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  1. ArtcoInc

    Quick way to create a maintenance page?

    @zefeena The add-on that @bonbec linked to in the 2nd post in this tread allows you to go into and out of maintenance mode through Admin. It will backup .htacces file and create a new one automatically when you go into maintenance mode. When reverting back to online mode, it restores your original .htaccess file. I do not see many (if any) core file changes in it. (I do not use this add-on. I actually use a much older add-on, which did modify core files. Apparently, the one listed above was inspired by the older one I am using.) Also, @burt created a Maintenance Mode module in one of his earlier 28-day bundles (2016-#18). HTH M
  2. @weser As @raiwa recommended, your best bet is to upgrade to the latest Community Edition of osCommerce. The version you are currently running (v2.3.3.4) is quite old. It is not an in-place upgrade ... you basically install it fresh into a different directory, migrate your data over, and add any styling and/or add-ons you want. If this all sounds too much for you, you can post an RFQ in the commercial support area in this forum to have someone do it for you. M PS: Who set up your shop the first time?
  3. ArtcoInc

    Category Images

  4. @kennyk Which OSC BS version? DO NOT go by the version number. What is the date on the original ZIP package? Or, if not available, what is the date on any unaltered/untouched file? M
  5. ArtcoInc

    Osc BS Edge Product Info

    @coelroy (At the risk of repeating myself ...) Which OSC BS version? Don't go by the version number. What is the date on the original ZIP package? M
  6. ArtcoInc


    @241 If line 3 'ENABLE_SSL' is true, than line 1 needs to change 'http:// ... ' to 'https:// ... ' (add the S to https) M
  7. ArtcoInc

    Osc BS Edge Product Info

    @coelroy Which OSC BS version? Don't go by the version number. What is the date on the original ZIP package?
  8. @René H4 In the United States, the correct format is: Name Street Address City State Postal Code Country PS: I do see that the Post Office will put the Postal Code after Country
  9. ArtcoInc

    Basic Site Install Required

    @xenonstore In the past, many (if not most, or all!) templates took the basic osC code, and totally rewrote it to fit their 'template'. As a result, a lot of core changes were made, and it was/is impossible for the osC community to support these 'forks'. If you had problems, you had to go to the template publisher for help. In the last several years, osC (through community development) has become a lot more modular, and almost all of the template no longer work (there are some developers that do publish "templates' for the current Community Edition. Ask if you want links). Can you replicate the 'look and feel' of an old template in the newer version of osC? Of course! But, most template publishers have not kept up with current developments with osC. So, if you have paid for a template from most publishers out there, your only choice is to either use an older version of osC (with all of the security risks and problems with contemporary software platforms) , or ask them to update their template to the current Community Version of osC. However, I would suggest that you download and install the current Community Edition of osC (see my signature below), and see what it has it offer. It obviously won't match any template you have, but a lot of visual changes can be made with simple CSS calls (without changing ANY core code!). Once you have tried the current Community Edition, and have determined that it has the core structure to run your store, you can either ask for assistance here, or contact any of the developers here to tweak your store to your specifications. HTH M
  10. ArtcoInc

    Message Box

    @Jack_mcs Thank you for your support of the Phoenix project! M
  11. ArtcoInc

    Oscommerce CE on one.com

    Just like you have a cache for your browser, the server will cache recent requests to make them available faster. As @Heatherbell said, the cache will clear by itself with time. There are utilities to do this, but they seem to all need be run at the server level.
  12. @burt @Yurius FWIW, I installed in on my local WAMP server under PHP 5.6.x, and it installed and ran fine ... M
  13. ArtcoInc

    Oscommerce CE on one.com

    A browser cache, or a server cache? If a server cache, how does one clear it (besides waiting xxxxxxxxx)?
  14. ArtcoInc

    Oscommerce CE on one.com

    @LeeFoster Once the installation is completed, you can (and should!) delete the install directory. M
  15. ArtcoInc

    Oscommerce CE on one.com

    @LeeFoster Either one.com has their servers set up odd, or you made a mistake in the installation. If it were me, I'd blow away the installation, and start over again. Pay particular attention during the first installation screen, where the installer runs through the checklist of what's needed on the server (you may need to scroll down to see everything). If it fails again, contact one.com to find out what's going on. M PS: Can you find out if one.com is running a Windows server, or a *nix server? Are they running Apache as the web hosting application, or IIS?