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  1. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @danil0 For the shits and giggles of it, try changing the captcha from numbers to images? M
  2. ArtcoInc

    How To Install SSL Correctly

    @XplorMedia There are 3 areas that need to be set up correctly ... 1) Your website is XplorMedia.com. It is NOT www.XplorMedia.com. Note the www. prefix. You need to make sure that your SSL certificate and website name match. 2a) You need to make sure your .htaccess file redirects people to the correct name. In other words, if people type www.XplorMedia.com, your .htaccess file needs to redirect them to XplorMedia.com (without the www.). 2b) Your .htaccess file must then redirect people to your https:// site. 3) In osCommerce, there are two configuration files: <shop root>/includes/configure.php <shop root>/<your admin directory>/includes/configure.php BOTH of these need to be edited to reflect that you are using a SSL certificate. For example, <?php define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com'); define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com'); define('ENABLE_SSL', true); Note that there is no www. in the URLs (since your site, and SSL certificate aren't using it), that the httpS is in BOTH URLs, and that ENABLE_SSL is set to true. HTH Malcolm
  3. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @danil0 In Admin-> Modules -> Header Tags -> Honey Pot, click Edit, then change Show Captcha (near the bottom) from none to either image or numbers (your choice). As @Jack_mcs pointed out earlier, you had most of this configured wrong (you had most things turned off!). I don't know. Something is altering the generated HTML code. Usually, it is a mistake you made when editing the file (create_account.php or contact_us.php). I once again suggest that you double and triple check your edits on these pages. Malcolm
  4. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs I may be missing some proper SQL punctuation, but to manually create the table, I think it's *something* like this? CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS honeypot_track (ip_number INT( 64 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, count int (11) DEFAULT 0, last_date datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(ip_number) ) ENGINE=InnoDB Corrections, please 😀 Malcolm PS: do you really need to define the engine type, especially if the shop may be using a different engine?
  5. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs I copied my live site down to my in-house WAMP server, installed HoneyPot, tested it, and uploaded it all back to my host's server. Once uploaded, I did un-install and re-install the header_tag module, but that did not create the table on my host's server. That's where I had to create it manually. HTH Malcolm
  6. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs For some reason, the table honeypot_track was NOT created when I installed HoneyPot on my site. I had to create the table manually. That's why I asked. Malcolm
  7. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @danil0 Two things ... 1) It still looks like you messed up the edits to contact_us.php. Can you post your modified file here? 2) Do you have access to your database, through something like phpMyAdmin ? Can you confirm that you have a table called honeypot_track ? Malcolm
  8. ArtcoInc

    Selling Digital Files How To With Oscommerce

    @petbeemer No hostility. The 'official' osCommerce project was lead by one person. After many years of hard work and development, Harold has chosen to work on other projects. In his absence, the "community" has continued with the development of osC. The 'Community Edition' is now called Phoenix. Harold does pop in here occasionally, and has given his permission to list Phoenix as a sanctioned download. So again, no hostility. M
  9. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs With your guidance above, I installed this on my osC BS shop. I'm not using the captcha. Before installation, I was getting hundreds of fake customer accounts a day. One day, I found I had 100 fake accounts. In the time to delete them, I had 10 more. In the time to delete those, I had 3 more. Since installing this, I have had NO new fake accounts 😀 Now, it's a small site with not a lot of actual activity, so I haven't had any real customers complain that they can't create an account. We'll see what happens. Oh, the file /includes/HoneyPot_log is growing. Is there a harm in emptying it once in a while? Or, is there a harm in letting it grow too big? Thank you! Malcolm
  10. ArtcoInc

    Fake accounts

    @danil0 2 things ... 1) Make sure you are using the correct instructions for your v2.3.4 shop, and not the Phoenix instructions 2) Double-check your edits to contact_us.php. Per the instructions, the edited code is supposed to look like this (lines numbered for clarity): 1 <div class="form-group has-feedback"> 2 <label for="inputEnquiry" class="control-label col-sm-3"><?php echo ENTRY_ENQUIRY; ?></label> 3 <div class="col-sm-9"> 4 <?php 5 echo tep_draw_textarea_field('enquiry', 'soft', 50, 15, NULL, 'required aria-required="true" id="inputEnquiry" placeholder="' . ENTRY_ENQUIRY_TEXT . '"'); 6 echo FORM_REQUIRED_INPUT; 7 ?> 8 </div> 9 </div> 10 </div> 11 12 <?php 13 /*** BEGIN HONEYPOT ***/ 14 include('includes/honeypot/modules/honeypot_display.php'); 15 /*** END HONEYPOT ***/ 16 ?> 17 18 <div class="buttonSet"> 19 <div class="text-right"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fas fa-paper-plane', null, 'primary', null, 'btn-success'); ?></div> 20 </div> 21</div> Pay particular attention to any typos in lines 4-7. Also, make sure you have installed the header tag module in Admin, and have configured it correctly for your particular shop. I've just installed this in a v2.3.3.4 shop, so I know it works. HTH Malcolm
  11. ArtcoInc

    HoneyPot Captcha

    @Jack_mcs Which version of Honey Pot do I use for a v2.3.3.4 BS shop? Thanks! Malcolm
  12. *** UPDATE *** (this is going to be a long one) Ok, I moved on to work on other things. When this came back into my attention, I decided to attack this again with new eyes. First, I opened 'view source code' in my browser for this page (admin/modules_content.php). Notice the circled areas. The red indicates something that the browser had to add to get the page to display right (or, something like that) I also opened 'view source code' for /admin/modules.php, and compared the generated results. For *some* reason, /admin/modules_content.php was not pulling in /includes/template_top.php correctly. It was messing up the <head></head> information, pushing it down into the <body> section. I verified this using the Inspect Element tool. This is the generated code from admin/modules_content.php. Note the missing DOCTYPE line, and that there is nothing between <head> and </head>. Also note that the beginning of the <body> includes the code that is supposed to be in the <head> area ... For comparison, this is the results from using the Inspect Element on admin/modules.php ... Note that the DOCTYPE is there, that there is stuff in the <head> </head> , and that the <body> contains just the proper HTML code. (also for comparison, I've expanded the <head> </head> below) Ok, so I though that since template_top.php wasn't being loaded properly, what would happen if I moved the require('includes/template_top.php'); line up to just under the require('includes/application_top.php'); line? It worked! The admin/modules_content.php loaded correctly! Problem solved! Actually, no, it didn't. While it fixed the problem loading template_top.php, resulting in better generated HTML code, and the screen displayed as it should, if I actually tried to edit any of the modules, everything crashed ... I've tried moving the require('included/template_top.php"); line up and down, but unless it is just before where the HTML code starts, it always crashed when trying to add/edit/delete a module. So, I had to put it back where it was originally. Which leaves me back at where I started from. This all started when edited the Shopping Cart module to include one additional Global declaration. I still don't know how this has caused admin/modules_content.php to mess up the way it is. I can see HOW it is messing up, but I have no clue as to why, or how to resolve it. Any thoughts or clues? TIA Malcolm
  13. ArtcoInc

    Shipping Shipping Help Help

    @Gary Tayman Can you please tell us *which* USPS module you downloaded? A quick search of the apps site showed over a dozen USPS modules, some going back as far as 16-17 years old. First, while I believe you that "it tells me I have the latest", can you please tell us exactly what version number that is? Second, IF you are using the Phoenix version of osC, I encourage you to join the Phoenix club here in the forum. There is a list of certified developers you can contact. If you are NOT using the Phoenix version of osC, as difficult as this is going to sound, I encourage you to start over with Phoenix. The last 'official' release of osC was in 2017, it is not responsive (necessary these days for people with mobile devices), and will crash when your host upgrades the version of PHP. Which is why I asked which USPS module did you download. In earlier versions of osC, the only way to add features was to 'hack the core code.' The development of Phoenix has focused on making it possible to have modules that drop into place, and you do NOT hack the core code. This way, as Phoenix continues to develop, you can upgrade your store in-place, without having to remember what bits of code you hacked. Who specifically did you send emails to? This is open-source software. There is no mother company offering (selling) technical support. Any of the developers here (or elsewhere, for that matter) are all independent. I acknowledge that there is not proper documentation for osC (documentations is being developed for Phoenix. Ask nicely, and I'll tell you where it is). I acknowledge that the apps marketplace is a horrible mess. Most of the old apps have not been updated to run with the current Phoenix software (the more popular apps *are* being maintained and updated for Phoenix). I acknowledge that it's not easy for a non-technical person to install, configure, and maintain a complicated piece of software. That's what we have 'experts' for. But, their time, experience, and expertise typically isn't free. Lastly, all of the people answering questions here are volunteering their time. I've just spent far too much time trying to answer your rant than it probably deserved ... <shaking head> You want a shopping cart. Fine. There are plenty out there. How much do you want to spend? As I've taught my kids from an early age, if you want something, there are 3 options: * Pay someone to do it, or * Do it yourself (and this includes getting the tools and learning how to do it), or * Do without (or, I guess you could cry to the world claiming that life isn't fair ...)
  14. @charcad The add-on you installed has not been updated for Phoenix. You can: * Contact the developer that wrote the add-on, and ask when they will update it, or * Hire a developer to update the add-on for you, or * Update the add-on yourself. Then, you can contribute it back to the community. HTH Malcolm
  15. ArtcoInc

    social icons

    @alwihouse Which version of osC are you using? M