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    Papal Express "select a payment method" loop

    Please help the uninitiated. I am setting up a wordpress online store using OScommerce and have worked through many issues, but for almost a week now cannot resolve this problem. Please, please can someone help me? I am receiving an error message when I try to confirm an order, and it doesn't matter if it's cash, Paypal or money order. When I try to confirm an order, I am returned to the payment information screen and receive the error message in the red bar, "Please select a payment method for your order." Also, the billing address disappears except for a comma in the bottom left of the address box. There is a request on the screen too, "Please choose from your address book where you would like the invoice to be sent to." I have seen this problem posted in several places, and one recommendation is to change the billing and shipping Zones to none. This does not fix the problem for me. I want to open my store, but obviuously it's useless if I can't confirm a single transaction! Can someone please steer me, using layman's terms, tell me how to fix this problem. Thank You. One additional piece of information: This problem goes away when I use my provider's 5.2 PHP instead of 5.4 PHP. The site runs dead slow, however, using 5.2 PHP, and it's going away. So I need this store to work with 5.4 PHP. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.