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  1. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Philip79 Without knowing anything about this add-on, if there is a file in /includes/languages/english/xxxx.php, than it stands to reason that if your shop supports multiple languages, you would add a similar file in /includes/languages/<your other language>/xxxx.php M
  2. @ralgiere Into what (sub)directory did you upload Phoenix? The default is "/catalog". So, when you say "I type the web site name", are you typing www.<my domain>.com, or www.<my domain>.com/catalog ? Malcolm
  3. ArtcoInc

    Lost with version to use is also NOT responsive (ie: can use on a phone or tablet). Phoenix is, and is the future of osC. M
  4. @ralgiere Two things ... 1) What version of PHP are you using? The stock osC v2.3.4.1 is NOT ready for PHP v7.x 2) osC v2.3.4.1 is *VERY* out of date. Since this is a fresh install, I recommend starting over with the community version, Phoenix, which is available on the official download page. Maclolm
  5. ArtcoInc

    SMTP Authentication and OSCommerce

    If anyone is still struggling to get osC to send emails using SMTP (I spent way too long today fighting this), here's another answer ... *IF* it's your own server (I'm using a WAMP test server here in-house), there's a program called 'Fake Sendmail.' It's very simple to install. I created a directory C:/wamp/sendmail/, copied in 4 files, edited the sendmail.ini file with all of my SMTP info (server name, port, authentication user name, password, etc), and restarted Apache. Configure osC to use Sendmail, and you're all set! No core file changes! Now, as others have mentioned, the shop's email address and from address needs to match, and match the domain of the shop. HTH! Malcolm
  6. ArtcoInc

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    @bodhizatfa There is a program called 'Fake Sendmail'. I have just installed it on my WAMP box here. You configure the sendmail.ini file with all of your SMTP mail configurations (server, port, authentication user name, password, etc), and then set osC to use Sendmail. No changes to any osC files! I spent way too much time today trying to get the WAMP server to send SMTP mail. This was way simpler! HTH Malcolm
  7. @burt @Dan Cole Thank you. I kind of assumed as much. I was trying to re-create an old add-on that, with just two small core edits, gave a row of 'Quick Access' buttons across the top of the Admin screen. A 5 minute install ... 10 minutes tops. Instead, I spent the afternoon trying to see if I could do it without core changes. It's not as if I'm apposed to core changes. Heck, I've hacked the core so much, it could (almost) qualify as an original work! But, it was an exercise to see what I could learn ... Thanks guys! M
  8. @Dan Cole No problem. I just found the thread you started a long time ago (Dec 2016) working on dashboard modules, and hoped ... M
  9. For osC-BS (pre-Gold through Edge) and/or Phoenix (*before* Admin Bootstrap) I'm trying to make an Admin Dashboard Module that displays on top of the module stack, fills the full width of the screen, and the rest of the modules maintain the order and position they originally had ... (before) +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | A | B | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | C | D | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ (after) +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | NEW | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | A | B | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | C | D | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ I can easily do this if I want to edit a core file, but I'm trying to avoid that ... From what I can gather, dashboard modules default to 50% width. I've tried to over-ride that in the new module with this: function getOutput() { $output = '<tr width="100%">' . $output .= tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_WHOS_ONLINE, 'person', tep_href_link('whos_online.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CUSTOMERS, 'person', tep_href_link('customers.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ORDERS, 'person', tep_href_link('orders.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ADD_CUSTOMER, 'person', tep_href_link('create_account.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ADD_ORDER, 'person', tep_href_link('create_order.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ORDERS, 'person', tep_href_link('orders.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ADD_CUSTOMER, 'person', tep_href_link('create_account.php')) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_ADD_ORDER, 'person', tep_href_link('create_order.php')) . $output .= '</td>'; return $output; } (ignore the multiple duplicate buttons, they are just for testing) Yes, the <tr> and </td> don't match, but I've been trying to match up the rows and columns being generated in the HTML code. This sort of works, but does mess up the modules below it: +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | NEW | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | A | (empty) | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | B | C | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ | D | | +------------------------------------+---------------------------------+ @Dan Cole Any suggestions? TIA Malcolm
  10. ArtcoInc

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    @bodhizatfa Have you seen this? https://apps.oscommerce.com/gq5kW M
  11. ArtcoInc

    Abandoned Cart Recovery

    @Jack_mcs Thank you. I sometimes feel that this is not made clear when people are discussing the Recover Cart modules. M
  12. ArtcoInc

    Abandoned Cart Recovery

    @Jack_mcs As I understand it, in order for the Recover Cart module to work, the customer 1) has to have an account with the shop, and 2) has to be logged into their account. Is this still true? When I first visit an online shop, I may look around for a while, and maybe even add a couple of things to my cart. I most likely won't log into my account (or create an account, if I don't already have one) until I am ready to check out. In this case, if I abandon my cart prior to logging in, the Recover Cart modules will not know who I was, nor have any way to contact me later. M
  13. ArtcoInc

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    @BrockleyJohn In one of my stores, I created a product called 'discount'. The item has no price or weight. I usually keep this item 'disabled'. If an order needs a discount, before I am manually add the order, or editing an existing order, I 'enable' the 'discount' item. I then add it to the order, and manually enter the discount value. I'm not saying that this is the best way to handle this, but it works for me. HTH Malcolm
  14. ArtcoInc

    Lost styling in Catalog

    @mariolensa Can you post your /includes/configure.php file here, blocking out the sensitive info (database name, database user, database password, etc)? M
  15. ArtcoInc

    Lost styling in Catalog

    @mariolensa Which version of osC? Which version of PHP? I assume (?) that your shop *used* to work, and that something changed, resulting in your loss of styling? M