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  1. Hi, this site http://detectmobilebrowsers.com/ offers scripts for mobile browser detection. I've added the PHP-Script to my "Who's Online" and it works pretty well. AD
  2. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    I wanted to take a look at the WYSIWYG Editor, but it wouldn't load. I had to change the code to... <script> $(function(){ //SUMMERNOTE WYSIWYG OPTIONAL: $('.summernote').summernote(); }); </script> ...to make it work. Another thing: You should change the "http:" for the WYSIWYG Editor-Script and -Stylesheet to "https:", or remove the "http:"-part altogether. AD
  3. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    Hi, I tested it a bit and played a few minutes with it. :) The hamburger menu works in the Firefox Developer Tools, but not in the Vivaldi Developer Tools. On the other hand, in Firefox the display isn't responsive, but in Vivaldi it is. So I guess, it's the tools that behave a bit erratic. (I'm running it on a local virtualbox, so I couldn't test it with a real mobile browser.) Overall, it's a fresh look and I like it very much. :) Only the "Customer Edit"-Page looks strange. Like in your video, the table columns of each area have different widths. I added a little bit of code to the template_bottom.php, just under the "Customers Edit" part of your code. if($('form[name=customers]').length > 0){ $(".formArea table tbody tr td:first-child").css({'width': '20%'}); $(".formArea table tbody tr td:nth-child(2)").css({'width': '80%'}); } Not sure if this is the right way to do this, but it seems to do the trick. AD
  4. Blocked loading mixed active content

    Hi, do you have any Extensions loaded in your Browser? Maybe one of them injects this in your website. Searching for "gstatic" produces contradictory results. Some say, it's ok, but other results suggest it's some sort of malware. AD
  5. Hi, the solution would be: Yes, you only need the columns, but that's how foreach works. AD
  6. Hi, you probably have to alter the payment-modules. Not sure if you can do this outside with a header_tag-module. There's a function in the shoppingCart-class: function get_content_type() You let the payment-modules check, if there's a download in the cart and if yes, the payment-module get's disabled. global $cart; if($cart->get_content_type() != 'physical'){ $this->enabled = false; } // disable payment-module if there's a download in the order (function update_status()) Not sure if this would work, didn't test it. You'd have to add it to every payment-module you use, except the PayPal-module. AD
  7. Orders not getting confirmed

    Hi, did you install the "Payments Standard"-Module? "PayPal Admin Box" --> Configure; there should be three Buttons: "Payments Standard", "General", "+" (If you didn't install more modules) If the "Payments Standard" is missing, click the "+" and select the module. If the "Payments Standard" is present, check if you have set the mode to "Sandbox". Those are the only reasons I can think of, why the payment option isn't available on the payments page. AD
  8. @@thelrm: Hi, your "$HTTP_POST_VARS" is missing the "receiver_email" var. That's probably why the confirmation fails. Install the PayPal App and test the payment. If it works with that module, then you can still check what's wrong with the express module, but in the meantime, you still have a working payment module. AD
  9. Orders not getting confirmed

    @@gjpinzino I second @@Dan Cole 's advice. Install the responsive version of osC, if you're allowed to: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/396152-bootstrap-3-in-234-responsive-from-the-get-go/ This version has the PayPal App already installed, I believe, but the module needs an update because of a bug. The payment module updates itself automatically, you just need to click a button in the admin. AD
  10. Orders not getting confirmed

    This is all you received in the e-mail? You didn't remove a parameter? The list is missing the "receiver_email". That's probably why the confirmation fails. The "receiver_email" is the "Seller E-Mail Address" in the payment-module configuration. Stupid question(s) to make things clear: You downloaded the osCommerce 2.3.4 from this site? You use the PayPal Payments Standard payment-module of this version? You're not using the "PayPal App"? AD
  11. Orders not getting confirmed

    Hi, the payment-module expects an certain response from the PayPal-Server. The confirmation fails, if it doesn't get this response. We had this with the Sandbox, too. After we switched to live mode, the error went away. Maybe it's not your configuration, but the PayPal-Sandbox. AD
  12. PayPal Standard Return

    @@trier Maybe they confused the return_URL with the after_process() redirect URL? You're right. I downloaded the responsive master and the paypal_standard.php has the wrong redirect URL. Edit: Is that even an issue? When you install the PayPal-Module, you're being notified of an update and the paypal_standard.php will be replaced by the correct file. I've made some changes in my paypal_standard.php (5.0.18) and then "updated" again. All changes I made were gone after the update. Are you sure you're looking at the right file? Not a cached version or an old version on your system? AD
  13. Chrome blocked the mail.php page

    Hi, this is flagged as a bug in Chrome. Which Version do you use? Maybe an update of your browser fixes this. Workaround: Start your Chrome with the " -disable-xss-auditor"-Paramter: https://www.bmyers.com/public/Bypassing-the-XSS-AUDITOR-error-in-Chrome.cfm There are other workarounds, but they affect the security of your site. So they shouldn't really be used. Try updating your browser first, before you disable the XXS Auditor in your browser. Or switch to a different browser. AD
  14. PayPal Standard Return

    Hi, the tep_redirect in the after_process-function is wrong. I just checked the line in my paypal_standard.php payment-module: tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS, '', 'SSL')); It's, as far as I know, the most recent version: 5.018 AD
  15. PayPal shows blank page

    Update: The vanishing order error has been resolved, too. In our case, it was caused by the "Order Status" setting in the "PayPal Payments Standard" config. The option "Store Default Order Status" caused the order to be deleted after checkout. There's no reason why it does this. There are no "delete"-queries anywhere near the checkout_process/checkout_success-scripts. We set the "Order Status" to "Delivered". This seemed to fix the issue. AD