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  1. Thank you @@Mort-lemur, for your replies and THE SOLUTION!! Everything is working fine now. ME SO HAPPY :D It was a bit confusing. Looking at the releasedate of the latest version (nov 2013) I assumed that the solution at post #20 (posted at may 2013) was already included in the release. I know, I should not assume things..... :blush: Also would like to mention that, while scrambling all the code to find my mistake, I discovered some strange CAPS where they shouldn't be in the first place. All in all, I'm happy now and can finally go eat something... :P Thank you again!! Kees
  2. Pfffff.... I'm sorry, forget about that. Looking at the code I discovered that the year-number is added to the invoice-number. You= smart :-) Me= dumb dumb dumb Leaving the missing of the totals in the email-confirmations and the double line in admin-config. As you might suspect, I'm not a PHP-programmer, English is not my native language and I write a the forum a bit to soon.....
  3. Update to @@Mort-lemur I've got the HTML confirmation mail working!!! :) I think the absolute path for admin was the trouble :( Sorry for that :-) But...... in the emailed confirmations (both to customer and admin) the totals, taxes etc are missing. It displays everything perfectly but stops after the line(s) containing the Product(s). Skips the totals, and continues with the footer. Any ideas???? Edit: just noticed that, in the emailed confirmations it prints a strange invoice number. The order I'm working with has number 17. But the HTML-confirmation prints: 14-17 Weird........
  4. Hi @@Mort-lemur! Thank you for your reply! I have the log entry enabled but it doesn't generate any logs..... but that's another problem :- At this moment I have no payment module like PayPal etc enabled. Just "Bank Transfer". (Still waiting for the bank to agree to using iDeal, but that's another story too ;) ) I just discovered: At admin side, in config, where the two line should be added to controle HTML_invoices, I have those line doubled. It looks like: Send HTML or Text Invoices to cutomers true Default E-Mailed HTML Invoice Template box_invoice.php Send HTML or Text Invoices to Customers true Default E-Mailed HTML Invoice Template box_invoice.php Does this give any clue of what's going wrong???? Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon. Kees
  5. Hi there! :-) I installed the latest version of this add-on but I'm having some trouble with it. The on-line part (viewing and printing invoice) is working well. As wel as for admin as for customers. But........ all emails sent are just the ugly old osC versions. It gets even worse because when I enter the code, stated at point 6 in install.txt, /catalog/checkout_process.php stops working. It shows a white screen. The order is registered in the database but nog confimation and a hanging site. As I said before, when I leave this part out, the packing-slip and invoice look great. Printing works as well. All emails are still sent in plain old osC lay-out :-( Does anyone have an idea what's going wrong here??? Thanks in advance! Kees
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    Okay @@Jack_mcs, That will be some heavy searching for me :P In the meantime I wil have to do with the parts that do work... Thanks for your replies! Kees
  7. View Counter

    Hi @@Jack_mcs, I'm back again :D In the meantime I installed a fresh copy of osC and installed View_Counter on top of that. Strange enough I still have the same problem: Monitor page doesn't work. Added ALL the possible modifications I found in this section (trail and error) and still no good. The other parts of View_Counter seem to work fine. Checked everything again and again...... Can you please help me here? Thanx in advance Kees
  8. Hi @@wdepot! I just installed your tiny upgrade of the catagories box and it works! :-) Just one little thing bothers me. When showing catagories having sub-catagories, the mini triangle is shown at the left of the box. between its line and the next one. Checked the code several times but I can't find the error...... Can you please help me out? Thanx in advance Kees
  9. Mail Manager

    Thank you, @@npn2531
  10. Mail Manager

    Again it's me.... :-) In the past two hours I checked al the changes in the php-files CHARACTER BY CHARACTER. Nothing wrong. Still blanc screens in frontend and backend. Restoring my backup now (thank god I have it) and still hope there is a solution for both problems.
  11. Mail Manager

    Oh oops... forgot to mention that I installed your new version HTML-mailmanager-osc_2.3.3.4 Frontend and backend are both blanc :wacko:
  12. Mail Manager

    Hi! I'm having the same problem..... Using osC and installed (en tripple checked) al modifications in the php-files. While importing your file "HTML_mailmanager_DB__.sql" in phpMyAdmin it generates an error. (see picture in attachment) I am not a SQL programmer, so I hope you can tell me in plain English what to do ;-) This is really the tool I would like to use. Tried some others but they were never as good as you say this one is :-) Thanks in advance! Kees
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    You're absolutely right @@Jack_mcs! I'm sorry I didn't find it myself. Although I'm still having problems with it, I'm out of time right now. I will reinstall everything and see what happens. Thanx for your assistence!!
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    Update of half an hour later: ;-) In /admindir/includes/classes I found the same file (ip2locationlite.class.php). Just to be sure I also renamed it: I renamed it to IP2Location.php No change, same Fatal Error Changed its naam to IP2Location.class.php Again no change
  15. View Counter

    @@joli1811: Sorry to say, I don't have such error log :-( @@Jack_mcs: Screen Error Reporting works fine, thanx for mentioning it! I get a big full screen of errors. The last one, the fatal error is like this: Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'includes/classes/IP2Location.php' (include_path='.:/usr/syno/php/lib/php') in /volume1/web/dirname/admindir/view_counter.php on line 22 Checking the install manual, there is no mention of this file in this directory, not even a file with this name in the archive. In the archive I found the file: ip2locationlite.class.php Following the Fatal Error, I renamed it to IP2Location.php en copied it to /includes/classes No change, same Fatal Error Changed its naam to IP2Location.class.php Again no change I hope this is enough information to you, to find a solution.... Thanx in advance!