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  1. Tobias_Henricsson

    Impossible to add category/product after language change

    I may have solved it by deleting the English language (so OSC have nothing to choose from... :-)) and setting the Swedish language as the default one. After that, I checked products_descrition and categories_description in the database and made sure they have the same language_id as the Swedish language (language_id=2). Maybe this can help anyone? I will post again when... sorry, IF, I run into more problems in this matter...
  2. Tobias_Henricsson

    Impossible to add category/product after language change

    If I add ?language=sv or &language=sv depending on the path, at least the category show. Swedish has language ID 2, and in phpmyadmin the table categories_description has languageID 2 (see below). But how to make OSC understand that I will use this language "all over the place"? Swedish (code: sv) is set as standard in the admin pages.
  3. Tobias_Henricsson

    Impossible to add category/product after language change

    Thank you! I'll investigate this!
  4. Hi there! I have OSC installed, and everything seemed to work just well. I have two languages installed; English (from installation) and Swedish (downloaded). Since all my costumers live in Sweden I decided to remove the English language. Since then, no products can be found on the main catalog page. If I try to add a new product or category in the admin section and click Save, no product or category is added. I get no error message. I have checked phpmyadmin, and all the products and categories are there. I have made no change to the database, all I did was removing the English language. I didn't remove any files from the server, just the post in the admin section. I have seen this problem before in the forums, but without any answer. Can anyone please help? I really need my shop up and running! Thanks in advance, Tobias Henricsson
  5. Tobias_Henricsson

    Disappearing categories and products from admin zone

    Same problem here. Any solution, anyone?