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  1. Addon for Tabs inside categories page

    @leatherdealer Many of the 'old school' template publishers made so many changes to the core osC code that they are the only ones that can maintain or support it. We here do not know what core changes were made by your template publisher, and thus can't offer support for it. I acknowledge that you like the appearance of your current store. May I ask how long ago did you buy that template? Maybe it's time to give your store a facelift? With the exception of osC and the community Edge version, all older versions of osCommerce are very much out-of-date. If you stay with 2.3.3 ... 1) When (not if) your host upgrades their version of PHP, your store will crash. To try and make your old store work with the newer version of PHP will require a LOT of work and effort. Unless your template publisher offers this support, you will either have to do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for your. 2) The community Edge version is built on the responsive Bootstrap platform. This means that your store will adjust to display properly when your customers use their smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers. With all of the transition to the use of mobile devices, do you want a store that many people can't use? 3) The community Edge version is much more modular that in the past. This means that you can turn features on or off, or even add new features, all without touching the core code. This makes future upgrades 4) There are serious security issues with the oldest versions of osC. Unfortunately, there is no easy 'upgrade' feature in osC. You are basically building a new store, and then migrate your data from your old store to a new store, thus keeping all of your sales history, customer info, etc. Any additions, modifications, styling changes, etc must all be done all over again. Fortunately, many of the features that used to only be available as an add-on are now being built into the Edge version. Malcolm PS: and no, you can't use your old theme on the Edge version
  2. Addon for Tabs inside categories page

    @leatherdealer Your screenshot looks like this is on the Admin side of your store. Do you know which add-on was used in your 2.2 store? If you can find the old add-on, it *might* be adapted to work with the newer version of osC. Also, as @kymation mentioned, if you are building a new store, osC 2.3.3 is *very* old. You should be using the latest community build ... https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/archive/master.zip Malcolm
  3. @tornrawks Can you try this ... add a couple more sentences to the second news item. Malcolm
  4. @tornrawks How many news items do you have? How long are each of them? Malcolm
  5. @tornrawks I have been using this on a live site for over two years. Can you check to see if you don't have an empty news item in your database? Malcolm
  6. State Selector for BS

    @helenium7 Yes, it's the double 'c' that is causing the problem. The current coding style is getting away from having the TABLE_ declaration, and actually using the table name. Here, it's supposed to be "configuration". So, just delete the extra 'c'. Malcolm
  7. Wordpress OSCommerce Integration

    @jwebadgility I think many will say that the best way would be to put each in their own sub-directory ... <root> ---+---- <wordpress> | +---- <osCommerce> You can set your .htaccess file to redirect to whichever 'primary' app / directory you want your 'customers' to arrive at when they only enter <yourdomain.com>, You can have links between each app pointing towards the other. You can even put a landing page in the root (although I personally don't recommend it), giving your 'customers' a choice of which app to enter. This way, each app is in their own sub-directory. If an app gets hacked or corrupted, it's easy to blow it away and restore from a backup. You can even create temporary / test sub-directories if you want to play around with different versions of variations of the apps. Malcolm
  8. Product Page - Place buttons in box beside image.

    @discxpress If you could sketch out exactly what you want, it would help to see what you want to accomplish. Do realize that objects move around on the screen in different viewing modes, so the location of your buttons on a smart phone screen could/would be in a different place than on your desktop computer screen. Malcolm
  9. Clearance Price addon

    @burt #17 Malcolm
  10. @reflex-ocasion You borrowed $50 from each ($100 total), but only spent $97 of it on the shirt. Of the difference ($3), $1 went to each of them, and $1 went to you.
  11. Questions entering products.

    @Gary Tayman The Product Name and the Product Model both show up in your store. For example, in the product_info.php page, the Name is in a larger font, and the Model is below the Name, surrounded by square brackets. Play around in your store ... entering different information in both fields, and look at where the information is displayed. Look at where all of the products within a certain category are displayed. Pay attention to how they look in both List mode and Grid mode. Also, look at the page where the single product is displayed. Lastly (assuming you are using the Responsive version of osC), pay attention to how things display in different modes (cell phone in XS mode, tablets in SM or MD mode, desktops in LG mode, etc.). You may find that you prefer to put the part number in the Name field (and a short description in the Model field), or you may prefer it the other way around. Pay attention to your search feature. Some search functions may only search on the Product Name, so keep this in mind. Sounds like you're making progress Malcolm
  12. ShipStation Shipping Integration Software

    @greasemonkey One tiny suggestion ... to match the current coding style, replace the TABLE_ references with the actual table name. For example, from $orders_query = tep_db_query("SELECT * FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS . " WHERE orders_id >'0' and IFNULL(last_modified, date_purchased) BETWEEN '" . $sd . "' AND DATE_ADD('" . $ed . "', INTERVAL 1 MINUTE)"); to $orders_query = tep_db_query("SELECT * FROM orders WHERE orders_id >'0' and IFNULL(last_modified, date_purchased) BETWEEN '" . $sd . "' AND DATE_ADD('" . $ed . "', INTERVAL 1 MINUTE)"); Malcolm
  13. appearance of cart in

    @helenium7 If you've been on this forum for any length of time, you'd know that there is a long running issue (years, in fact) regarding the 'current' release of osCommerce. Yes, the web site says that is the latest 'official' release. However, is just a hot-fix to version 2.3.4, which is several years old. The community (lead by @burt) got together and made the Responsive version of osCommerce. As the name implies, it is responsive, meaning it will adjust how the store is displayed on a phone, a tablet, or a desktop. osC does not! With the world moving more and more to mobile devises, this is very important. In addition, the Responsive version (sometimes called the Bootstrap version, or the community version) is PHP 7 ready. Any store built on 2.3.4 WILL CRASH when your host upgrades their version of PHP. Also, the Responsive version is much more modular, meaning you can turn features on or off, and even add new features, all without changing any code. So, the advice that @raiwa and @MrPhil gave you IS helpful. Yes, the latest 'official' version is Yes, this is an issue that has been going on for several years. And yes, you do not need to follow their advice. It's your store, do with it as you wish.
  14. Install problems

    @Gary Tayman That's normal. When a shop is first installed, you have to run your security check in order to set the flag so it knows that it has been run. Then, osC will want you to run it every so often (like, every 30 days) just to be safe. But, it won't shut down your shop if you don't run it. To run it, log into your Admin. Click on 'Tools' in the right column (the last choice in the list). Then, click on 'Security Checks'. The Security Check will probably identify several things that don't pass the test: * The first one, "Admin HTTP Authentication" is used to add a special .htaccess file to the Admin directory. This helps to protect your Admin side of the shop, but be careful, it does come with some risks. Search this forum for how to get into your site if you have this set, and loose your Administrator user name and/or password. * config_file_catalog says that your /catalog/includes/configure.php file has permissions that allow you to write to the file (644). Security Checks wants this changed so the file can not be written to (something like 444). Do note that if you do change the file's permissions, you will have to remember to change it back when/if you ever need to make changes to parts of your store. * ext/ Directory Listing says that the /catalog/ext directory is publicly accessible, and wants you to change the permissions on that directory. * Version Check will want you to check to see if you have the latest version of osCommerce. It's looking for version number If you are using the latest version of Edge, this will pass. When the powers-that-be do update osC, this check will let you know that an update is available. Do note that you do not HAVE to upgrade if a new version comes out. None of these will break your store if they don't pass. If anything else doesn't pass, though, let us know here. HTH Malcolm