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  1. ArtcoInc

    adding Url parameters and the Oscid

    @douglaswalker Which version of osC are you using? You posted this thread under the "osC v 4" description, but I suspect you are using an earlier version. I just need to know so I can move this thread to the proper place. M
  2. ArtcoInc

    Add all products to cart

    @Smoky Barnable Maybe you could use a 'bundle' or 'kitting' add-on? Create a bundle, or kit, consisting of one of each of the items. M
  3. ArtcoInc

    adding Url parameters and the Oscid

    @douglaswalker osC version? (just need to know where to move this thread) M
  4. ArtcoInc

    is oscommerce still alive? help this old man

    @johnathansmith1969 Development of the 'official' version of osC stalled several years ago. The last 'official' release will not run under newer versions of PHP, and is not responsive (adjusting the display to fit the screen size ... much needed these days as more people are using phones and tablets). Support for the 'official' code was (and still is) active here on this forum. Recently, new owners bought the rights to the osC code and name, and have announced that a new version will be released with some much needed updated. We are waiting to see what will be released, and when. Since osC is 'open source' code, some people have taken the 'official' code, and have spun off their own 'forks' of the osC project ... * Some have only updated the 'official' code to run under newer versions of PHP (as more web hosts upgrade to newer versions of PHP, older versions of osC will crash). * Some have updated the code to not only run under newer versions of PHP, but also include provisions for being 'adaptive' . * And some have gone so far as to completely update the code, and include additional features and functionality. While originally based on osC, these have essentially become their own projects. But, since this is a forum for the 'official' version of osC, we are not allowed to discuss, or support, any of these forks here. So, like Schrödinger's cat, osC is both alive and dead. While the the last 'official' version of osC still 'works' (sort of), it is not truly practical in today's environment. A new 'official' version of osC has been announced, but we don't know what it will consist of, nor when it will be available. And lastly, development on osC 'forks' still continue, but they are just that ... 'forks' ... and as such, are not supported here on this 'official osC' forum. HTH M
  5. ArtcoInc

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    @BrockleyJohn Thank you for the clarification
  6. ArtcoInc

    [Addon] Store Times BS

    @YePix @BrockleyJohn already answered this here: But, to further clarify, let's look at the code snippet that PiLLaO posted (I have numbered the lines for clarity) ... The comment on line 2 states that it is checking to see if addon # 8044, "Store Closed", is installed. If I read this correctly, this is a *different* addon than the "Store Times BS" addon, and that the "Store Times BS" addon can work WITH the "Store Closed" addon (if installed). Line 3 uses an IF statement to check to see if the file exists. I read this as that the file in question is from the "Store Closed" addon, *not* the "Store Times BS" addon (which is why this code is checking to see if it exists). *IF* the file exists (ie: the "Store Closed" addon *is* installed), line 5 does an 'include_once' to load that file. If the file does not exist, the IF statement won't find it (right?), and will skip over the 'include_once' command. Now, I have not downloaded the "Store Closed" addon to see if the file in questions is actually in that bundle. HTH Malcolm
  7. ArtcoInc

    Setup Warning

    @corser28 The stock version(s) of osC were written back when PHP v5.x was current. The people in control of the official osC development never updated osC to run under newer versions of PHP. As such, the stock version(s) of osC will not run under PHP v8.x. In fact, they will have problems running under PHP v7.x also. Since osC is open source, there a number of people that have taken the official source code, and updated it to run under newer versions of PHP. @Hotclutch mentioned one above. However, these are considered 'forks' from the original code, and the new management here discourages discussing them here. The new management has announced that a new version (v4.x) of osC will be released 'real soon now', and it is supposed to run under newer versions of PHP. So, your options are: 1) Stick with the original version of osC, and fall back to an earlier version of PHP. Many web hosts have moved away from earlier versions of PHP, so this may be a problem. 2) Find one of the osC forks which will run under a current version of PHP. Please note that we are not supposed to support any of these forks in this forum. 3) Wait until osC v4.x is released. HTH Malcolm
  8. ArtcoInc

    Setup Warning

    @corser28 Which version of PHP? M
  9. ArtcoInc

    OSCommerce setup problem

    @Nawaraj Please do not duplicate posts! Plus, you haven't answered the reply to your first post (Which asked which version of osC are you using?) M
  10. ArtcoInc

    Setup Warning

    @Nawaraj Which version of osC? M
  11. ArtcoInc

    Upgrading from osCommerce 2.2-MS2

    @josh1r 1) It is *possible* to upgrade your 2-2-MS2 site to be PHP 7.x compatible. HOWEVER, it will require a LOT of work (and/or expense), you would essentially be creating your own fork of osC (which no-one else could could support), would STILL have all of the security risks that 2-2-MS2 has, and would not be responsive (necessary in this day of phones and tablets). Not recommended. 2) The last 'official' release of osC was v2.3.4.1. HOWEVER, it also is not PHP 7.x compatible, is not responsive, and there is no easy migration path. You would have to install it in a separate directory, migrate all of your data over (customers, products, history, etc), and apply any add-ons and/or mods you used in your old shop. Not recommended. 3) There is a spin-off version of osC developed by the Community, now under a different name. We're not allowed to discuss it here, so PM if you have any questions. 4) The original developer of osC sold off the rights to the software last year, and the new owners are developing a completely new version (osC v4). It is currently in beta, and is supposed to be released sometime this year. HTH Malcolm
  12. ArtcoInc

    Paypal checkout stopped working

    @BillyDMT Some time last year, Paypal made some changes that required you to update the Paypal certificate on your web site. Have you done that? Malcolm
  13. @driven22 While I hope that you formatted this for readability here, do you really have all of those spaces in your actual code? M
  14. ArtcoInc

    page not safe

    @Jan_hartvig HTH Malcolm
  15. @driven22 Which version of osC? Which version of PHP?