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  1. friendly ghost

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Please ignore my last message. DOH!!! Just found option for setting free shipping under order totals and now it works fine. For some reason I had downloaded a module to add free shipping as a seperate shipping method over a certain value. This was not getting picked up. Thanks again and great contrib! :D
  2. friendly ghost

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Excellent contribution. I have been watching my site and using the 'Recover Cart' contrib and it seems that I am loosing a few sales as the shipping costs cannot be seen until you create an account. This solves the problem brilliantly. One problem though... I currently have two shipping methods. One by weight and one which is free for orders over ?75.00. Shipping by weight works fine, and as soon as ?75.00 is reached, free shipping shows too. Great! However, it will not default to the free shipping and if the user clicks select to recalc on free shipping, the screen refreshes, but shipping by weight is still selected and appearing in the total. Would appreciate some help. Any ideas?