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  1. AngusD

    Set Values in Database

    Hi, in phpMySQL it would be: update customers set customers_newsletter = '0' where 1; This would set all customers_newsletters columns to 0 in the customers table. Before you do this, backup your database and the do a backup of the backup. AD Edit: This is the easiest method and should work even on large databases.
  2. Hi, this site http://detectmobilebrowsers.com/ offers scripts for mobile browser detection. I've added the PHP-Script to my "Who's Online" and it works pretty well. AD
  3. AngusD

    Blocked loading mixed active content

    Hi, do you have any Extensions loaded in your Browser? Maybe one of them injects this in your website. Searching for "gstatic" produces contradictory results. Some say, it's ok, but other results suggest it's some sort of malware. AD
  4. Hi, the solution would be: Yes, you only need the columns, but that's how foreach works. AD
  5. @@thelrm: Hi, your "$HTTP_POST_VARS" is missing the "receiver_email" var. That's probably why the confirmation fails. Install the PayPal App and test the payment. If it works with that module, then you can still check what's wrong with the express module, but in the meantime, you still have a working payment module. AD
  6. AngusD

    PayPal Standard Return

    @@trier Maybe they confused the return_URL with the after_process() redirect URL? You're right. I downloaded the responsive master and the paypal_standard.php has the wrong redirect URL. Edit: Is that even an issue? When you install the PayPal-Module, you're being notified of an update and the paypal_standard.php will be replaced by the correct file. I've made some changes in my paypal_standard.php (5.0.18) and then "updated" again. All changes I made were gone after the update. Are you sure you're looking at the right file? Not a cached version or an old version on your system? AD
  7. AngusD

    PayPal Standard Return

    Hi, the tep_redirect in the after_process-function is wrong. I just checked the line in my paypal_standard.php payment-module: tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); It's, as far as I know, the most recent version: 5.018 AD
  8. AngusD

    PayPal shows blank page

    Update: The vanishing order error has been resolved, too. In our case, it was caused by the "Order Status" setting in the "PayPal Payments Standard" config. The option "Store Default Order Status" caused the order to be deleted after checkout. There's no reason why it does this. There are no "delete"-queries anywhere near the checkout_process/checkout_success-scripts. We set the "Order Status" to "Delivered". This seemed to fix the issue. AD
  9. AngusD

    PayPal shows blank page

    Hi, both. I tested it live and the order vanished. I had several windows, browsers and stuff running and maybe I got confused there. Then I closed the unnecessary windows and browsers and did a sandbox-test. Everything worked the way it should. So I'm not sure if everything is really ok or not. I'm monitoring the checkout and hope for the best... AD
  10. AngusD

    PayPal shows blank page

    Addendum 2: Issue resolved; Removed some code that somehow caused now trouble. New issue: Order vanishes after checkout from the database. Head -> Desk Edit: New issue was probably between chair and keyboard. Keeping an eye on it.
  11. AngusD

    PayPal shows blank page

    Addendum: Installed the most recent version: PayPal App v5.018 No changes. AD
  12. AngusD

    PayPal shows blank page

    Hello, currently, PayPal shows a blank page when I click the "Confirm Order"-Button. We're still using v4.039 of the App. Were there major changes in the current version of the App that would cause this sort of behaviour at PayPal? Did anyone encounter a similar/the same problem in the past and knows how to fix this? Thank you. AD
  13. Hi, you should install the PayPal App for your OsC-Version. This doesn't mean it'll fix the error, but the App saves a log that helps track down the error. There are two possible sources for your error: 1.) The Sandbox-Server doesn't work right. This happened to us, when we tested the PayPal App after switching hosts. The App expects a certain response from the PayPal-Server, but the Sandbox didn't send it. Result: The "purchase" failed. After we switched from Sandbox to Live, the error went away. 2.) The Live-Server doesn't send the order_id back to your store. This is an ongoing issue with us. Sometimes the PayPal-Server forgets to send back the order_id and the PayPal payment-module can't finalize the order. Our "fix": The Payment-Module grabs the last order of the customer and tries to finalize the order with the order_id. In your case, I guess the source of the error is the Sandbox, but without the log of the PayPal-App it's hard to be sure. AD
  14. AngusD

    PayPal App missing invoice parameter

    So, I'm convinced it's a PayPal issue and it has nothing to do with our store or the PayPal App itself. I thought long and hard about it, but in the end, I had no choice: I altered the PayPal App. If the invoice-parameter is missing, the script grabs the order_id from the database and works with this value. AD
  15. AngusD

    PayPal App missing invoice parameter

    I'm using PayPal Standard with IPN (PayPal App v4.039) AD