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  1. Hi Jack, i have a Problem: Im running your last release of headertags seo and my v2.2 shop is modified to utf8 but... in Metatags keywords and meta description i have now quotes (") and so the meta informations are not right for search engines. I have to many products called fo example PRODUCT "GREEN", PRODUCT "RED" etc. etc.. so changing all the product titles will burn me out. My question is: Is there a possibility to implement the ( ENT_QUOTES ) commad somewhere in your source to eliminate my Problem without changing all the product descriptions ?


    Here an example:


    <meta Name="description" Content=" product "red" red products at fair Prices">


    Thank you in advance for your reply !

  2. @@Nexxus No, there isn't any way to prevent the search engines from using a word on a page. But the only way the keywords would show in the search engine listings is if you setup the page to target those keywords, which you shouldn't do, or you didn't setup the page at all, in which case the search engines will make up their own.



    Thanks Jack, short a small cosmetic edit for your next version: for who is using an customized chkeditor for editing Product Descriptions, in hes meta tags descriptions it shows tags like "<br><h1>" etc... To prevent that, i have changed in header_tags.php following line with strip_tags and the tags in meta description are gone:

    echo ' <meta name="Description" content="' . strip_tags($header_tags_array['desc']) . '" >' . "\n";