄), and eliminate the grid option. Uninstall and reinstall, and now it's list view only. Again, thank you. M
  2. Phoenix v1.0.1.4 (yes, I know Burt has removed this in v1.0.2.0) Is there a way to have the shop default to List mode? I want to remove the List/Grid option, and have the shop only display in List mode. TIA M
  3. ArtcoInc

    Notes don't work

    @bnguru Contact @burt regarding a captcha module for Phoenix. M
  4. ArtcoInc

    Notes don't work

    @bnguru When asking about an add-on, it helps to identify exactly which "discount coupons" add-on you are using. Also, most add-ons have a support thread in the /Add-Ons/General Add-On Support area in the forum.
  5. @burt I had forgotten about <p> ... It worked ... <face-palm> Thank you ... M
  6. @Heatherbell I will try again with the <div></divs>'s ... this time without the "clearfix", to see if it still breaks the home page. Thanks! M
  7. On my Category page(s), I include a lot of information. Text, pictures, links, etc. Several things I have noticed: 1) The Category Description is HTML text. But, there are limits to what HTML code one can include. I *used* to be able to use a <br/> to add a line feed, but it doesn't work now in Phoenix. Does anyone know how to add a line feed in Phoenix? I have the Category Images add-on installed, which shows the Categories as small boxes on the home (index.php) page. While I was able to get some page formatting (ie: line breaks) of the Category Description by wrapping blocks of text in <div></div>'s and using <div class="clearfix">, it completely messed up the home page! So, this is not an option. 2) To display an image in the Category Description, I must include the actual image dimensions (width="xxx" height="xxx") (or some multiple of the actual image dimensions), otherwise the image is scaled to fit (ie: it is stretched to fill the width). Also, I must include class="img-fluid" in order for the image to be responsive (in BS3, it used to be class="img-responsive"). 3) While it should be no surprise, one can not include PHP code in the Category Description. TIA Malcolm
  8. Unless I'm missing something, which is quite possible ... There is no provision to display the Category Image on a Categories page. I did a quick hack to add code to display the image in the /includes/modules/content/index_nested/templates/tpl_cm_in_title.php file, although in retrospect I should (and probably will) make a new module just to display the image. M
  9. ArtcoInc

    Category column modifications

    @bnguru In the root directory of the shop (the default name is 'catalog'). M
  10. @stefan1959 I can confirm that Ship in Cart v5 (see link above) does indeed work with Phoenix. M
  11. ArtcoInc

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @raiwa Thank you. M
  12. ArtcoInc

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @raiwa *** Never mind ... I found it *** <face-palm> I had used Ship in Cart BS v3.7 on an older shop, as well as the USPS Rate v4 module. Together, there used to be a provision for the customer to enter their Postal Code to get their shipping costs. I'm now working on a new shop using Phoenix v1.0.1.4. I've loaded the USPS Rate v4 module, and your new Ship in Cart v5 module. It is retrieving the proper costs when a customer is logged in. However, if the customer is NOT logged in, there is no provision for the customer to enter a postal code. They can select a country other than the United States, and it returns a proper postage rate. But, if they select the United States, it returns: I'm sorry, there are no shipping options to your address. Please contact us for special shipping arrangements. Am I overlooking something? TIA Malcolm
  13. @burt Do we need to post this in the Phoenix bug list thread?
  14. What this is saying is ... you are inserting data into the table reviews_description. The data to be inserted is surrounded by single quotes. Unfortunately, the code thinks that the apostrophe in the word it's is the end of the data, and doesn't know what to do with the remaining 's the best ...' Now, how to solve this ... I don't know. M