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    Handling refund through admin panel of oscommerce

    Sorry, I was not clear. What I meant was to add this functionality without modifying the core files. In Zencart, this functionality is in-built in core files to use admin_notification() function in orders file. but there is no such in-built core function in osCommerce. So, for including this functionality, I would have to modify the orders file. For this I am looking for an alternative. Please let me know if this can be achieved without modifying the core files. Thanks, Php Dev
  2. Hi, I am using version of osCommerce. I wanted to know if there is a way to handle Refund transactions through the Admin Panel of osCommerce using a custom payment module. In Zencart, we have a function called admin_notification() which provides the handling of refunds, cancellation through Admin Panel. When you view the Orders through Admin Panel, there are buttons (created through admin_notification() of payment module) for this purpose. Can the same be achieved in osCommerce? Please let me know if anybody has come across such thing. Thanks, Php Dev