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  1. @raiwa True. One of my shops sells only to the USA with flat rate shipping. I had to contact PayPal and have them flag that account to only allow USA addresses. M
  2. ArtcoInc

    Return to Top App

    @burt Didn't you make a 'Return to Top' module for one of your 28 days bundles? M
  3. ArtcoInc

    navigation buttons

    I must have confused the "Check Out" button with the "Shopping Cart" button. 😕
  4. ArtcoInc

    navigation buttons

    @marius45jml As Zahid said, you still need the "Check Out" button. Imagine this ... A customer puts an item into their cart, and returns to the front/home page. Without the "Check Out" button, how are they going to check out now? M
  5. ArtcoInc

    Cannot change website background color

    @Heatherbell I could be wrong, and this is just as a guess, could you try changing this: .body{background-color: #FFF3D8;} to this: body{background-color: #FFF3D8;} (leave off the leading dot) M
  6. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @burt Have you considered how your mail responder works with Guest Accounts (PWA probably being the most popular Guest system for osC)? It obviously won't do anything for customer's birthdays, but if you integrate it with your token key module, it could be used for reviews, shipping followup, etc. I'm not sure about the legality of contacting a guest after a year for a winback ... M
  7. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    I do not know the legal issues involving the copyright of software from a company that is either no longer in business, or is no longer supporting the software. Perhaps developers here that know the legal aspects could jump in. That said, if the original code was available, free of legal constraints, a developer could bring it up-to-date. Otherwise, the other option would to do a "clean room design", where one tries to replicate the *functionality* of the original code, *without copying* any of the original code.
  8. ArtcoInc

    Email queuing system

    @DAVID3733 (if this module is as good as you say it is ...) Was this a commercial product? Who are 'they' who won't support it any more? *IF* this was either an open source program, or the copyright holder has abandoned the code (make sure first!), *and* if you have access to *all* of the files necessary (including all php files, any database changes, etc), you could hire a developer to bring this up to date, and then hopefully release it back to the community. Just a thought ... M
  9. "Dem dat know, know that they know. And dem dat don't know, they don't know they don't know." M
  10. ArtcoInc

    Just a quick PayPal question, please?

    @IAmGrammy Have you seen this thread? M
  11. ArtcoInc

    Just a quick PayPal question, please?

    @IAmGrammy Which "new release"? Frozen? Edge? M
  12. ArtcoInc

    Just a quick PayPal question, please?

    Admin -> Modules -> Content Modules -> Account Block -> Footer
  13. @LeeFoster By chance, are you using PHP v7.2x ? PHP v7.2x is much stricter than prior versions, and now outputs warnings (note, these are WARNINGS, and not ERRORS) in what earlier was acceptable code. M
  14. @HeCares Blair, I will say this as politely as possible ... IMHO, in the best interest of your client, you really should hire someone experienced with osCommerce to perform these migrations. It would be a lot to ask of the community (we are all volunteers here) to try and walk you through all of the steps necessary, and not risk messing up your client's SEO, etc. You can post a RFQ in the commercial area of this forum. M
  15. ArtcoInc

    Google reCaptcha 2 addon broken