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  1. @wetzel Did you look at the answer that @raiwa posted above? Mind you, his answer is for Bootstrap v3, where as Phoenix uses Bootstrap v4. M
  2. ArtcoInc

    WYSIWYG product description

    @socom 1) osC v2.3 dates back to 2010! If you are indeed using osC v2.3, I think that upgrading your shop to the newest Phoenix version of osC is much more important than adding a WYSIWYG editor to your old store. Older versions of osC are not responsive (adjusting the screen layout for different devices), will crash as your host upgrades the version of PHP they are running, and have known security issues. 2) That said, there are several WYSIWYG editors available for osC (and several are compatible with Phoenix). Some of them even have their own support thread here in the forum. You didn't say which one you tried. M
  3. @alexiscruz007 Just so you know, you've been answering questions that were asked 10-15 years ago, by people that haven't been online for almost as long.
  4. ArtcoInc

    PHP and the newest cPanel

    The reason I posted. M
  5. ArtcoInc

    PHP and the newest cPanel

    I have two live shops. One is running the Community Edition osC v2.3.3.4 (yes, it's that old). The other is running the pre-gold Community Edition osC v2.3.4. I am working on a new site using Phoenix, but that's still in development. I had configured my host to use PHP v5.6 on my shops, and everything was running fine. My host recently did an unannounced upgrade to the cPanel tool set which, unfortunately, upgraded all of my shops to PHP v7.3. Needless to say, there were problems. The first issue I noticed was that I could no longer run the Security Check module in Admin for either shop. I verified that the code against a backup to make sure that it hadn't been hacked. It wasn't until I ran the Server Info module in Admin did I notice that the version of PHP had been changed to v7.3. I logged into my host's cPanel, and discovered that the oldest version of PHP available was v7.0. I rolled back to v7.0, but that did not fix the issues I was having. I contacted tech support through their chat function <grumble, grumble>. I explained the problem, and asked if my sites could be rolled back to PHP v5.6. Yes, but not through cPanel. The new version of cPanel only supports PHP versions 7.0 and up. The tech support person was able to roll back my sited to PHP v5.6 by editing the .htaccess file(s) for all of the sites. They are back up and running now. Server Info shows I'm running PHP v5.6, even though cPanel says I'm running PHP v7.0. I hope this info may assist someone who may run into a similar issue. Malcolm
  6. ArtcoInc

    Currency Selector

    @spacebiscuit75 Admin -> Modules -> Boxes .... Install Module -> Currencies - or - Admin -> Modules -> NavBar Modules ... Install Modules -> Currencies M
  7. @Ken_Shea iirc, the settings for sending emails using SMTP are in the server's php.ini file. There is an old add-on that moves the settings to osC's configuration database. These settings are then editable through Admin. It does require some core code edits (in the email class, iirc). HTH M
  8. change: tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " set configuration_value = '" . $value . "' where configuration_key = '" . $key . "'"); to: tep_db_query("update configuration set configuration_value = '" . $value . "' where configuration_key = '" . $key . "'"); M
  9. ArtcoInc

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    @BrockleyJohn Since you are in the process of updating this, may I ask if you have addressed this? TIA Malcolm
  10. ArtcoInc

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    The US Post Office seems to require insurance for international order valued over $200 (why I have to pay extra for insurance to have them do their job is another subject). I don't show insurance as an option, as most people probably won't select it. Is there a way to have this module to automatically add insurance for international orders over $200? TIA Malcolm
  11. @Peper Like I said, it may not apply to you. But, it was worth a shot. Good luck! M
  12. @Peper This may not apply to you, but ... I am using another typeahead search module, but found issues with different browsers (I can point you to the thread if you wish). May I suggest: 1) Try a different browser 2) Try searching on any page other than the home page. Malcolm
  13. ArtcoInc

    Does osCommerce work "out of the box"?

    @waynec444 osCommerce (do use the Phoenix version, as the last 'official' version is very much out of date) will work out-of-the-box, but it will require you to configure it properly. Obviously, you will need to configure all of the shop information (shop name, address, email addresses, phone numbers, etc), and enter all of your inventory (descriptions, weights, prices, photos, etc). You will need to set up shipping zones and tax zones. You will also need to set up your shipping method(s). A couple of methods are included with the software, but you may need to download and install modules if your shipper is not included. You will also need to set up your payment method(s). Again, a couple of methods are included, but you may need to download and install additional module(s). Lastly, if you want to to add any additional functionality, additional modules (add-ons) are available. You will need to download and install these too. HTH Malcolm
  14. ArtcoInc

    New customers - injected?

  15. @maxmind.jason nrlatsha has not checked in here since 2016. M