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  1. admin_sessions.php and admin_application_top.php does anyone know anything about getting those two specific pages to function in sqli? any help is greatly appreciated as we suspect they are the culprits blocking us from accessing our admin login my web person is insisting that this is the temporary workaround we need for our 2.2rc.2 to restore functionality to our admin panel (while we continue to finish our 2.3.4 site)
  2. longhairmike

    cannot access admin login on osc2.2

    when we were on the host's old legacy server (that does not support the 1.2) admin was fully functional except that orders stopped getting finalized when paypal stopped IPNing. 2 days ago. we are completely crippled and at a total loss here. i need to find someone to hire to complete our 2.3.4 site as soon as possible.
  3. longhairmike

    cannot access admin login on osc2.2

    my web person said this: Tls isn't preventing the admin. I need someone to show me how to update the admin sessions.php and admin application_top.php to work for mysqli
  4. hi, long story short,, we THOUGHT were were okay with the tls1.2 compliance on our osc2.2, but it turned out we weren't. suddenly paypal stopped returning IPN info after midnight on the 27th (which stopped flipping each order status to complete, stopped generating order confirmation emails, and stopped reducing quantities remaining on the site by the amount purchased) So we had our host upgrade to a newer server that is tls1.2 copatible, but it also requires a minimum php5.6 (we were running on 5.4) We are working on tweaking a 2.3.4 site, but we currently have the older site functional on the customer side (i am getting orders, luckily the cart contents are included with the payment email), but we have lost access to the admin login page due to this register globals error it keeps returning.. does anyone know of any workaround to this ? this is what my web person said: Yes that's the issue.can't access the admin panel. Registered_Globals is depreciated. depreciated means its stuck in there and cant remove it,, not sure that what means It means that the coding to get into the admin panel does not exist anymore with php 5.6 The old site is working beautifully. But I cannot get it to work for the admin panel. Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory. is preventing us from getting access to the admin panel (me)did you tell that to prohosting? Yes and their response was to rollback. That feature does not exisit in the current version we have. But other people have gotten it to work. I don't know how.