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  1. @@burt After some thought, my previous post did not come out so well. What I was trying to say is that , I have not found a good amount of resources to start in a manner that is not break it - fix it. My comparisons would be learning the inner workings of Joomla, WP , and a couple of others. With that said I was not trying to belittle anyone.
  2. @@burt i have spent some time playing around the site on my phone, and it looks good. I guess I missed a lot of the earlier discussions. One question is the code and css clean enough for people to customize unlike the present state of osc ?
  3. @@burt Got it, I will be glad to give some feedback.
  4. I just found this post and oscommerce and which i found the post before I tossed $40 on a theme that looks good but is not responsive. I will play around with the test site to see any bugs. I am glad that you guys have taken on this project, I have actually wasted a lot of time trying to dig in the code to see how to get oscommerce to play nice with BS3. One of my projects needs oscommerce, but it is lacking what I am seeing BS offers my other projects. Is the end of March still realistic?