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  1. If you can post the links that are causing the problem as they appear in the browser, also double check your .htaccess file is correct.
  2. Hi, No worries, Well thats a good question, there seems to be 2 versions - this thread is V2.1 but there is V2.2 out there. Looking at the seo.class.php there are 2 versions that I have seen, one checks to see if the SEO Field is populated and uses that if it is, else it just grabs the item name from the database. V2.2 of the class, seems to just grab the item name from the database. So if you have the V2.1 of the class and your database has the extra fields I would say you could do either. If you go to V2.2 then class doesnt seem to use those fields so it would be pointless to popluate them.
  3. sorry i mean one of these } thats right , and also correct.
  4. try this line 831 : for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($languages); $i<$n; $i++) { add a right curly bracket before the FOR statement.
  5. open the file up - search for RewriteEngine make sure it reads: RewriteEngine on should do it. just out of interest I use WAMP5 on my local machine - it has a simple menu to switch these features on and off. Its apache 2 and Mysql 5 also. Might be worth a look. Just my opinion.
  6. Can anybody explain this? My urls are being crawled currently since I installed this contrib (+ google sitemap). and Im getting mixed results on the google index. for instance. google bot crawls - grabs a osCsid session id - rewrites the url perfectly but appends the osCsid : http://www.hgvdirect.co.uk/catalog/volvo-f...9d7e08eb967c982 google bot crawls - is denied a osCsid and the url is not re-written: http://www.hgvdirect.co.uk/catalog/-p-500416.html Is there a connection? further to this - when I first go on the the website HGV Direct website the urls are not immediately re-written - it takes a couple of clicks for it to initiate. Ive done everything to remove the osCsid but it still appears occasionally. Any ideas anybody? cheers Eric.
  7. Hi first glance - around line 305 'products_url' => tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_url'][$language_id]); remove the ; and replace with , cheer Eric. :rolleyes:
  8. Is the rewrite module enabled on your apache server?
  9. Im not sure if I am missing something here, Ive installed this contrib no problems at all. The urls are re-written, every thing works fine, can switch it on or off with no issues. However , if I look at a spider simulator or my cached page on google, the links that are recorded are like this: http://www.hgvdirect.co.uk/catalog/-p-101175.html rather than this: http://www.hgvdirect.co.uk/catalog/road-an...0-p-101175.html surely defeats the object...? Ive tested with: http://www.se-spider.com/ and http://mesoimpact.com/spider/ same results. Any ideas what the error is? thanks Eric.
  10. ericno7

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi thanks for the response, the error occurs when the update button is clicked -> edit_orders.php?oID=398&action=update_order I can add a part fine then click update and get the 403 error page. thanks eric.
  11. ericno7

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Has anybody come up with a fix for the 403 forbidden page? I only get the error when clicking the update button, I can add products no problem. Everything else seems fine.? Cheers Eric.
  12. I might have missed a contribution but I am looking for a way to extend the quantity price per product to a matrix where I can add options also. I cannot use attributes in this case. to Illustrate: then the qty box underneath. Any ideas or thoughts would be apprecitated. Cheers Eric.
  13. ericno7

    Random Products

    The query pulling the products from the database is sorting by products_date_added change the underlined section to ORDER BY RAND() this should pick random products. Cheers Eric.
  14. ericno7

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi thanks for the suggestions, Ive tried both ways, any further ideas? I am getting an order entered wether the customer completes the hsbc cpi or cancels it both return to the "your shopping cart is empty" screen. It has been working previously i have no idea whats changed. The only thing I can think of is I installed Purchase without account contribution, which i removed and rolled back to my previous install, as it was returning customer cancelled at the end of the cpi process.(so money was taken but no order - not the best) Ive done a compare to a clean version on OSc nothing looks out of place, all ammends have been done as per instructions. What do the true false values represent in the redirects??, people seem to have them all ways round.!! :huh: I have my sessions stored set to mysql. Is that right? Could someone post or pm working hsbc_return.php,hsbc.php files perhaps I could do a compare. Stuck completely.. cheers Eric.
  15. ericno7

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Would it require the "www." to be removed also? Thanks Eric.