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  1. Actually, all we've done is change the date on it. It's still the same mumbo-jumbo that no-one ever reads. After receiving sooooooo many emails from other sites stating that they have changed theirs, we just felt left out ... (carry on)
  2. Upgrading to the latest version

    @indigoinstruments It is not a "responsive skin". Frozen IS responsive, right out of the box. There are templates available for Frozen (I guess you could call them skins), although most of them are commercial products. But, the good ones DO NOT REQUIRE ANY CORE CHANGES (or very few, is any). Regarding the 7000+ add-ons available, most are for older versions of osC, and will require substantial updating to work with Frozen. Be sure to read the description. Frozen has been development for over four years, and has only *just* been, hmm ... 'frozen'. So, even if the add-on says that it works with the 'responsive' or 'community' version of osC, it may still need updating. Many of the add-on developers have been waiting for Frozen to freeze before they update their code to work cleanly with Frozen. Please give them a little time. You will need to do a database conversion to move your v2.2 database to Frozen. Frozen IS the Bootstrap version. If the developer(s) of the add-on(s) have followed the current (preferred) coding style, add-ons are written to not touch the core code. Any updating needed to the add-on to work with Frozen should then be a simple task. HTH Malcolm
  3. Credit Card Numbers Not Decrypting..

    @LNL@OSC Has your host changed the version of PHP on their servers?
  4. Upgrading to the latest version

    @indigoinstruments 1) what @raiwa said! 2) There *was* an add-on that created a mobile version of your site. Unfortunately, this meant that you actually had two sites (pulling off of the same database) ... a desktop site, and a mobile site. The developer for this add-on has abandoned it, since the new responsive version of osC is a much better solution. While your new company *may* be able your adapt your old site to a responsive design, please realize that it will still be based on the old v2.2 code, which not only won't support newer versions of PHP, there are also security issues, etc. *IF* you go that way, you are essentially forking your own version of osC, and no-one else will be able to support it for you. You will be tied into this new company. If I may suggest, post a RFQ in the Commercial Support area of this forum ( https://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-inquiries/ and get a bid to move your old site to Edge. Compare that to what your new company wants. Malcolm (and no, I am not a commercial developer)
  5. Upgrading to the latest version

    @indigoinstruments What I think you are asking is ... If we keep our current v2.2 site, with it still display fine on a desktop, and mess up on a mobile device? Or, if we keep our current v2.2 site, will everything become a mess? If those are your questions, the answers are this: 1) If your v2.2 site currently displays fine on a desktop, it will continue to display fine on a desktop ... *** until *** your host upgrades their version of PHP. At that time, your site will, no doubt, crash and burn. 2) Your v2.2 site will continue to display as it currently does on a mobile device (how well it currently works, I don't know) ... *** untill *** your host upgrades their version of PHP (see above). If that wasn't your question, please ask again with more details. That all said, it is time to upgrade your site. Unfortunately, it is not an in-place upgrade. You'll need to do a fresh install of Edge (see link in my signature below) into a separate sub-directory, move over all of your product images, import (and convert) a COPY of your database, and make any style changes and/or add any new add-ons your want. Do note that some of the customizations you made in your old site may now be included in Edge. HTH Malcolm
  6. editing footer

    @Jeffrmarks Do you have access to a program like Grep (or Windows Grep)? These allow you to search for a word, phrase, or expression across an entire directory (and sub-directories) of files. That said, I looked at the source code for your shop. All of that text is displayed in the footer portion of the screen. HTH Malcolm PS: Try looking in the /catalog/includes/footer.php file, and see if the last programmer hard-coded the text there.
  7. @AAWISDOM Since it looks like you are starting out with a clean install of osC, listen to what @Jack_mcs said. While v2.3.4.1 is the last 'official' release, it was just a hot-fix to v2.3.4, which is several years old. In addition to being old, there are concerns that v2.3.4.1 will fail when your host upgrades their version of PHP. The 'community edition' of osC, while not 'official', is the latest version. It is responsive (meaning it will adjust the display to fit the screen size (important for all of the people using mobile devices these days)), much more modular (meaning you can turn features on or off, or even add new features, all without touching the core code), and is PHP 7.x ready. And, as @Jack_mcs said, it handles CSS much better. There is a user.css file which loads last, so you can enter any css definitions you want, all without having to touch the 'stock' css files (which you should never touch). You can find a link to it in my signature below. Now, before you bitch about why the community edition is not official, nor is there any reference to it on the osC website, please note that the owner of the osC name and code has stepped away from the project (we don't know for how long), and he is the only one that can make that change. This is why the community has stepped up to produce an updated version of osC. After all, this is an open source project. Nice way to ask for help, by the way ... Malcolm
  8. editing footer

    @Jeffrmarks Try /catalog/includes/languages/english.php ..... near the bottom of the file.
  9. editing footer

    @Jeffrmarks Which version of osCommerce are you using?
  10. @clustersolutions Yes, thank you. I still have a question, though. In light of all of this GDPR stuff, do you think it is better to have the customer acknowledge our Terms and Conditions, or our Privacy Policy? Malcolm (or, can we have a single check box that acknowledges both?)
  11. MATC

    Ok, one more question ... With GDPR in mind, which is more important ... having the customer accept the shop's Terms and Conditions, or the shop's Privacy Policy? Malcolm
  12. Undefined variable: language

    @raiwa Thank you! 1) I removed the define from everything except the content_footer module 2) I added a require('includes/application_top.php'): to the trigger file: <?php require('includes/application_top.php'); require('includes/languages/' . $language . '/conditions.php'); echo TEXT_INFORMATION; ?> Now it is working! Thank you again! Malcolm
  13. @clustersolutions You can see the code here: (last post) TIA Malcolm
  14. Undefined variable: language

    /catalog/conditions_modal.php (includes test code) <?php global $language; require('includes/languages' . $language . '/conditions.php'); // require('includes/languages/english/conditions.php'); echo "The variable language is: " . $language; echo TEXT_INFORMATION; ?> /catalog/includes/modules/content/footer/templates/conditions_modal.php <?php global $language; ?> <script> $('.ModalConditions').on('click',function(){ $('.modal-body').load('conditions_modal.php?id=2',function(){ $('#ModalConditions').modal({show:true}); }); }); </script> <div class="modal fade" id="ModalConditions" tabindex="-1" role="dialog"> <div class="modal-dialog"> <div class="modal-content"> <div class="modal-header"> <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-hidden="true"> X </button> <h3 class="modal-title-site text-center" > <?php echo MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_HEADING_TITLE; ?> </h3> </div> <!-- /.modal-header --> <div class="modal-body"> </div> <!-- /.modal-body --> <div class="modal-footer"> </div> <!-- /.modal-footer --> </div> <!-- /.modal-content --> </div> <!-- /.modal-dialog --> </div> <!-- /.Modal Conditions --> /catalog/includes/modules/content/footer/cm_footer_conditions_modal.php <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2014 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ class cm_footer_conditions_modal { var $code; var $group; var $title; var $description; var $enabled = false; function cm_footer_conditions_modal() { $this->code = get_class($this); $this->group = basename(dirname(__FILE__)); $this->title = MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_TITLE; $this->description = MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_DESCRIPTION; if ( defined('MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_STATUS') ) { $this->enabled = (MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_STATUS == 'True'); } } function execute() { global $oscTemplate, $language; ob_start(); include('/includes/modules/content/' . $this->group . '/templates/conditions_modal.php'); $template = ob_get_clean(); $oscTemplate->addContent($template, $this->group); } function isEnabled() { return $this->enabled; } function check() { return defined('MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_STATUS'); } function install() { tep_db_query("insert into configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) values ('Enable Conditions Modal', 'MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_STATUS', 'True', 'Do you want to enable the Conditions Modal content module?', '6', '1', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'), ', now())"); } function remove() { tep_db_query("delete from configuration where configuration_key in ('" . implode("', '", $this->keys()) . "')"); } function keys() { return array('MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_CONDITIONS_MODAL_STATUS'); } }
  15. Undefined variable: language

    I've tried adding it to the content_footer file, and to its template file. No luck.