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  1. Hello, if you enter a shop, at least most of them, have as a start page displayed the last products. However, I would like to start with the featured products. I already have installed featured products, but I don't know how to give this command in the php files. Any hints? :-)
  2. In the log I can see all payments correctly, but not in "orders".
  3. I have installed the Paypal app and it works not very good, because the customer can pay at Paypal, but the order doesn't appear in the admin panel.
  4. Thank you for your answer. I'm gonna test it tomorrow. :-)
  5. Reactivate or renew orders

    Oh thanks, I will take a look! I just thought, there exists an implantation in OSC. :)
  6. Hello, I have OSC 2.3. When I have an order and the customer forgets to download the files within the time limit, how can I reactivate his download?
  7. Hello, I have OSC 2.3 and everything works fine, but not Paypal. If someone makes an order, the customer can pay and I get an email that he has done so, but the order do not appear in the order list in the admin orders menu. I have the module Paypal Standard installed as the module in modules.
  8. Downloadable MP3s

    Hi! I've got al shop with MP3s and I desperately try to set up a possibility to make these downloadable for the customer, but I don't get it. Maybe someone could halp me? :-)