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  1. @kpiper Since you are taking over the maintenance of this site, this might be a good time to recommend upgrading the shop to the newer version of osCommerce. Your version (2.3.4) is several years old, and will crash when your host upgrades their version of PHP. Besides, the new version of osC is also responsive, which means that it works well on smart phones and tablets. Plus, Google is giving extra points to sites that are responsive, While it would mean starting a new store from scratch, you should be able to transfer all of your products and customer data from your old site to the new store. Malcolm
  2. @kpiper Do you have the necessary rights to access, edit, and/or upload files to your host? You will need to edit the file I mentioned in my 3rd post (see above). You will need a PLAIN TEXT editor (such as Notepad or Notepad++), *NOT* something line Word, Pagemaker, or Dreamweaver. That file may have a combination of HTML and plain text. Are you comfortable in making those edits? Do you know how to either edit the file in place, or download it, edit it, and then upload it back to the server? Malcolm
  3. You can also look at /catalog/includes/languages/english/conditions.php Malcolm
  4. @kpiper Do you have access to the files on the server? If so, look at the file in /catalog/includes/version.php. What does it say? Malcolm
  5. @kpiper The site in question uses an older version of osCommerce. Before we can assist you, you're going to have to tell us exactly which version of osC you have. If you don't know how to determine that, just ask. Malcolm
  6. @raiwa I like Option B. It gives the shop owner greater control over how things display. In fact, you have check-boxes in the Admin to allow the shop owner to select which to use, and 'hide' the coma separated list ... making things even easier and cleaner. I'm working on a shop where I've written some 'blank column' boxes, which basically create empty side columns. With no other content in the side columns, this creates a clean space on each side of the main content. I would prefer to have the option to be able to keep this clean space, and not expand the main content to full width. Sounds good to me. Thank you for your contribution! Malcolm
  7. @nikks146 I don't know how your host sets up their servers. On my host, all of my websites are INSIDE the _public_html directory. For example: _public_html/<my website 1> _public_html/<my website 2> If you can access your main website through your domain name (ie: www.<your domain>.com), your test site should then be available under that (ex: www.<your domain>.com/<my website 1>) HTH Malcolm PS: I find using an FTP client such as FileZilla much more convenient than going through my host's cPanel.
  8. @peterpil19 Are you trying these on a clean install of osC, or your already modified store? Malcolm
  9. @peterpil19 If you are trying to convert this add-on from a Header module to a Navbar module, see my post here: And, more importantly, the post right below it. HTH Malcolm
  10. @nikks146 1) The size of your logo is too big. You'll need to alter the size of the image. A program such as Photoshop can be used to change the size. Typically, the logo should only be about 200 px tall. 2) In the newer bootstrap versions of osC, you can list a product in more than one categories without any other add-ons. 3) Since you are still early in the development of your site, I also highly recommend that you use the latest 'Edge' bootstrap version of osC, available here: The version you are using is obsolete, and will crash if/when your host upgrades their version of PHP. Being responsive allows your customers to access your site from their phones and tablets. And, Google is giving greater importance to sites that are responsive. Moving to osC Edge will mean starting over, though. Back up everything! Back up! Back up! Back up! HTH Malcolm
  11. @inra311 If your local workstation is Windows, are you familiar with programs like WinMerge? (I'm sure there are similar programs for Apple and/or Linux) Malcolm
  12. @nikks146 1) When you install osCommerce, the default language for the store side is English. However, you can install other languages too. This allows you to have your store in different language of your choice, or have it in multiple languages (beyond the scope of this thread). So, when @raiwa said: he did not *literally* mean includes/languages/english[your_language]/privacy.php If you only have osC configured for English (the default installation), the actual file would be: includes/languages/english/privacy.php If, for example, you had osC configured for German, the file would be: includes/languages/german/privacy.php In other words, you would need to substitute the name of the language(s) you are using on the shop side of osC where @raiwa had [your_language]. 2) You can use any PLAIN TEXT editor to edit the files. Note: it has to be a PLAIN TEXT editor, such as NotePad or NotePad++, and NOT something like Microsoft Word, or Frontpage, or DreamWeaver. Do you have osC installed on a local computer, or on a host's server? If you are testing it on a local computer, editing the local files it easy. If you have the files on a host's server, you can either: a) edit a copy of the file locally, and then upload the edited file to the server, or b) use some other method to edit the file directly on the host's server. You may be able to do that through your host's cPanel, or use a FTP client such as FileZilla to edit the file while connected to the host's server. FileZilla is also a good program for uploading (and downloading) files to and from the host's server. Lastly, make backups and copies of EVERYTHING before you start editing files, and more backups as you continue to change anything! In a different thread, you indicated that you do not know much about HTML, PHP, or CSS. Trying to set up an online store is a challenge, even for experience programmers. While I might suggest an easier 'first project', you can do this if you take it one step at a time. Make extensive notes of everything you do (it's amazing how I can't remember how I did something only a few weeks ago ) HTH Malcolm
  13. @nikks146 Good morning, Nikki. Welcome to the forum! 1) Which version of osCommerce are you trying to install? The last "official" version, 2.3.4, is very much out of date, and will not work if your host upgrades their version of PHP. The best version to install is the Responsive Community version, 2.3.4.BS Edge. You will need to download it from Github: 2) There are two ways of changing the color scheme. The first is to manually edit the user.css file. This will obviously require some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP coding. The second is to download and install the Theme Switcher add-on. You can read about it here: and download it here: HTH Malcolm
  14. PHP

    @MrPhil The only way I keep track of the different versions of Edge are the file dates within the package. The last several releases I've seen are dated: 08/30/17 05/11/17 03/16/17 02/20/17 06/14/16 09/28/15 HTH Malcolm
  15. @Jack_mcs @burt I did need to install one of the add-ons you suggested (it did not display properly without one). The first one you suggested worked. The second one didn't. You *might* want to include this info in the installation instructions. Thank you both for your help! Malcolm