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  1. Hi Jack - do you have an install howto for your ultimate seo url for osc 2.3.4 ? i try to install it but the code looks different...
  2. Nexxus

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, i have a Problem: Im running your last release of headertags seo and my v2.2 shop is modified to utf8 but... in Metatags keywords and meta description i have now quotes (") and so the meta informations are not right for search engines. I have to many products called fo example PRODUCT "GREEN", PRODUCT "RED" etc. etc.. so changing all the product titles will burn me out. My question is: Is there a possibility to implement the ( ENT_QUOTES ) commad somewhere in your source to eliminate my Problem without changing all the product descriptions ? Here an example: <meta Name="description" Content=" product "red" red products at fair Prices"> Thank you in advance for your reply !
  3. Nexxus

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks Jack, short a small cosmetic edit for your next version: for who is using an customized chkeditor for editing Product Descriptions, in hes meta tags descriptions it shows tags like "<br><h1>" etc... To prevent that, i have changed in header_tags.php following line with strip_tags and the tags in meta description are gone: echo ' <meta name="Description" content="' . strip_tags($header_tags_array['desc']) . '" >' . "\n";
  4. Nexxus

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack Thanks for that genius contrib. I looking to prevent some keywords crawling like (buy now) etc. from search engines. Is there a possibility to exclude keywords ? like build a txt list for keywords i want not to store?