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  1. ArtcoInc


    @YePix product_listing.php is used by : specials.php, products_new.php, and advanced_search_results.php ... all to display a list of products that meets the specified requirements. product_listing.php does display the purchase button. If I understand what you want, you want to replace the purchase button with a button that pops open *something* that has the attribute choices and the purchase button, without opening the product_info.php screen. Right? If so ... 1) What if a product doesn't have any attributes? Why pop up anything when your customer could just click on the purchase button? 2) You want "something nice". What about a Modal isn't nice? You could alter the way a Modal is displayed with CSS. M
  2. ArtcoInc


    @YePix Can you explain that a little more? Product_info.php already has the attributes and purchase button in it. I'm confused 🤨 M
  3. ArtcoInc


    @YePix Then yes, as both @raiwa and I suggested, the Bootstrap Modal would be a much easier and simpler way to go. M
  4. ArtcoInc


    @YePix Which version of osCommerce are you using? If you are using the Community Edition, which is based on the Bootstrap platform, could you use the Bootstrap Modal ? M
  5. @mikespcs Are you really trying to run osC v2.2? M
  6. ArtcoInc

    horizontal megamenu

    @odracirjf AFAIK, osC Frozen is ready for PHP 7.1. Development is still happening to bring it up to PHP 7.2. I think you'll find that unless any add-on has had a very recent update, most (if not all) they will NOT be PHP 7.2 ready (or even PHP 7.x, if the add-on is quite old). If you want to help support the community, and if you find an add-on that you want, and put in the effort to bring it up to PHP 7.2 ready (and/or osC Frozen ready), please upload your work to the add-ons site, so others may benefit from your efforts. M
  7. ArtcoInc

    horizontal megamenu

    @odracirjf Which version of osCommerce are you using? If you are doing a new install, please make sure you are using the Community Edition of osCommerce (link in my signature below), and NOT the last 'official' version. Which version of PHP are you using? I'm guessing it is 7.2 ? M
  8. @astoller Do you want to ADD the "?language=en", or REMOVE it? M
  9. Did you see the segment on 60 Minutes last night? M
  10. Please do double post. This has been answered in your prior post. M
  11. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10753881/changing-the-language-of-error-message-in-required-field-in-html5-contact-form HTH M
  12. It is being created by your browser, since the code uses the HTML 5 'required' attribute. M
  13. @lhi10 Specifically, which page are you seeing "Please, fill out this field." that you want to change? M
  14. ArtcoInc

    Checkout confirmation blank white page

    @zefeena Looking at your screenshot of your admin email page, it shows that the two added definitions are indeed there. M