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  1. Hi Malcolm, I read that you have updated the Horizontal Category Menu BS to work with Phoenix… are you going to upload the files? It is really something needed.

    Thanks in advance

    1. ArtcoInc


      I had asked Lambros @Tsimi if he was going to update this, and he said no.

      I had to not only tweak things to make it work under Phoenix, but I also felt it necessary to address some jQuery errors that came from loading the scripts early on the page. I *think* I have that resolved now.

      So, if I can find the time to polish what I've done (ie: update the installation instructions, etc), I *may* upload these.


    2. artfulweb


      I know it must have been a huge task! My little neurons are grilled trying to figure out what is wrong. Too bad they don't think such a menu should be a part of the core project. I am sure there will be an enthusiastic bunch to jump on it if you succeed!

    3. ArtcoInc


      So, here's what I have been working on ... it's still very much a work-in-process ...


      This is before I moved the menu scripts to Header Tags, but it does show how the menu(s) work (both in XS mode, and LG mode).

      Oh, and if I may ask, can you try the search box? I'm having people report issues with different browsers. Search for the words: totoro, cheshire, and bullfrog.




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