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  1. Does the $urlcat tag work? Anybody know?


    I am having a heck of a time sharing security with two domains. I have no problem with the secure pages using another urlpath, but then the links if I use relative stay with that url path and will not work.


    If I use absolute urls to reference secure pages then the next page won't load without a warning because it has http links in it....


    It's a big circle and making my head hurt!


    Will using $urlcat help this?


    Thanks Brian for this wonderful contribution. It looks to be a big hit with everyone.





  2. Am having brain freeze..... :(


    If I use a separate html file with STS as my home page and have a link to the catalog for shoppping:


    What file must I include in my home page html file to get the session id to pass back and forth if the user clicks on 'home' link ?


    See.... told you I had brain freeze.


    The production site is at Best From USA


    Thank you for any assistance!





  3. Has anyone made a contribution that would allow the customer to put multiple items in their cart and select recipients from an address book to ship to at checkout?


    So if I was to put 3 items in my cart, I could select a recipient for each item....


    Hope that is clear! :blink:



  4. in sts_display_output.php, there are a couple of lines commented out to fix popups.


    when they did this it made it so $scriptbasename was no longer getting set.


    I just put the lines back in so it sets the variables once to get $scriptbasename and then does it again for the popup fix....


    I added this:


    // Trying to set the variable for product info pages

    $scriptname = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

    $scriptname = getenv('SCRIPT_NAME');

    $scriptbasename = substr($scriptname, strrpos($scriptname, '/') + 1);


    Just before this:


    // Override if we need to show a pop-up window

    $scriptname = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

    $scriptname = strstr($scriptname, "popup");


    // If script name contains "popup" then turn off templates and display the normal output

    // This is required to prevent display of standard page elements (header, footer, etc) from the template and allow javascript code to run properly

    if ($scriptname != false || $scriptname2 != false) {

    $display_normal_output = 1;

    $display_template_output = 0;


    Hope that helps.


    Am sure that is all I did to get the product template working.


    Dave http://bythevineyard.com

  5. sirwiz,


    I had that same problem.


    To Fix:


    If you install 2.01 and the fix for popups you have to go back in to sts_display_output and make it set the $scriptbasename variable. It has commented out the lines that set the variable.


    Add the three commented out lines back in, before the fix....


    You have to put the three commented out lines directly before it reset the other scriptname variables....


    This makes it work perfectly.


    Can see my implementation at Example of Product Layout Implementation

  6. I am making a great deal of progress with the STS templates. I love it!


    In setting up the product_info template I am having a problem getting the Reviews button to work.


    What is the correct layout on the product page using the tags:






    When I use $reviewsbutton it just shows the button with no link....


    When I use $reviewurl it shows the url link on the page....


    Can see what I am talking about at By The Vineyard STS Implemented Pages


    Thanks for any help!

  7. Has anybody written a script to import product attributes from a CSV file into the SQL database file: products_options_values_to_products_options ?


    This would be so helpful for so many people!


    The file only needs the three fields...






    I have products that have an option of picking the state. Entering 50 different options for each product seems very cumbersome.


    I thought of just putting in a text box, but there are times when one or more of the states are not available, so I have to be able to disable them.


    What I would want to do is have an options csv that I maintain offline and upload when it needs changed to overwrite the entire products_options_values_to_products_options file.


    I am just learning php (from all of you!) so writing it myself isn't a viable option!!!






    ps i have looked at the other contributions that import and they are all for products, not options....

  8. Before I get reamed.... I found the search threads for this but they are outdated...


    Has anybody made a working mod to the product display section that will show the products in a category in tables across the page rather than in a list of one item per row?


    What I want to accomplish is:


    After selecting a category, display:


    ----------- ---------- -----------

    - IMG 1 - - IMG2 - - IMG 3 -

    ----------- ---------- -----------




    -------DIVIDER BAR ------------------


    ----------- ---------- -----------

    - IMG 4 - - IMG5 - - IMG 6 -

    ----------- ---------- -----------




    There was a contribution that does this but it is for a much older release than what we have and many changes have been made.


    Thank you for any assistance.



  9. Have done those things.....


    I have product_info.php in /catalog and product_info.php.html in /catalog/includes/sts-templates.


    But my product pages are still using the template saved in /catalog/includes/sts_template.html


    (FLASH BULB!) If I want to use multiple templates do I have to get rid of the sts_template.html and use /sts-templates/index.php.html instead???


    I know there is something I am missing or doing wrong that is simple.....grrrr


    Joshua-->> What html file is powering your main shopping page?



  10. I have installed the latest versions of both osc and sts . Everything works perfectly up to the point of setting up the multiple templates, mainly the product_info.php.html template.


    It is installed in my sts_templates folder. Everything matches perfectly, yet it will not use that template.


    Anybody else having this problem?