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  1. binare

    Master Products - MS2

    ya i saw that only problem is that i dont know what im replacing, if anything with the changes marked
  2. binare

    Master Products - MS2

    this looks amazing! i have been rollin in my head trying figure out exactly how i was going accomplish this. Only thing is.. does anyone have a list of the changes to be done instead of the files themselves? I have way to many to changes done to even use beyond compare, I tried for quote a while. Any help would be great
  3. binare

    Canada Post Module Postal Code Illegal

    better yet, change STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP to SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP and keep the original functionality. Worked for me, dont know if it will with everyone else.
  4. :o This being my first post... Thought I would mention as I did'nt see this issue in the topic yet. It took me close to 2 hours to install this cont as I did not want to mess it up. It worked perfect except I no longer had an input for price. I checked re-checked and reinstalled it twice with the same effect, anyone else have the price disappear after installing this cont. ?