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    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5
    by FWR Media
    New - Modern - More Efficient - Faster - Compatible - Less Queries
    Author: Robert Fisher - www.fwrmedia.co.uk
    Thanks to the beta testers:
    Tom Hodges-Hoyland, Jan Zonjee, toyicebear, GLCustoms
    Server: *nix or Windows/IIS
    PHP requirements:
    Version: 5.2.0+ (actually 5.1.3+ I believe at time of launch)
    SPL (Standard PHP Library)
    Traditional Rewrite URIs require:
    *nix server (Windows/IIS does not have mod_rewrite)
    mod_rewrite (as part of the apache build)
    AllowOveride All (php.ini setting)
    MySQL 5 (Strict Trans Tables)
    Traditional rewrite uris (*nix) produce exactly the same uris as the old 2 series (assuming the same settings)
    The above means that should you upgrade from 2 series you don't have to worry about changed links
    Installation difficulty:
    There are only eight small changes to just seven files so this is easy and quick. (2 minute "drop on top" install for devs/testers)
    Simple database installer.
    Upgrade from old series 2 seo urls:
    Upgrade instructions included.
    Removal script for old database entries.
    Simple database installer.
    Works on Windows/IIS (BETA at time of launch due to lack of extensive testing)
    Two seo uri choices .. standard and rewrite .. Windows/IIS can only use standard
    error free - error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT)
    Modular design
    Plug in modules for contributions
    Simple database installer
    Inbuilt uri validation
    301 redirects
    Custom 404 Page not found
    Zero queries or database use after cache fully loaded
    Cache saving is sequential rather than one big DB hit
    Admin selectable debug output
    File (array) based character conversion (BETA at time of launch)
    Simple cache life in admin based on "cache days"
    Extensive security measures to safeguard the querystring
    Series 2 database removal tool
    Ability to switch between uri types via admin without changing any code as below:
    On: standard seo uris - rewrite seo uris
    Off: standard osC uris - experimental search engine safe uris
    Included Modules:
    Popup image
    Included contribution modules (ALPHA at time of release as untested):
    Information Pages
    Articles, Article Info
    Newsdesk Index, Newsdesk Info, Newsdesk Reviews Info, Newsdesk Reviews Article
    Features Removed (from old 2 series):
    Page cache compatibility - the original author suggests that this should not be installed.
    The contribution can be found at: -