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  1. Hi Jesse,


    They had that when I signed up several years ago but when I asked them about Authorize.net they told me I could use it and it was easy set up.  Did you ask them to use Authorize.net?  The gateway fees are covered by Chase and I only pay Chase.  Call them and talk with somone, but I'm still using Authorize.net with Chase.  Ask for interchange plus pricing too.  Don't do the tier system setup if you can go interchange plus pricing.  I saved a lot when I switched to Chase.


    John, I had Authorize.net two years ago, I had to get off that service because Authorize.net has its own transaction fees that are not part of Chase Bank. Some of the transaction fees based on $6,000 orders etc etc where well over $100. Calling Authorize.net to correct these issues was hard because they do not have USA reps. All my issues where first handled via email.... took 2 weeks to hear from them. Then I called them. That was a pain also. So I canceled the service.


    Chase currently does not have any business with Authorize.net because of these issues the Chase business customers where having. So Chase decided to bring their program 'Orbital Paymentech' ... here is the catch. Chase Payment tech has support for all other ecomm open source platforms, but OSC is not one of them. YES there is an app created for the Orbital Paymentech for OSC, but when I asked Paymentech for my API information, Paymentech could not get that info for me.


    This is why I am asking if anyone is using the Orbital Paymentech API, and how did you get your info form them?


    @@dan-Cole How did you get your API to get your Chase Paymentech to work? 

  2. Chase Paymenttech can be used with Authorize.net. I switched to Chase a few months ago and they include the Authorize.net charges in their plan.


    John as of 2/2/2016 Chase does not deal with Authorize.net. They have gone off and started doing their own thing. Orbital Chase Paymentech is what is called.


    Now the question is .... I do see that there are two modules available for OSC for Paymentech, but is it compatible with OSC2.3.4? I do not want to add this module if its not working correctly.


    PayPal module works great for now. But the idea is to have funds go directly to the bank account. 

  3. @@Du9dley1, what measures did  you take to get your PayPal express to work?


    I am having the same issues on the 500 error. The regular payment method is working, I made a transaction and it went through to my paypal. but selecting the PayPal Express, give me a 500 error. Let me know ... thanks 


    I am on OC2.3.3

  4. I am also getting the errors on EP 2.9-231 - I uploaded 13 records  it said it uploaded the records without any issues. and then .... nothing.  no product is displayed. 



    EP vers: 2.9-231

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3
    OS: Array 
    PHP: Array (Zend: )

    Temp Directory:
    Temp Dir is Writable
    Magic Quotes is: off
    register_globals is: off
    Split files on: 300 records
    Model Num Size: 15
    Price with tax: false
    Calc Precision: 2
    Replace quotes: false
    Field seperator: comma
    Excel safe output: true
    Preserve tab/cr/lf: false
    Category depth: 7
    Enable attributes: true
    SEF Froogle URLS: false

    Other Support:
    MVS Support: false
    Products Images: true
    qpbp: false
    Additional Images: false
    Additional Images: false
    More Pics: false
    UltraPics Pics: false
    HTC: false
    SPPC: false
    Extra Fields: false
    PDF Upload: false
    Master Products: false