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    images to appear in product list

    Where could I go to access the original files? I changed the admin > config > product listing setting to 1 and there was no change. If the solution is simply editing my product_listing.php file to match the original that would really be great. Otherwise, I guess I need to install a grid add-on??
  2. I have been looking in the contributions & add-ons as well as the forums. Also, I have tried out several different things that I read in forums or was instructed to do in the contributions. I really want a simple way to make my products images appear in the product list. So far the things I have tried to add-on or tweak have basically brought my site down or I have just been unsuccessful with. Please, any advice as to a basic, somewhat error proof way to get the images to appear in the product list. I don't care if they are in a list, grid, etc etc . I just need it so that when my customer selects the category & is taken to the product list they can view the images & choose from them instead of from a list of items without pics. Thank you very much.