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  1. VAEK

    Mail Manager

    Well, I used diffuse merge tool to compare both the .sql files and found 2 little diferences. For one instance the line: ALTER TABLE `customers` ADD `mmstatus` CHAR( 2 ) NOT NULL AFTER `customers_newsletter` -could not be found with mergetool so I imported it by hand. That gave me a .sql error. I replaced every `for ' and it worked. The database was made and gave no errors while using phpMyadmin. Then I used the .sql file without the above named code and...it imported without any errors. I thought this would be succes! Nevertheless it didn't bring me any luck. Again I had a blank screen at admin and public part of the website. I'm done with it. It doesn't work for me although it is still the addon I was looking for.
  2. VAEK

    Mail Manager

    Well, the import of the .sql file did not work for the file included with the addon february 6th. But after clicking on your signatures link I've imported that file and...mwuahahaha...succes. I can't see any difference at that level but I guess it will work....well..I hope ;)
  3. VAEK

    Mail Manager

    I will try it this evening. I do hope it works because Ive been looking for a program like this. Used UHTML for some time but there where some bugs. (After the installation of mailmanager my complete site went blank. Could this be because of the SQL problems)
  4. VAEK

    Mail Manager

    This looks great but OMFG what a frustration...after 2 solid hours of work I find this when importing the .sql file Well...that sucks...can you please help me because your addon seems perfect to my needs MySQL meldt: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mm_bulkmail` ( `bulkmail_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUT' at line
  5. Anyone? See above for my problem
  6. It all works like a charm, no problems of any kind...but this is quite strange See the attached file for more information...How to remove the extra "catalogus" box
  7. Thank you all for your great contribution. I'm planning to implement it to my webshop but before I do I would like to know some little details. On my webshop I now have a discount option which works great. Is it possible that this one still works after implementation of this addon? It is this one: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7644 Thanks for all the replies