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  1. Thanks! You mean OSC is independent of the main shop? (not mirror it)
  2. Dear All, When I try to read the install guide "Start here": When i hold ctrl key and click it will not proceed, it pop up says: Window can not find install_update_files/Install_osc_2_3.docx Should I open in word or web broswer? I know this question is a bit stupid, please kindly forgive my ignorance.
  3. Also, can I also use the same payment gateway (i.e. paydollar ) that used in Web vsersion in mobile shop? Many thanks again!
  4. Thanks Rainer! That's mean I should install addon 7.5.0 version, not higher e.g. version 9 BTW, I have modified my shop template into new respsonsive one. Should I install iOsc on a blank new shop?
  5. Do any one kindly let me know :) if I have to create a "list view" mobile version, i.e. product photo on the left, and product title & price on the right Can I use this addon or other template instead?? or in "grid view" which is 2 products in one row?