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    No, it sounds like you installed osC directly in the root directory so yours would be admin/orders.php
  2. devosc2


    quetzlcoatl, It sounds like that the customer returned to the store prior to the IPN being received, since v1.7 uses the session info in order to access the order info, here I'm assuming that you're using the Auto-Return feature. The best thing to do is try and upgrade to the latest version, since the order info is prestored and allows the customer to click back and still recommence the the checkout sequence for that same (updated) order. Since osC utilizes a combination of both session info and the db table customers_basket, v2.1 needs to be refined a little more so that, if the customer does not immediately return to the site there are 2 types of instances possilbe upon their next return: [1] Their session info has not expired, so the registered session var paypal_order_id still exists. [2] Their session has expired but the cart contents still remain in the db table customers_basket. Currently in the case of [1] should the customer try to checkout (again) but the order associated to that registered paypal_order_id has already been processed, i.e. an IPN has been received in regard to that (previous) order, then the customer is simply redirected to checkout_success.php But from the above it would seem better to perform preliminary tests (upon their return and login) to see whether their previous order has been processed (i.e. an IPN received for it) and hence clear their session and customers_basket if neccessary. Incidentally, a whois of the I.P address showed above shows that it was from PayPal.
  3. devosc2


    well in previous versions the Cart Test was removed since there seemed to of been a problem especially with Multi-Currency (MC), the contrib was developed and tested using both USD, i.e. osC USD and that the storeowner's PayPal primary balance is in USD, but MC needs working on, currently the remedial test being performed will append the osC currency suffix to the paypal.mc_gross and this string is then compared to the striptags($order->info['total']) which for USD would mean if ('$0.01' == '$0.01') since osC does not store the order total in a pure numeric format, so the above test is also dependent on what type of currency suffix you use. You should be ok, nobody has reported any loss so far, but the contrib is trying to tighten up on as much validation as it can. Those email headers are they appearing in the body of the email. Normally, since they are headers this info is not immediately shown unless you have configured your email client to display this info by default, also this contrib doesn't mess around with the email headers, it just uses the osCommerce tep_mail function so it might be assumed that all emails are being sent by osC with those headers. In general the 'nobody' account is an account with very little system priviledges - if your running your own server you masquerade this account name, as long as these headers not appearing in the email body then I wouldn't worry (assuming that 'lma336.host.com' is the name of your host server).
  4. devosc2


    The Cart Test, is to validate that the amount you received is the amount of the total osC order, it needs working on but sould be ok if both are in USD. Can you show the return path? Can't tell why this is happening right now, with seeing etc, didn't change anyting to do emails so should be the same as previous version.
  5. devosc2


    Are you getting any debug emails?
  6. devosc2


    Is the second order status set as default? For some reason now with the 2 order status fields neither can be set to 'default' and both should be explicitly set, e.g: Set Pending Notification Status = 'Pending PayPal Notfication' Set Order Status = 'Pending' Try the above via the IPN Test Panel.
  7. devosc2


    Aaron, Whether you should automatically accept payments is probably your decision and the type of agreement you have with the customer. You may want to ask PayPal what your standing would be in regard to accepting unverfied addresses. I would state however that I did notice that if you do not require a verified address then the customer address details that they have registered with PayPal are not returned via the IPN. Whether this is absolute I'm not sure and I cannot recall having seen mention of this possible fact in the IPN manual. In v2.0 I forgot to mention that you need to upload the catalog/ipn.php script, also you need to ensure that your email config settings are correct. If you are just starting out then I would suggest that you install v2.1 since this will now be the basis for any upgrades, there seems to one other aspect that needs to be taken care of in order to make the entire PayPal scenario as efficient as possible in terms of usage with osCommerce - however this change will require a change outside of the usual types of files that a payment module would be expected to use. There are other improvements that may be made but what is being refered here to will solidify a PayPal order experience from the customer's perspective.
  8. devosc2


    Hi Shelly, No it won't cause any errors, and it is in a non-critical area, actually I have it in my code since I copied and pasted the intructions to test them. But however for good house keeping in the admin/orders.php 'now' at line 453 (or so) it would be adivised to remove them.
  9. devosc2

    Errors with PayPal IPN v2.1

    Remove that file from that directory or rename the '.php' extension to '.phpX'
  10. devosc2


    Just uploaded a zip version for convience. I tried downloading one of the other 2 and didn't have any problems with WinZip 8.1.
  11. devosc2


    Clear your cookies for the paypal domain first.
  12. devosc2


    pozel, remove the spaces before the 'define', looks like your text ediotr inserted some unwanted hidden characters which is a side effect of having copying and pasting from the html documentation.
  13. devosc2

    EProcessing Network

    The transparent one works ok too (installed separately from authorize.net - there is a contribution), you need to configure the account details in modules/epro*.php. Here's the url set in that file (can't remember if I had to change it while to speaking them at that time). https://www.eProcessingNetwork.com/cgi-bin/tdbe/transact.pl
  14. devosc2

    Paypal Test Mode

    Hi there, the install notes forgot to mention to copy over catalog/ipn.php. You should get some debug emails too.
  15. devosc2

    STS working with Paypal IPN v2?

    Have a look a this post. I think the discussion started on the previous page but the post given was written by someone also using STS. What version of STS are you using, what i'm thinking is that there might be some STS stuff in your application_top.php but I'm not sure, I'm not that familar with STS.