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  1. @videod A couple of points ... 1) PHP v7.2 is MUCH more strict than v7.0 or v7.1. Most of the 'errors' people are reporting are not actually errors, but are 'warnings'. These can be suppressed, if desired, but will most likely need to be addressed when PHP is upgraded again. While I do not have any experience with GoDaddy, most reputable hosts will not force you to use PHP v7.2. They should offer v7.0 or v7.1. Either of these should be fine for a production store. Or, as @MrPhil just said, v5.6 can be used too. 2) The 'Edge' you downloaded years ago is quite different that 'Edge' is today. It is in a constant degree of change. Burt (the lead person developing the Community Edition) has publicly stated that 'Edge' is his playground, and should not be used for a production store. He may add something to test one week, and take it out the next. He has also stated that he has moved 'Edge' from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4, so a lot of the code will be different. This also means that many of the popular add-ons may not work with the 'current' version of Edge. This is why it is recommended that you use 'Frozen' instead of the current 'Edge.' 'Frozen' is a stable version, and is quite suitable for a production store. That said, as with all software, there are some bugs in 'Frozen.' There is a thread here in the forum just for people to report bugs and the fixes. Please be sure to read it. So, you've got a couple of options ... A ) Drop back to PHP v5.6 (or v7.0). (quick fix) B ) As @MrPhil mentioned, download 'Frozen' (a link is in my signature below), migrate your data over, and (if needed) re-apply the modifications you did before (you kept good notes, didn't you?). (probably your best option) C ) Download 'Frozen', and use a file compare program (I use WinMerge) to compare your shop's code with the code in Frozen. Apply any changes you see necessary for your shop. (Honestly, though, I do not recommend this) HTH M
  2. ArtcoInc

    From production to local (WAMP testserver)

    @GaafGeel If your site is indeed based on osC v2.2, AND it is "up to date and running PHP 7.1", someone has done a lot of work on the site (ie: created their own fork), and that makes very it difficult (if not impossible!) for someone here to be able to support it with you. That said, since it still runs on your host, but not your WAMP server, I still think it is a configuration issue (I don't know v2.2, but some things in your configuration file looked off to me). That's why I suggested downloading v2.2 MS1, installing a stock copy of it, and examining the created configuration file(s). Beyond that, I don't know what else to say. Since it seems you are running your own fork of osC, getting help will become more difficult (and/or expensive) as time goes on. I will once again recommend you at least download the latest version of osC (NOT the 'official' version! Get the 'Community Edition' ... there's a link in my signature below), and at least see what it does. I understand that many (most?) shop owners will say that their shop is too highly modified, and they can't (won't) take the time to move their store to a new version. But, as the software world evolves and advances, there will come a time where you store will become incompatible, and will crash. If this is a source of income for you, what will you do then? HTH M
  3. ArtcoInc

    From production to local (WAMP testserver)

    @GaafGeel Copyright 2003? In that case, the site would be based on osC v2.2 ... *very* old, vulnerable to hacks and threats, and no longer supported. 1) You're going to get a LOT of recommendations that it's time to upgrade to the latest version of osC. Please consider it! 2) If you HAVE to get this running on your local WAMP server, I'd try to find a copy of osC v2.2. You can find one here: https://www.oscommerce.com/Products At the very bottom of the page, select the red Release History box. You'd want v2.2 Milestone 1. Install that on your WAMP server (in a different directory and database), let it generate your configuration file, and view it. M PS: It really is time to upgrade. Really
  4. ArtcoInc

    From production to local (WAMP testserver)

    @GaafGeel 1) There are TWO configuration files to change. Have you correctly changed both? /catalog/included/configure.php /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php 2) What payment module do you have set up? Could it be that the shop is hanging because the payment module isn't working? 3) If you do not have both configuration files changed correctly, it could be that the site does not know where to return to to display the checkout_success.php file. 3) You say that you are getting a "blank screen." Is this true? If so, that's most likely a PHP coding error. In your browser, do a "view source" and see what code is being processed. HTH M
  5. ArtcoInc

    Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    @gassko This does not look like a redirect problem. Post both of your configure.php files (there are two: one in /catalog/includes/, and the other in /catalog/<your admin directory name>/includes/). Be sure to edit our personal information, especially your database name, database admin user name, and database admin password. M
  6. ArtcoInc

    I'm not get help my problem?

    @Uyghurmen If you want to be upset, that's your choice. Please note that everyone here volunteers their time and knowledge. Being rude is not going to encourage people to help you. M
  7. ArtcoInc

    store logo not change

    @Uyghurmen As @JcMagpie posted above, your logo must be in either a .png, .jpg, .gif, or .svg format. Your original logo image may be called anything (as long as it is in one of these formats) and stored anywhere (either on your server or your local workstation). In Admin -> Configuration -> Store Logo, browse to your original logo image, then click on the Save button. Your logo image will now be saved on your server in the /images/ folder, and called /images/store_logo.xxx. Do NOT try to copy the file yourself, or put it in a different location. Let the program do it for you. Now, at your workstation, launch your shop. Clear your cache (press <Ctrl><F5>). Let us know what happens. M PS: Posting that you are annoyed that you aren't getting help is NOT going to build you any friends. And, when someone DOES help you, it's polite to 'Like' their post.
  8. ArtcoInc

    Where is the .CSS file?

    @Uyghurmen Is it the Community Edition (does the screen layout change if you view the shop on your phone or tablet, as compared to your desktop computer)? Or, is it the 'official' version that you downloaded from here? Unfortunately, the version number does not tell us this. Sorry ... M
  9. ArtcoInc

    mutliple domain names? redirects?

    @MrPhil Over the years, I've seen at least one person on here who has had several shops share a common admin / database. I've considered it myself more than once. M
  10. @nedragdnuos Which version of osC are you using? This thread is almost 4 years old, and a lot of changes have happened in that time. M
  11. ArtcoInc

    Free shipping on select products

    @14steve14 Depending on the shipper .... UPS, in my experience, starts at a base rate, and adds to that with the addition of the packages weight. M
  12. ArtcoInc

    Where is the .CSS file?

    It should also be noted that if you are using the 'official' osC, you can add your own user.css. It would mean changing just one core file, and adding your new user.css file in root. While I don't usually advocate changing core files, this is a pretty simple edit, and allows you to have your own independent user.css file to play around with. M
  13. ArtcoInc

    mutliple domain names? redirects?

    @oscommer1 If you want Site1.com, Site2.com. and Site3.com to all point to Cart99.com, that's easy. But, once the customer is in Cart99.com, it will say that they are in Cart99.com. If you want Site1.com, Site2.com, and Site3.com to all point to a common cart, but you want the customer to think that they are still at the original site, that's a different situation. So, what is it you want? M
  14. ArtcoInc

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    @puggybelle (while off topic ...) As I said, the Community Edition does not have an accurate version numbering system. When Burt started this project back in 2014, osC was at version So, the Community Edition, all through its early development, was also v2.3.3.4. Every release during these early times was called v2.3.3.4. When osC upgraded to v2.3.4, Burt brought the Community Edition code base up to the v2.3.4 code base, and the Community Edition stayed at v2.3.4 while further development was happening. Somewhere during this time, Burt released the 'Gold' fixed release. Development still continued, with every release still being called v2.3.4. When osC had the v2.3.4.1 Hot Patch applied, Burt also applied the Hot Patch, and the Community Edition was bumped up to v2.3.4.1. Once again, development continued, with every new release still being called v2.3.4.1. Burt released the 'Frozen' fixed release in August, 2018. Development still continues (usually called 'Edge', although that is not a fixed release), and the version number is *still* v2.3.4.1. Some bugs have been identified in 'Frozen', and there is a thread here on the forum identifying them (and some fixes too). 'Edge' continues to be developed (still being called v2.3.4.1), and some significant changes have been made since 'Frozen', causing some compatibility issues with prior versions, and many (most?) add-ons out there. This all said ... You can download the 'Frozen' version (see the link in my signature below). *** IF *** you have made NO core changes, you *should* be able to drop the 'Frozen' version into your store. Otherwise, you will need to use a file compare application to see what changes have been made since your release. (now, to get back on topic ...) How this all relates to your initial problem, I don't know. Someone with a higher pay grade than myself will need to explore how the injection code made its way into your orders record. M
  15. ArtcoInc

    Hack attempt - is there a way to prevent this?

    FWIW, 'Frozen' was released on Aug 31, 2018. Additional work continues to be done under the 'Edge' name. M